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Although Ruan Qiuqiu was still worried about the wolf at home, she felt much better now.

While they were hastily making their way to the cliff, she asked the kid, “Mo Yu, can I call you Little Yu Whats your older brothers name”

“Sure!” Mo Yu nodded, then he strangely fell silent for a few seconds before dully answering, “My older brother is called Mo Mao.”

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…”

(T/N: Mao as in cat.)

Ruan Qiuqiu asked, “What about your grandpa”

“Hes called Grandpa Mo.” Mo Yu rubbed his head.

“Grandpa wont tell us his name.

He said that calling out his name would attract fiends.”

Ruan Qiuqiu heard these words, but she didnt take it seriously.

She thought that was just a joke that Grandpa Mo told these kids.

Feeling a bit sad for this family, she sighed.

“Was Grandpa Mo the one that named you and your younger sister”

Mo Yu was silent again.

“Older brother named us.”

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…” So because he was a cat demon, he named one Mo Yu and the other one Mo Bohe This older brother didnt seem that reliable!

Ruan Qiuqiu wanted to laugh, but she held back.

While they were speaking, they had walked back to the surrounding area of her home on the way to the cliff.

Ruan Qiuqiu looked at the familiar cave up ahead.

It had become her home in the past few days.

As she thought of that stupid wolf, who had led the fiend away on a dark, snowy night, her heart felt warm.

“Up ahead, thats the cave I live in.”

The two of them were close to the cave.

Their footsteps made a rustling sound as they walked.

Inside the cave, Yuan Jue had regained consciousness and was slowly opening his eyes.

Shortly after his little human wife had left, that dark energy in his body had rushed out again.

It had been a struggle to drink the three cups of water she had left behind.

After struggling for a long time on the edge of pain and abyss, he finally suppressed the fiend energy in his body.

Yes, it was fiend energy.

Yuan Jues throat was bitter.

He was restraining himself from vomiting blood again.

Although he was half-delirious when he was intermittently battling the fiend energy in his body, after four rounds of this, he discovered that it was fiend energy that was trying to devour him.

When did his body get so much fiend energy Was it from the fiend that had tried to attack them

Or, was it remnants from the attacking fiends in the beast tide

Or could it be… even earlier than that

Yuan Jues expression was gloomy.

A bloody light gradually appeared in his blind eyes.

Just as he was about to show an even more terrifying expression, a familiar voice came from outside of the cave.

It was Ruan Qiuqius voice.

His little human wife.

Yuan Jue was suddenly flustered.

He didnt know how to face her.

By the time he returned to his senses, he had already reflexively closed his eyes and properly lied down.

He even put away the fangs that had recently come out.

He couldnt stop his big tail, which had recovered a bit of strength, from wagging.

But then, he heard that there was more than one pair of footsteps with his keen hearing.

He clenched his big hands into a fist, and his chest felt tight.

He sniffled lightly and found the scent of a very weak male human in the cold air.

His mood plummeted.

Why Why had she brought back a male human after going out on a trip Wasnt it enough that she had gray wolf Tianluo

Did it have to be a human Was a gray wolf not okay Or was it because… a disabled wolf wasnt okay

He didnt know why he felt so hurt and inferior.

Yuan Jue, whose entire world was in darkness, tightly pressed his pale lips together.

He fell into a sort of panic and pain that he had never felt before.


Gray Wolf accidentally pierced ten holes into the animal skin that Ruan Qiuqiu had recently sewn up.

His heart ached and his chest felt stuffy.

His tail, which had been wagging before, stopped moving.

Yuan Jue didnt know why his eyes felt so painful to the point that he almost couldnt bear it.

He felt that the fiend energy, which he had struggled to suppress, was surging up again.

It surged forward like a wave that swallowed up his meridians, causing him unbearable pain.

When he was about to lose self-control, he heard Ruan Qiuqius voice again.

“Little Yu, this is my husband and Is home.

The snow is getting heavier.

Youre a little kid.

Come in first and hide out from the snow at the cave entrance.

Wait there for me.”

Translator Ramblings: Its mentioned in chapter part 47 that the fiend, who tried to attack them, could smell that Yuan Jue comes from a very noble bloodline of fiends and from this chapter, it seems that Yuan Jue is unaware of this.

When I was reading the novel for the first time, I wildly speculating that maybe the fiend energy isnt entirely bad, and its more of a fail-safe that comes out when Yuan Jue is close to death so he can heal up.

Like how Inuyasha (male protagonist in a manga about a half-demon and a high school priestess) loses his rationality when his demon blood takes over, and the trigger for the demon blood to take over is when hes gravely injured.


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