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After taking a moment to consider the probability that she would be able to get out of this, Ruan Qiuqiu finally scoffed.

Under Xie Yus anticipatory gaze, she clearly said, “Get lost! Youre ten thousand times uglier than my husband.

You want me to call you Big Brother Yu In your dreams.

Youre worse than a dog!”

Her last words echoed in the surrounding area.

Ruan Qiuqiu was at the end of her patience, and she hadnt controlled the volume of her voice.

The words she used to scold that wolf demon was especially prominent, and all of the demons and humans clearly heard her.

The other wolf demons, who had been somewhat noisy, were all stunned into silence.

They hadnt expected that Ruan Qiuqiu would scold Xie Yu.

Or to put it another way, they hadnt expected that a human, who had no one to rely on and had a dying husband, would have the courage to scold a demon.

In this world, the humans humbly lived under the protection of demons.

Their lives were spent trembling with fear.

A humans lifespan was only a fifth of a demons.

From the perspective of demons, it was already very kind of them to be willing to shelter and protect humans.

This human dared to scold a demon, and it was a demon that had expressed goodwill and offered charity to her too.

The demon that she had scolded was one of their tribes top warriors!

Due to excessive shock, none of the demons near the cave were able to speak.

The only sound that remained was the rustling of the wind and snow.

Xie Yu was stupefied.

His originally perfectly confident smile had frozen on his face.

His brain had stiffened to the point of crashing.

He even suspected that there was something wrong with his ears.

Otherwise, how could he have possibly heard this skinny human woman scold him

She had scolded him, the demon that used to only be second to Yuan Jue in fighting power and was now the top fighter in the tribe.

He was the most popular demon to demons and humans alike.

He was good at hunting and charming too.

She said that he, a handsome wolf demon that was all around the best in everything, was “worse than a dog”

“Holy crap.” The young female demon was the first to respond.

She looked at Ruan Qiuqiu with surprise and unspeakable admiration.

She sighed and sincerely said, “This Ruan Qiuqiu really does have a brain problem.

She actually said Big Brother Yu is worse…”

That female demon paused and didnt dare to say the rest of it.

Xie Yu finally recovered from his shock.

He felt as if someone had used a lot of strength to slap his face several times.

His face felt as if it was burning with pain.

His originally perfect expression finally cracked.

He abruptly straightened up and turned his nails into sharp claws.

Anger was visible on his face.


Xie Yu was boiling with rage.

He was so angry that his voice was trembling.

He raised his sharp claws and pointed at Ruan Qiuqiu from a small distance with a distorted expression.

“Ruan Qiuqiu, do you have a death wish”

Xie Yu took a deep breath, trembling with anger.

“You lowly creature.

I”ll give you another chance.

Kneel down immediately and apologize to me, and Ill consider leaving your corpse intact.”

Ruan Qiuqiu looked at the demon, who was completely lacking in elegance and with an ominous glint in his eyes.

He looked as if he would leap forward at any moment and strangle her.

She took a step back.

One after another, the surrounding demons heckled.

Their faces were full of ill-intentions.

Under the falling snow, her own kind, the humans had the attitude of eating melon seeds.

They wanted to see how she would be punished.

On the side, the young wolf demon, Ning Yue, also had an incredulous and dumbfounded expression.

He hadnt recovered yet from the shock of Ruan Qiuqiu, who looked so soft and gentle, uttering such harsh language.

Ruan Qiuqiu glanced at Xie Yus claws.

His claws were a lot smaller than Mr.

Gray Wolfs claws.

She actually found it a bit laughable when he called her “lowly creature.”

She had judged correctly.

This scoundrel wouldnt let her off.

Even if she didnt scold him, he would be able to find thousands of reasons to humiliate her after she called him “Big Brother Yu” and even use her to humiliate Mr.

Gray Wolf.

She had been impulsive.

Not only had she been impulsive, she had been too naive.

However, her impulsiveness and naiveness wasnt because she had scolded this wolf demon.

It was because she had been silly and stupid enough to think she could seek out help from the Fire Wolf Tribe.

She had known that this tribe was indifferent enough to abandon Mr.

Gray Wolf before coming here.

Was there any difference between this pack of wolves and those lions in the Wind Lion Tribe that had used her as a tool to trade for salt

Oh wait, there was a difference.

These ungrateful wolves also had bottomless contempt for her and fear and hatred for Mr.

Gray Wolf.

In this world, not all wolf demons were good like Mr.

Gray Wolf.


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