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The sky gradually grew bright as Ruan Qiuqiu continued to say, “Ill leave the water by your head.

Theres three cups.

It should be enough to last for a while… Mr.

Grain Reserve, can you hear me”

He was the only demon that she had friendly contact with; he was the “wicked” wolf that had protected her several times; he was her gray wolf Tianluo.

She was truly very worried about losing him.

Ruan Qiuqiu stroked his tail as she looked at his handsome and deathly pale face.

As she continued talking, she got a bit choked up, “Husband, you cant die…”

Yuan Jue, who had finally regained a bit of consciousness: “…”

Why was he going to die

Although he hadnt been clear-headed because of his fever, there were occasionally moments of consciousness that lasted a few minutes before he was pulled into the darkness by pain.

In those moments before he lost consciousness, it felt as if his entire body was burning.

In the past few days, that seemingly irresistible force, which came from the depths of his blood and demon core, would spread and wreaked havoc on his body.

But every time he gradually slid to the edge of the abyss, was on the verge of falling apart, and was about to lose his mind, a familiar cool and gentle spiritual energy would flow through his palm.

Little by little, it would repel the darkness that accumulated in his blood.

It was because of this energy that he was able to regain consciousness.

He even heard a familiar voice by his ear mumbling about trivial topics that had no value like “the food is almost gone”, “its snowing so hard”, and so on.

At first, Mr.

Gray Wolf, who was muddle-headed from the fever, thought he was hallucinating.

But over time, he realized that he wasnt hallucinating.

The human, who he had thought would stay in a deep sleep from his spell, had gone out and braved the blizzard to bring him, a dreadful gray wolf, back here.

She brought him back to the place she called home.

She saved him again.

She told him to not die.

Yuan Jue couldnt put to words the emotions he was feeling.

It felt both sour and sweet.

His numerous injuries made him feel like a pincushion, and that pain was as clear as her choked up voice.

But, he was such a useless gray wolf.

He knew that he wouldnt die.

He didnt have the energy to think about the dark energy that would eventually consume his body.

When that dark energy finally won, he might not have consciousness anymore.

It was very likely that he would become a big evil wolf, an evil black wolf, a big ugly wolf.

He would probably eat her too.

Yuan Jue wanted to get better quickly.

The forest was very dangerous in snowy weather.

He didnt want Ruan Qiuqiu to go out and take risks.

He was a wolf demon that couldnt move, that couldnt go out to hunt.

Was he really worthy of being called her husband

He didnt even have the qualifications to be a substitute for gray wolf Tianluo.

Yuan Jue didnt know what his feverish head was thinking, but he wanted to open his eyes or move his fingers to respond to Ruan Qiuqiu when he heard her sad voice.

He wanted to promise her something, to ask her to not leave the cave… But even more than that, he wanted her to head south and to give up on him.

But… He was such a useless gray wolf.

He didnt even have the strength to say a word.

He was even losing his consciousness bit by bit.

In the end, he could only flicker his tail before he shamefully lost consciousness .

Ruan Qiuqiu felt the tail in her hand suddenly flickering.

Her first response wasnt thinking that Mr.

Gray Wolf had recovered, but worrying that this was his last bit of energy before dying.

She instinctively checked the breath under his nose.

After confirming that the wolf was still alive, her eyes got teary in fear for his well-being.

She gritted her teeth and stopped delaying her departure.

After equipping the stuff that she had made, she touched Mr.

Gray Wolfs tail one last time and said, “Ill bring back herbs and fresh meat.

Ill be back soon.”


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