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I reached Bishop; it was hard, especially so close to him where the pressure was so high; it felt like it could crush me to pieces, and it would have If I hadnt come with sufficient preparation.

I did not waste any time and gripped his head with both of my hands and formed a connection with my seed inside him.

‘Bishop, can you hear me I asked.

‘Zaar! replied Bishop immediately with alarm, much faster than I had thought he would, considering what was happening inside him.

‘Relax, I am not here to kill you, I said, feeling the great alarm in his voice.

If I wanted to kill him, I wouldnt have gone through all this trouble; I only needed to wait a little while, as the job would have been done by his core.

‘Why are you here then it asked cautiously.

‘To help you, of course, I replied and could see him getting stumped for the words that he was not able to react to for a few seconds, a time which I used to charge the seed I had inside him.

‘It seemed like your heart is much purer than I had imagined, it mocked as it got its emotions under control.

Even at this stage, where it could die at any moment, it still has a heart full of ego.

Hearing his mocking tone, I wanted to abandon the bastard and let it die, but I bore it, thinking about the benefits of the race.

‘I dont have time to waste, you hateful bastard.

So, decide now, as my help might save your life, I said, giving him the ultimatum.

‘Fine, he replied, and I could see the great strain in his voice.

Things are getting out of its control, and even with all his willpower, it cannot control what is happening at its core.

I am quite surprised that even in such a state, he was able to maintain his ego; I have seen people begging me to help them when they found themselves in such a condition.

‘We will first start with the instability in your core, I said and let go of the anchor that was keeping my seed in the fixed place.

The core is still absorbing the energies, but there is no control; it is absorbing everything that is coming at it, and the more it absorbs, the more unstable it becomes.

‘W..will I be able to succeed in the breakthrough he asked a few seconds later with a voice full of hope that I wanted to laugh.

It is not the thing he should be thinking about and not the thing I will first focus on.

‘My first objective is saving your life, and only after doing that I will think about the breakthrough, I replied and felt like I had eaten the **; I really wanted to vomit after speaking those words.

Soon, my seed reached the core and immediately exploded into thousands of blueish-pink runes.

As they exploded, the runes began to cover the formation while I watched with bated breath.

The runes are packed with rule-bending power, but the pressure on them is also huge.

It is not only the pressure of source energy that wants to turn them into dust but also the pressure of the core itself, which wants to swallow them.

I have powered them up with a huge amount of rule-bending power, but I still am not fully confident whether they will be able to cover the core before they are crushed into the dust or get swallowed by the


The formation covered the core finally, and I immediately activated it and began to pour even more energy inside it.

As I did, it began to work on its magic, and this interfered with its connection with the source.

Directly controlling the suction would be impossible, as it will not take more than a few seconds for the suction of the core and pressure from the source energy to destroy the formation.

So, I targeted the thing which is responsible for both source energy and suction.

The connection.

I begin weakening the connection, and its result is evident immediately; the power of suction begins to lessen, and so is the source energy coming from the source.

In less than ten seconds, a great change had occurred.

Instead of sucking torrents of source energy, now the core is barely taking a faint stream.

I could not completely cut the connection; doing that would start a chain of events which I wouldnt be able to control.

‘How asked Bishop in shock, but I did not feel the necessity to answer the question and instead looked at the source gate above me, which was still spewing out an immense amount of source energies and increasing the pressure by the minute.

I could make it disappear by cutting off the connections, but as I had said, it will bring out its own troubles.

So, I had to keep it open till I dealt with those troubles; only then would I think about it.

‘How did you do it He asked again, not liking my silence to its question.

‘I have my ways. I replied.

If it had been a friend or at least a colleague, I would have told him, but it is the man I hate, and the only reason I am helping it is due to the duty to my race.

As for the answer to its question, it is one of the formations I have developed to help myself; I have thought about all the trouble I could face during my breakthrough and created the methods to resolve each and every one of them.

‘We are temporarily able to control the flow of source energy and thus stop things from getting worse, but things are worse, I said, and I got no reply, which is not surprising given his nature.

An egoistic bastard who gets angry at every little supposed disrespect.

‘Now is the tricky part; I am going to send a formation inside the core to investigate, and I hope you will wrap it with your will, so it can remain undetected as it entered inside, I said, and again, there was no reply, nor I care for it as long as it does what I had said to him.

As I had said, a dark pink seed with a green spot came out of my core and entered inside him, and a second later, it appeared by his core.

‘Do it now, I said as I sent my seed toward its core; for a second, it did not act, but right when the seed was about to enter inside his core, I felt like willpower covering it, giving it the protection.

I am not surprised; no matter how egoistic this bastard might be, he still wants to survive.

Life is far more important to him than his mountainous ego.

It is very hard to remain undetected in the core; it is the place of power, made of very powerful energies, but this seed is specially made to enter the cores, and his willpower is just another layer of protection against detection.

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