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Since Rou Yuerao didnt say anything and the lion demons were still thinking about how Ruan Qiuqiu had spoken badly about Yuerao, no one stepped forward to help Ruan Qiuqiu.

Ruan Qiuqiu hadnt placed her hopes in the lion demons helping her.

She had predicted that this situation would occur.

She took out 20 catties of dried meat from the animal skin bag, walked to the oldest looking middle-aged wolf demon, and looked the wolf demon in his cold eyes.

She forced herself to smile.

“Umm… Uncle Demon, can I make a deal with you”

The middle-aged wolf demon looked at the dried meat in Ruan Qiuqius hand.

One glance was enough to tell that the shriveled dried meat wasnt fresh.

He reluctantly accepted her request.

“You want me to help you carry the animal skin bag, right Fine.”

He took the dried meat, stuffed into his large animal skin bag, and easily picked up the bag that Ruan Qiuqiu hadnt even been able to move.

“Dont waste anymore time.

Lets go.”

Once the middle-aged wolf demon said those words, the other four wolf demons expressionlessly fell back behind him and turned to stare at her in unison.

Ruan Qiuqiu felt a chill running down her back.

She didnt dare to hold things up.

She gritted her teeth and followed after them.

The wolf demons walked at a moderate pace, and she mindlessly followed behind them.

By the time she returned to her senses, they had already left the Lion Tribes territory.

She hadnt said goodbye to any member of the Wind Lion Tribe.

And, there was no one in the Wind Lion Tribe that would miss her or worry about her.

It was as if she was merely a dispensable tool for exchanging salt.

However, Ruan Qiuqiu didnt have time to feel upset about the lion demons indifference.

It was already very tiring to keep up with the wolf demons pace.


Ruan Qiuqiu had thought the wolf demons would change into their animal forms after they left the Lion Tribes territory in order to travel faster.

Perhaps, one of them might give her a ride on his back.

But reality proved that she had overthought.

Not only did the five wolf demons have no intention of changing into their animal forms to hasten on with their journey, they didnt have the inclination to talk with her either.

They treated her as a task to be completed and were apathetic as they brought her back to their tribe.

There were several times when she was so tired that she couldnt move.

At those times, they would look at her with very ferocious and disdainful gazes.

Fortunately, they didnt encounter any dangerous animals or fiends along the way.

Otherwise, Ruan Qiuqiu would seriously doubt whether she would make it there alive to marry the Big Bad Wolf.

They walked like this for a long time with breaks in between when she couldnt walk anymore.

By the time the sun was setting the next day, Ruan Qiuqiu had almost worn down the animal skins wrapped on her feet when they finally approached the Fire Wolf Tribes territory.

When they had almost walked out of the forest, the leader of the wolf demons suddenly turned his head.

In a scared and also excited tone, he said to Ruan Qiuqiu, “After we pass this part of the forest, well arrive at your mates cave where hes recuperating.”

He had stressed the word “recuperating” and ended his words with a sneer.

The other four wolf demons turned their heads as if they were suddenly interested in talking to her.

One of the younger wolf demons looked at Ruan Qiuqiu with a little bit of pity and his voice contained fear that couldnt be hidden as he said, “Your fate is so tragic.

Your dying husband isnt interested in women at all..”

“What nonsense are you saying” Another wolf demon punched him.

“That cripple has been hungry for so long.

He might be very interested in eating a woman.”

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…Oh.” So that Big Bad Wolf might be hungry for her body.

The wolf demon saw that her expression hadnt changed.

After a strange silence, he asked, “Youre not scared of being eaten”

“Is being scared useful” Ruan Qiuqiu weakly answered.

If it was two days ago, she would be too scared to show any disrespect, but right now, she was exhausted.

She wanted to find a stone bed and lie down.

Otherwise, she would fall into a coma and die.

Perhaps, the demons found her response rather admirable.

Ruan Qiuqiu clearly felt that the middle-aged wolf demons gaze had changed.

Seemingly from nowhere, he took out a crumpled red fur clothing and handed it to her.

“Put this on.”

Ruan Qiuqiu: “”

“Wedding outfit,” the middle-aged wolf demon said.

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…” They had prepared a wedding outfit for her


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