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The juniors of the Western Frontier sects were publicly acknowledged as Han Muyes talent in the Sword Dao was unparalleled among his peers.

After that, Han Muye returned to the Nine Mystic Mountain from the old site of the Blazing Sun Palace.

He would definitely guide him in every battle and live up to the name of an immortal.

What really made Han Muye famous in the Western Border was that he was intercepted by the cultivators of the Black Spirit Valley.

He went all the way to the Broken Soul Wasteland and killed the Heavenly Demons who had occupied the Western Frontier for countless years.

In order to save the elites of the Western Frontier, Han Muye released his cultivation and used a heaven-defying attack.

Losing one persons cultivation path and saving tens of millions.

With such talent and character, he deserved the title of Sword Immortal.

It was precisely because of the favor of saving their lives in the Broken Soul Wasteland that the elites of the various sects came to visit today.

“Alright, then Han Muye will drink with you today.”

Han Muye nodded and looked into the distance.

“Theres a big island over there.

Lets go there first.”

There were all kinds of sects here.

It was not good to drink in the Nine Mystic Sword Sects encampment, right

“Alright, thats Chongling Island.

Lets go there.”

“Lets go drink.”

They were all elite cultivators from various sects.

Their movements were swift and without any hesitation.

A moment later, everyone landed on the big craggy island that was in chaos.

Someones sword light swept past and slashed open a flat ground.

Someone attacked.

A spiritual light flashed and transformed into a stone platform.

Someone took out a wine pot and even took out some of his precious spiritual fruits.

“Everyone, come.

This meal is on me.” Han Muye laughed and waved his hand.

Wine jars and piles of spiritual fruits fell.

The wine was Heartbreak Wine.

It was newly brewed by Han Muye and had been set aside.

The spiritual fruits were obtained from Green Wheat Mountain.

Han Muye had not left the Nine Mystic Mountain for the past two years, but the great demon of Green Light Mountain, Mu Jin, had come a few times with Tan Tan and the others.

She had brought many spiritual fruits and spiritual herbs.

“Immortal Han is so rich.” Seeing so many spiritual wines and spiritual fruits, many peoples eyes lit up.

“This wine is good.” Someone took a sip of the Heartbreak Wine and exclaimed.

Han Muye smiled and raised his glass.

The elites of the various sects also raised their glasses.

“To everyone.”

Han Muyes eyes lit up as he said in a low voice, “Lets drink until were drunk today.

Well fight in five days and go all out.”

With that, he drank the wine in one gulp.

Everyone raised their glasses and drank it all in one gulp.

“We wont leave until were drunk.

Go all out!”

When the wine entered his throat, it burned his heart.

This wine was heartbreaking.

Looking at the grimacing elites of the various sects, Han Muye smiled.

Han Muye did not refuse anyone who came to toast him.

This scene made many people sigh again.

This wine could condense sword qi.

If one drank a little, it would be beneficial.

If one drank too much and did not use spiritual qi to wrap and refine it, one would continuously refine ones sword qi.

Normally, this was not a bad thing.

However, the sect rearrangement competition was in five days.

Was he condensing sword qi now because he felt that he had too much sword qi

In the eyes of those sect elites, Han Muye had given up because he had re-cultivated and his cultivation sword qi was thin.

He could not compare to everyone at all.

He drank freely.

That was true.

The genius from back then had been reduced to a mortal.

Now that he was reunited with the geniuses, he felt depressed.

It was better to get drunk to resolve his worries.

“Immortal Han, Duan Yihong toasts you.” A burly man in a green robe walked forward and raised his glass at Han Muye.

The number one direct disciple of the Infinite Dao Sect, Dao Seed Duan Yihong.

In the past two years, he fought everywhere, slaying demons and devils.

He wielded great power and was undefeated.

His reputation spread throughout the Western Frontier.

Han Muye smiled and raised his glass.

“Immortal Han, I once said that when we met in the Nine Sects Competition, Duan Yihong gave you a victory.

I meant what I said.”

After Duan Yihong finished speaking, he finished the wine in his glass.

Han Muyes gaze landed on Duan Yihong.

Although the earth affinity power had not reached perfection, it was not much different.

This guy stood on the ground and could borrow power from a radius of 3,000 miles.

However, with Han Muyes Earth Affinity and max-level comprehension, he could discover that there was still a trace of abnormality on Duan Yihong.

