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At this moment, Shu Ya, who was creating, felt a burst of inspiration.

The knowledge she had suppressed for so many years was released at this moment.

She drew tirelessly under the kerosene lamp until four in the morning before she was finally willing to stop.

Every time she finished a drawing, she would suddenly have new ideas.

Hence, she drew a few designs and finally chose three works that she was most satisfied with before going to bed.

Perhaps because she was too excited, Shu Ya couldnt fall asleep.

When the sky lit up and people started to get up, she hurriedly washed up and rushed to Yu Bings door excitedly.

Because she was worried that Yu Bing wasnt up yet, she didnt knock.

She stood outside the door and waited.

She even practiced smiling.

She had to give Yu Bing a good image of someone diligent and responsible.

After about half an hour, the door opened.

As soon as Yu Bing opened the door, she was startled by the figure that suddenly appeared outside the door.

When she saw that it was Shu Ya, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Shu Ya, you scared me.”

Seeing this, Shu Ya hurriedly frowned and apologized nervously.

“Captain Yu! Im sorry, Im sorry! I just wanted to show you my design as soon as possible.

I didnt expect to scare you.”

Yu Bing came back to her senses and waved her hand with a smile.

“Its fine.

I just didnt react in time.”

She looked at the blueprint in Shu Yas hand and said in surprise, “You finished drawing so quickly”

Shu Ya immediately handed over the design draft.

“Yes, I drew it last night.

I wanted you to see it first.

If youre not satisfied, I can modify it at any time! I dont want to delay the factorys printing time.”

Seeing Shu Yas enthusiastic attitude, Yu Bing naturally wouldnt refuse.

She started looking at the design draft at the door.

Yu Bing was someone who had experienced the future, so she had seen many trademarks and creative ideas, but the aesthetics of the current era were different from those of the future.

People might not like the design concepts of the future, so she didnt mention them to Shu Ya.

However, Shu Yas design also made Yu Bings eyes light up in amazement.

Yu Bing nodded in satisfaction and looked at Shu Ya with certainty.

“Your design is very creative.

Its settled then! You and I will go to the village committee and tell the village staff.

Well have a meeting to discuss it.”

When Shu Ya heard this, her eyes lit up.

**The Village Council Office**

Shu Ya passed down the design draft and stood in front of the blackboard as she gazed at the village staff sitting around the conference table.

She suddenly felt a little excited.

It felt just like when she was called on stage by a teacher to explain her solution.

Every time this happened, she felt like a teacher.

Seeing Yu Bings encouraging smile, Shu Ya nodded firmly at Yu Bing and began to talk about her design ideas.

Shu Ya designed a total of three models.

One was a simple drawing of a gluttonous child.

Beside it was the word “delicious”.

The second model focused on words and used words to piece together the childs gluttonous expression.

The last model was the most direct.

It was a thumbs-up gesture with the factory name below.

The focus of this design was that the thumb was deliberately enlarged, imperceptibly strengthening the senses, as if hinting that the food of this brand was especially delicious.

Shu Ya even thoughtfully made a promotional slogan for the food factory.


It only takes a second!”

This was the first time everyone had seen such a trademark.

They felt that it was very novel, mainly because it matched the aesthetics of the people of this era and was creative.

The slogan was also catchy, so Shu Ya received everyones unanimous affirmation.

“I have an idea.

These three types are too difficult to choose from, so can you integrate them For example, the child in the first design will give the third type a thumbs up, and how about changing the wordDelicious in the first design to the words in the second design”

Everyone agreed with this village officials idea.

Everyone looked at Shu Ya.

When Shu Ya heard this suggestion, she disagreed, and a conflicted expression appeared on her face.

When Yu Bing heard this suggestion, she knew that it was a bad idea and knew the reason why Shu Ya was unwilling to accept it.

However, she wanted to see if Shu Ya would choose to listen or stick to her guns.

After all, if she listened to the leader, the plan would definitely be approved.

However, knowing that the effect wouldnt be as good, it was especially important to adhere to professional judgment.

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