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Outside of the bedroom, the sound of coughing was growing weaker and more pained.

Yuan Jue almost instantly realized something.

That little boy, Little Yu, had probably gotten cursed from coming into contact with something he had used.

As soon as that idea occurred to him, Yuan Jue felt as if he had been struck by lightning and his blood was flowing backwards.

He almost couldnt stop himself from shaking.

In the past few days, when he woke up intermittently, he vaguely realized something about the curse.

He didnt know anything about the curse in the past, but since he had gotten seriously injured during the beast tide attack and also when he came close to death last time, he noticed something.

That fiend energy unceasingly wreaked havoc in his body, but it didnt seem fatal.

It came from within his body and not from the fiends that had attacked him.

The blood that contained the fiend energy was like a blood-soaked veil that was hiding the truth.

As long as he gently tore off that veil, he would know the truth about the curse that had troubled him for over 20 years.

His blood was full of fiend energy.

It would passively hurt and “curse” anything that came near him.

It was filthy monster blood.

He could vaguely guess what the curse was, but he didnt want to think about it.

He felt he was disgusting and was even more afraid that Ruan Qiuqiu would find out.

His human wife, who had come here because of a mishap, was very special.

She could suppress the fiend energy using her spiritual power and wouldnt be affected by it or get hurt when she got close to him.

She didnt know that he was cursed and wouldnt keep her distance from him.

She even slept on the same stone bed as him and brought him back on that snowy night.

Her attitude towards him was too normal.

He had almost forgotten he was cursed and thought of himself as an ordinary crippled gray wolf, who was slowly recovering from his injuries, a substitute for gray wolf Tianluo, and her husband.

He had almost forgotten that he was a chief that had been greatly feared by all human and demons, a monster.

But now, because he had been negligent and ignored reality, the child she had brought here was going to die.

It was his fault.

Even if she could save that child, she would definitely know that he was cursed.

The worry that she would know had been lurking at the back of his mind this entire time, but he had deliberately avoided thinking about it.

How could she not mind if that little boy at the caves entrance almost died because of him

There was bitter taste in his throat.

Enduring the tearing pain in his head, Yuan Jue squeezed out a strand of demon consciousness.

He almost couldnt stop his body from trembling.

With a glimmer of hope that his guess would be wrong, he reached out his demon consciousness to see what was happening.

He saw Ruan Qiuqiu holding a thin human boy.

She looked panicky.

That boy was deathly pale, and he kept coughing up blood.

On the ground, there was a piece of animal skin stained with blood.

It was the animal skin that had recently covered him.

It was very obvious that the little boy had been infected by his curse.

And Ruan Qiuqiu, she would soon know the truth.

His glowing red eyes were teary.

He opened his lips, but for the first time, he couldnt find the right words to say.

He had just been secretly happy that she had said this was their home.

But now, he was about to lose this home.

Translator Ramblings: I want to give Yuan Jue a hug.

Although Yuan Jue sees the fiend energy as something inherently bad, its a very good passive defensive mechanism, especially when hes too injured to defend himself against other demons and humans.


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