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Yuan Jue changed back into a half-demon form.

He barely had any demon consciousness left, and he used it to look over the fiends corpse.

He discovered there was a small piece of brightly-colored red fur on its head.

He cut off that part along with the fluffy part of the fiends tail and pulled off the sharpest parts of the fiends body.

Holding these parts in one hand, he supported himself by placing his other hand on the giant trees as he walked past them on his way back to the cave.

Even though he looked more terrifying than a fiend right now, the result was better than he expected.

He was still alive.

Yuan Jue didnt have any experience with interacting with a woman, and he didnt know why he cared so much about that human.

He could only desperately try to find excuses for himself.

Yuan Jue thought he was actually a very wicked wolf.

He clearly knew that he might not be alive for much longer.

And yet, he had eaten her food and slept on the same stone bed as her.

He had even taken advantage of her by touching her lips.

Really, he was too much.

He had even contaminated the clothes that she made with his scent.

So… he wanted to go back.

At the very least, he could give these things to her.

However, the last bit of his demon power was used up when he finally went past the lowest point between the peaks.

Without the support of his demon power, he pitifully stumbled forward.

Scorched blood ran down his cheeks that could no longer be considered handsome.

As the blood dripped down on his naked body, there was a numb pain from his severed limb.

There were also countless black spots on his damaged demon core.

However, Yuan Jue didnt have the leisure to care about this.

He only knew his demon consciousness had been used by the time he stumbled to another giant tree.

The world fell into darkness.

Yuan Jue didnt know that many black spots had also gradually appeared on his face.

As he was about to fall unconscious, Yuan Jue clutched the fiend core and bright red fur.

Holding the trunk of the giant tree for support, he slowly sat down.

He gulped for breath and shook his large fluffy tail, which was covered in snow and about to freeze.

He curled up and had a glimmer of hope.

He hoped that Ruan Qiuqiu might come out to look for him.

However, he knew that he was being unreasonable.

How could he hope that she would be able to come looking for him when he had used his demon power to cast a sleeping spell on her

This was such a dangerous forest.

He was dreaming if he thought she would come looking for him.

On this desolate and cold winter night, Yuan Jue briefly laughed.

He could only hope that when she did find him, he wouldnt have already become a pile of bones.

Frost covered Yuan Jues long eyelashes.

He slowly closed his blind eyes.

His consciousness gradually grew hazy, but he seemed to be hallucinating.

It sounded as if his little wife, who should be peacefully sleeping on the stone bed, was calling out to him.

Her voice was coming from a distance.

“Husband! Where are you”

This hallucination seemed somewhat realistic.

He could even hear that her voice was trembling.

But gradually, he couldnt hear her voice anymore.

The blacks spots spread even faster in his damaged demon core now that he wasnt awake to suppress them.

Yuan Jue had fallen unconscious, so he didnt know that Ruan Qiuqiu had come looking for him.

Ruan Qiuqiu was about to cry from worry.

Even her voice was trembling a bit, “Stupid wolf, where did you go…”

In the heavy snow and dark night, she held up a flickering torch.

She was pressing the black animal skin clothing to her chest with her arm and holding the only bone knife in their home.

Shaking with fear, she entered the large, dark forest to search for the gray wolf.


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