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“Seeing” the three-foot fiend with its two tails that were half-covered in barbs and ugly bumps, Yuan Jue could almost immediately determine this fiends level and type.

This was a starving level 2 or level 3 fiend.

This type of fiend belonged to a low-level to middle-level fiend tribe.

It hadnt gained much intelligence yet, which meant that its instinct of devouring humans and demons had a stronger hold on it.

The blizzard had probably made it harder for it to hunt, and it most likely had lost all reason due to hunger.

“Kada” “Kada”

This fiend had a strange center of gravity.

As it stepped on the snow, it took deep sniffs of the human scent in the surrounding area.

Step by step, it approached the cave.

Yuan Jues eyelashes trembled.

A faint red glow gradually appeared in his blue-gray eyes.

No matter how hungry this fiend was, he wouldnt let it enter his cave and eat him or the little woman… that liked gray wolf Tianluo.

His long narrow eyes became sharp.

A pair of furry wolf ears appeared on Yuan Jues head, which only had smooth black hair before.

Enduring the stinging pain of severed limbs and his damaged demon core, he finished shifting into half-demon form.

He lifted the two animal skins covering him.

Half-kneeling on the bed, he deftly took off the soft animal skin wrapped around his stump and quietly shook the large furry tail behind him.

His demon consciousness and core had only recovered enough for him to maintain his demon form for three minutes at most.

And, he couldnt guarantee that he would win the fight.

Perhaps, he might die tonight.

Little by little, that fiend was probing the area.

It didnt dare to rashly approach the cave.

Yuan Jue brought the scope of his demon consciousness back into the cave.

As it swept over the stone table, he immediately noticed two pieces of black animal skin.

His pupils trembled, and he pressed his thin lips together.

That human made him clothes No one had ever made him clothes before.

Based on the size of the clothing, those clothes couldnt be for gray wolf Tianluo, right

As Yuan Jue suppressed the reflexive low growl, his demon consciousness fell on Ruan Qiuqiu, who was lying on the stone bed.

She was probably tired.

She was sound asleep.

The clothing that she was wearing was very old.

Part of the animal skin that she was using as a blanket slid down, revealing her long neck and small part of her skin.

This human was very thin and fragile, but she was very tenacious and courageous.

As his demon consciousness fell on her cheek, Yuan Jues triangular wolf ears folded down.

For the very first time, his blind eyes acutely fell on Ruan Qiuqius face.

A dense feeling of sourness welled up in his heart.

Yuan Jue raised his hand with its distinct joints and let himself selfishly indulge once by gently touching his cold fingers on her lips.

It was only a moment.

He immediately took his hand back.

The soft touch of her lips left his body feeling numb.

His eyes turned red.

He shook his large tail to lower the fur that had been raised.

With a fierce expression, he touched his sharp canines with the top of his tongue.

So soft.

Yuan Jue quietly gasped.

He drew out a wisp of demon energy and tapped Ruan Qiuqius forehead with a finger to cast a deep sleep technique that had a much weaker effect than usual.

In the darkness, a hoarse and low voice said, “Sleep.”

Although she was very brave, if she saw him fighting a fiend that looked much uglier than him in his demon form, even if she didnt get scared, she would be grossed out.

He didnt want to appear any worse than gray wolf Tianluo.


This human was so infuriating.

Yuan Jue slowly took his hand back and nimbly jumped off the stone bed.

He somewhat comically hopped to the stone table.

He gently touched the animal skin clothing.

He picked it up and couldnt resist taking a deep sniff.

The clothing smelled only of him and Ruan Qiuqiu.

It didnt have the scent of any other wolf.

The size was so big, only he could wear it.

However, Yuan Jue only touched it without trying it on.

He reluctantly put the clothes back on the table.

The clothing was so clean.

If he wore them to a fight, they would get dirty.


Yuan Jue narrowed his eyes.

He spitefully yanked off a little bit of fur from his tail and stuffed into the two pieces of clothing.

This way, if he died tonight, these clothing would be full of his scent, and another wolf wouldnt be willing to wear it.

“Kada” “Kada” That fiend was already within ten meters of the cave.

Yuan Jues gaze turned sharp.

He turned around to look at Ruan Qiuqiu, who was sound asleep on the bed.

His thin lips slightly parted, but in the end, he didnt say a word.

Before leaving the cave, he even thoughtfully added more wood to the fire.


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