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Ruan Qiuqiu felt bad that she was making Mo Yu wait longer, but she still picked up a wooden stool and an animal skin she was using to cover Mr.

Gray Wolfs legs, lifted the curtain, walked to the caves entrance, and apologetically looked at Mo Yu.

“Little Yu, can you sit here and wait for me for a little bit longer”

Mo Yu froze in surprise for a moment before nodding.


After his older brother had drunk the treasure, his condition improved a lot, and he even briefly woke up for a few seconds.

And so, Mo Yu wasnt as anxious.

“Little Yu, thank you.” Ruan Qiuqiu handed him the animal skin.

“Dont catch a cold.”

Mo Yu smiled at Ruan Qiuqiu and didnt refuse her kind intentions.

Ruan Qiuqiu still felt a bit bad.

Seeing that there was still warm water in the stone pot, she poured it into a wooden bowl and brought it to Mo Yu.

Seeing that the little boy was obediently waiting at the caves entrance, she hastily went back to the bedroom to condense water.

Her footsteps were messy, and her movements were agitated

When Yuan Jue smelled the growing scent of spiritual energy in the air, he knew that she was helping him again.

She had gone out this time because of him and had even gotten hurt.

As for him, he could only lie on the stone bed like a waste of air.

Just restraining the fiend energy and enduring the pain consumed all of his strength.

He couldnt do anything about the current predicament.

He was such a selfish gray wolf.

He clearly knew that as crippled wolf demon, he was a burden to her in this cold winter.

And yet, he was so cunning, so treacherous, and so despicable, pretending to be unconscious.

Yuan Jue really wanted to know where she went today, what she did, who was the child that she had brought back, and did he really grope her when he was unconscious

Why was she hurt Which demons bullied her Was it those wolf demons in the Fire Wolf Tribe

Thinking of the Fire Wolf Tribes wolf demons, Yuan Jue suddenly became uneasy.

He irritably shook his ears.

An idea became progressively clear and left him increasingly uneasy.

Those wolf demons in the Fire Wolf Tribe didnt say anything about his curse in front of his wife, right Thinking of this possibility, Yuan Jue became increasingly alarmed.

As the thought of Ruan Qiuqius recent unseen injury along with the smell of dried blood came to mind, Yuan Jue guessed that she had been bullied by those wolf demons.

He almost couldnt resist the surging desire to kill those wolf demons.

What if… What if those wolf demons had told her.

What if… Ruan Qiuqiu knew that he was cursed…

As Yuan Jue thought of this possibility, his nails turned into claws without him knowing.

A moment of exerting his strength and he left a deep hand imprint in the stone bed with his claws sunk into it.

That clear sound echoed in the bedroom and brought Yuan Jue, who had been about to lose his mind to murderous rage, back to his senses.

There was the harsh sound of a stone stool pushing against the floor.

The sound came from Ruan Qiuqiu abruptly standing up.

Yuan Jue was a bit flustered.

He thought Ruan Qiuqiu had heard the sound of him damaging the stone bed and realized he was awake.

He didnt know how to explain himself to her.

With a guilty conscience, he retracted his claws from the stone bed.

However, immediately after, there was the sound of something heavy falling at the caves entrance.

The sound was accompanied by a childs violent coughing.

The sound of this could be clearly heard in the bedroom.

Ruan Qiuqiu hadnt noticed at all that Mr.

Gray Wolf was awake.

She hastily opened the animal skin curtain and rushed out.

She anxiously called out, “Little Yu, are you okay Did you fall”

Hearing these words as well as the violent coughing outside, Yuan Jue realized he made a fatal error in overlooking something.

That animal skin, which Ruan Qiuqiu had given to the little boy, had been recently touching his skin.


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