This contradiction came from…

“Fellow Daoist Duan, when you refine your body, you will feel pain in your heart, right”

Han Muye suddenly spoke.

The empty wine glass in Duan Yihongs hand instantly exploded.

He stared at Han Muye.

“The Spirit Core condensed by the Earth Spirit Fish Worm can indeed increase the Earth Affinity after swallowing and refining it.

However, because this power is gathered in the bosom, it often hurts before its completely refined.”

Han Muyes words made Duan Yihongs expression change.

The originally noisy surroundings also quietened down, and only the sound of waves could be heard.

“During the sect competition, try to seal the three meridians connected to your heart meridians and reduce the instant eruption of earth-element power.

It should be useful.

“Otherwise, if you feel pain at the critical moment, your efforts will be in vain.”

Han Muyes voice was flat.

However, this calmness revealed absolute confidence.

Duan Yihong circulated the Spiritual Qi in his body and sensed it slightly.

A hint of joy flashed across his face.

He bowed to Han Muye and whispered, “Thank you, Senior Brother Han.”

When he strode away, a figure landed in front of Han Muye.

“Senior Brother Han, back then, you said that when the moon is full, it will wane.

Today, can Senior Brother take a look at my sword again” As soon as the Moonlight Sword Sects Young Sect Master, Wanyue, finished speaking, a clear sword light rose from her hand.

The sword light was like the moon, but it was not the same as when she fought Han Muye.

One moon turned into three moons.

The three moons filled the sky.

The light was gentle, but it made ones heart freeze.

“Good, not bad.” Han Muye nodded, then said softly, “The moon has a round gap.

Its originally the Dao of Heaven and Earth.

Actually, theres no need for this move of yours.”

Hearing his words, Wanyue raised her hand, and the three moons turned from full to half-moons, leaving only a trace of crescent.

When there were only three crescent moons left in the sky, an indescribable killing intent rose.

These crescent moons were several times more dangerous than the full moons.

“Alright, when the three moons disappear, it will be time for you to master your sword,” Han Muye said loudly.

Wanyue glanced at him and the sword light dissipated.

She raised the wine glass in front of her and drank it in one gulp.

Then she turned around and left.

Wanyue was really strong!

This was what all the elites present thought.

However, Immortal Han was actually able to teach Wanyue sword technique.

It could be seen that although his cultivation was no longer there, his talent and insights were still there.

Many peoples eyes lit up.

“Senior Brother Han, I have a move.”

“Immortal Han, a toast to you.

Please take a look at my sword.”

Throughout the day and night, the sword light and spiritual light on Chongling Island did not stop at all.

The elites of the various sects who heard the news toasted Han Muye and asked for guidance on sword techniques.

Han Muye did not refuse anyone.

Even though he was already drunk, he still gave pointers about sword techniques.

The gathering didnt end until daybreak.

After today, it might be a fight to the death!

Han Muye turned around drunkenly and went to his cabin.

He raised his hand and a formation rose.

“Sigh, these little fellows feel that they have profited.”

Daoist Dayans voice sounded.

Beside him, Zhao Yunlong nodded and looked at Han Muye.

At this moment, sword lights turned into shadows around Han Muye.

Among these phantoms, there were sword techniques and Dao techniques.

They kept changing and dissipating.

The elites of the various sects received guidance, and Han Muye obtained their sword techniques and Dao techniques.

Mutual benefits.

It was not a loss.

Three days later, the Golden Cores of the various sects left for Jiayu Mountain to discuss the Dao.

Two days later, golden light flashed between heaven and earth as dragon boats appeared.

834 dragon boats landed on the river.

There were a total of 834 sects participating in the Nine Sects Rearrangement.

Most sects did not really fight for the position of the nine sects.

They wanted to let their disciples sharpen themselves and display their sects strength to raise their sects status in the Western Frontier.

“The rearrangement of the nine sects of the Western Frontier begins now.

“Ride this dragon boat 100,000 miles along the Jialing River to the Snow Mountain Rising Dragon Platform at the Western Frontier and the northern region.

“The 360 Rising Dragon Platforms will rise through battle.

In the end, the top nine ascending Dragon Platforms will be the nine sects of the Western Frontier.

They are qualified to reset the rules of the Western Frontiers cultivation world.”

In the void, figures appeared one after another.

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