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Gu Qing was not worried that she would hurt Su Sheng at all.

Instead of letting Su Sheng have unrealistic thoughts, she might as well let Su Sheng recognize reality sooner.

“Senior Sister, I didnt mean that.

I just…” Before Su Sheng could finish her sentence, Gu Qing stopped her.

She also knew very well that Senior Sisters gaze was very sharp.

Moreover, Senior Sister was a psychiatrist.

No matter how well she hid it, Senior Sister could tell.

Su Sheng continued stubbornly, “Senior Sister, I just want to find out what he likes.

Its good enough if I can be his good friend in the future.”

Gu Qing did not speak.

She picked up her coffee and drank it slowly.

Clearly, she did not believe Su Shengs words.

The atmosphere in the guest room gradually became awkward.

Su Sheng carefully picked up the coffee.

Just as she was about to drink it, the door opened from the outside.

“Im sorry for making you wait.”

A cold and gentle voice rang out.

Lu Zhu stood at the door.

He was wearing a white suit today, and looked handsome and warm.

Su Shengs hand, which was holding the cup of coffee, trembled slightly.

She looked at the man standing at the door in disbelief.

She had seen Mr.

Dong Hua in a magazine before.


Dong Hua was Lu Zhu.

Lu Zhu was the CEO of the Lu Corporation.

His photos often made it to the front cover of major magazines.

When Su Sheng was reading the magazine, she had already thought that Lu Zhus looks were amazing.

Although she was the top student in the humanities, when she saw Lu Zhus photo, she no longer knew how to describe him.

This time, she was in close contact with Lu Zhu.

She felt that Lu Zhu didnt look like his photos.

The photo did not capture even a fraction of Lu Zhus handsome face.

Lu Zhu was simply an otherworldly immortal.

It made people stop and stare.

At this moment, Su Sheng heard the sound of a cup being placed on the table.

Su Sheng hurriedly retracted her gaze.

Her gaze fell on Gu Qing.

Seeing Gu Qing put down her coffee cup and stand up, she hurriedly followed suit.

Gu Qing smiled at Lu Zhu.

Her voice was gentle as she teased, “Then treat me to a meal.

I wont pursue this matter.”

Su Sheng looked at Gu Qing in shock.

She didnt expect Gu Qing to dare to speak to Mr.

Dong Hua like this.

In her eyes, Mr.

Dong Hua was a high and mighty person.

He was not someone they could joke around with.

It seemed that Senior Sister was right.

She was especially familiar with Mr.

Dong Hua.

“Okay.” Lu Zhu agreed without hesitation, his lips curving up slightly.

Su Sheng stole a glance at Lu Zhu, her heart beating faster and faster.

Although Lu Zhus smile gave off an unapproachable feeling, it also made one feel that he was a noble young master from a comic book.

Just as Su Sheng was in a daze, Gu Qing pulled Su Sheng over and introduced her to Lu Zhu with a smile.

“I often told you before that my little junior sister is her, Su Sheng.”

Su Shengs heart jumped to her throat.

She looked at Lu Zhu in fear and unease.

Her gaze inadvertently met Lu Zhus clean gaze, and her breathing hitched.

This was the Mr.

Dong Hua she had yearned for days and nights.

When she looked at him up close, she almost suffocated from Mr.

Dong Huas beauty.

The last time she called Mr.

Dong Hua, she took a full ten minutes to compose herself before she could sound normal.

This time, she was caught off guard and came face to face with Mr.

Dong Hua.

She tried hard to remain calm and greeted with a smile, “Hello, Mr.


At this moment, Su Shengs mind went blank.

She wanted to speak more to Mr.

Dong Hua, but she couldnt think of anything.

She could only greet him dryly.

Gu Qing could tell that Su Sheng was shy.

She smiled and teased, “Last time, Miss Qiao wanted me to treat a friends child, but at that time, I didnt have time so I asked Su Sheng to go.”

When Lu Zhu heard Gu Qings words, he instantly understood.

He said, “Shes the psychiatrist who treated Nian Nians friends child.


Su Sheng gave an awkward smile and continued, “Yes, I didnt help Miss Qiao much either.”

Su Sheng had a faint smile on her face.

The jealousy in her heart had long since dissipated.

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