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It was so stupid of her to come to the Fire Wolf Tribe when she was almost at the end of her rope in hopes that she would be able to get medicinal herbs here.

If she had known earlier that these demons would ridicule Mr.

Gray Wolf like that, she might as well have taken the risk of looking for medicinal herbs in the forest herself.

She probably would have gotten better results that way.

With a hint of chill at her lips, Ruan Qiuqiu calmly looked at the wolf demon that had torn off his mask of gentleness.

She clenched her hands.



Too scared now” The young wolf demon, Ning Yue, finally recovered from his shock.

He pointed at her nose and wanted to approach her, but it seemed as if he had apprehensions and didnt dare to.

Ruan Qiuqiu looked at Xie Yu, who had only verbally threatened her instead of swiping at her with his claws despite being angry.

Ning Yue also looked extremely apprehensive.

Those two things further confirmed her guess.

At the same time, she found the situation even more absurd.

Even with Mr.

Gray Wolf being heavily injured and they had already done a despicable thing like abandoning him, they were still scared of him because of the curse and the clan shamans words.

She had guessed correctly; they didnt dare to approach her because they suspected she was infected with that curse.

Ruan Qiuqiu thought they were absolutely ludicrous.

However, it was precisely their fear and ignorance that gave her the opportunity to counterattack and escape.

She couldnt fight off this many demons, but…

An idea for what would be the best and safest method for getting out of this situation occurred to Ruan Qiuqiu, but she slightly blushed.

If she told these wolf demons that she and Mr.

Gray Wolf had been intimate, they would be even more afraid to do something to her.

Although she felt apologetic that she was going to slander Mr.

Gray Wolfs pure reputation like this, and she also felt a bit embarrassed, she still went through with it.

Ruan Qiuqiu tugged her animal skin clothing and took her time to say, “Go ahead if youre not scared of the curse on my body.

If you come a little bit closer, you might get cursed too.

After all, my husband and I have been intimate several times.”

Ruan Qiuqius words had a powerful and resonating effect.

It hovered over the quiet and snowy area.

Almost instantly, these words caused the demons and humans expression to change.

The demoness, who had been mocking her this entire time, was absolutely stunned.

She instinctively retorted, “No way, that trash wolf was so badly injured.

How could he still have the strength to…” She shut her mouth in embarrassment.

She remembered that Yuan Jue was the most indifferent person.

He was an emotionless wolf demon and no creature could enter his eyes.

Back when he was the Fire Wolf Tribes chief, he chose to live in the farthest cave from the tribe, far away from the cliff where most of the demons lived.

There had once been a daring demoness in the tribe.

She thought she was special and tried to get close to Yuan Jue.

Before that demoness had gotten a chance to express her friendliness to Yuan Jue, she had been rejected.

That demoness had also been too hasty and gotten within a meter of that twisted gray wolf.

When she came back, she was foaming at the mouth.

To date, that demonesss voice hadnt fully recovered.

A demon, a big gray wolf, a crippled wolf demon that had been so badly injured, how many times could he have been intimate with this human She really couldnt believe it.

And yet, she strangely felt it was very reasonable.

She admired the clan shaman even more.

Sure enough, what the clan shaman said was right.

Only Ruan Qiuqiu, this human, would bear the entirety of the curse for their tribe.

Most of the nearby wolf demons had the same thought as this demoness.

Their expressions were weird.

They were both angry at this human and admiring of their clan shaman.

Their clan shaman was truly powerful.

As for Ning Yue, his expression looked more idiotic than everyone else.

He was utterly stumped for words.

Dumbstruck, he couldnt put together a full sentence and babbled, “Y-You… N-No…That wolf…”

Ruan Qiuqiu somewhat sympathetically looked at this unlucky kid.

She blushed a little bit when she thought of her impure words.

In truth, she and Mr.

Gray Wolf hadnt done anything.

She didnt even know his name.

She wasnt totally untruthful.

If those times she had unilaterally grabbed and stroked Mr.

Gray Wolfs tail counted as being intimate, then they really had been intimate several times.


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