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Su Sheng had long forgotten about Qiao Nians unhappiness.

As she saw Lu Zhus meeting room get closer and closer, her heart began to race.


Although she had been to this conference room in the past, she had always delivered things for Senior Sister.

Moreover, they had never stayed here.

She had known for a long time that Lu Zhu was Mr.

Dong Hua.

Su Shengs heart began to race at the thought of being able to interact with Mr.

Dong Hua face to face.

She didnt think too much about it.

She just wanted to be good friends with Mr.

Dong Hua.

Su Sheng tried hard to calm herself down.

She raised her hand and knocked on the conference room door.

“Come in.”

Senior Sisters voice came from inside.

Su Sheng pushed open the door of the meeting room and saw Senior Sister sitting alone on the sofa, drinking coffee.

She hurriedly hid the disappointment in her heart and sat down beside Gu Qing with a smile.

“Senior Sister, youre here early.”

“Yeah,” Gu Qing replied.

She stood up and poured Su Sheng another cup of coffee, handing it to her.

“Thank you, Senior Sister.” Su Sheng took the coffee.

Seeing Gu Qing sit down, she asked expectantly, “Senior Sister, did Mr.

Dong Hua ask us to wait for him here”

“Yes, he had something on at the last minute.

Hell probably take a while to come over.

Are you so eager to see him now” Gu Qing teased with a smile.

Su Sheng nodded honestly and said, “Of course.

My idol is Mr.

Dong Hua.

Ive been itching to know who he is.”

Even in front of Gu Qing, Su Sheng was used to hiding her true nature.

Although she was very curious about what kind of girl Mr.

Dong Hua liked, she was unwilling to ask Gu Qing.

Moreover, Su Sheng knew very well that if she had a good time meeting Mr.

Dong Hua this time, she might become his confidante.

She was a little jealous of Gu Qing.

If she were Gu Qing, she might have become Mr.

Dong Huas partner long ago.

Su Sheng couldnt help but ask curiously, “Senior Sister, when did you meet Mr.

Dong Hua”

“A long time ago.”

Su Sheng knew Gu Qings answer.

Since Senior Sister was able to get Mr.

Dong Huas limited edition album, it meant that Senior Sister was very close to Mr.

Dong Hua.

“Before you met me” Su Sheng asked with a smile.

“We grew up together.” Gu Qing looked at Su Sheng dotingly and said softly.

Gu Qing had grown up with Lu Zhu and his brothers.

She had seen Sugars birth, her passing, and how the Lu family had gone from a warm family to a broken family.

Su Shengs expression froze.

She didnt expect her Senior Sister to have grown up with Mr.

Dong Hua.

Logically speaking, it was easiest for childhood sweethearts to become lovers.

However, from the looks of it, she didnt seem to have that kind of relationship with Mr.

Dong Hua.

In other words, the chances of her becoming Mr.

Dong Huas other half were very high.


Su Sheng asked tentatively, “Senior Sister, what kind of girls does Mr.

Dong Hua like”

When Gu Qing heard Su Shengs question, she was slightly stunned.

There were rumors that Mr.

Dong Hua was an old man.

Why would Su Sheng ask such a question

Could it be that Su Sheng already knew who Mr.

Dong Hua was

To be precise, not only did Su Sheng know who Mr.

Dong Hua was, but she also liked him

Gu Qing narrowed her eyes.

If this were anything else, she might have turned a blind eye.

However, she could not help Su Sheng with this matter.

Not only that, she also wanted to dispel Su Shengs unrealistic thoughts.

She had known Lu Nian for many years and knew what kind of person he was.

She knew in her heart that Su Sheng was definitely not Lu Nians type.

Similarly, she understood Su Sheng.

Su Sheng was a passionate girl.

No matter what happened, she would throw herself at him without hesitation.

Even if she knew that she was covered in wounds, she would still do so.

However, she did not want Su Sheng to be wronged.

Gu Qing frowned slightly.

She was a straightforward person.

Without hesitation, she said, “Su Sheng, I can only tell you that Mr.

Dong Hua might not be suitable for you.

You still have to give up on this idea.”

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