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Perhaps, Tianluo the Gray Wolf had been caught off guard by her return.

He hadnt returned to his previous sleeping position when she stepped into the bedroom.

The wolf was lying on his side in a somewhat strange position on the stone bed.

Half of his handsome face was exposed, and she could clearly see his blushing face.

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…”

Somewhat doubtful, she put the wooden basin down on the ground and took two steps forward.

She saw that there was a pile of powdered salt and the remains of the block of salt.

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…”

She glanced at Mr.

Gray Wolf with an questioning look.

He didnt show any response.

Ruan Qiuqiu faintly sighed.

She walked forward to put away the remains of that block of salt and saw there were smaller, regularly-sized pieces of salt next to that small pile of powdered salt.

Next to the small pieces of salt, she could see that the bone needle had obviously been moved and a small part of the animal tendon thread was missing.

Could it be that Tianluo the Gray Wolf also knew how to sew clothes

Surprised, Ruan Qiuqiu turned her head and saw that Mr.

Gray Wolf had boiled the snow in the other wooden basin, which she had left in the bedroom earlier.

That wolf had even awkwardly filled a wooden bowl with hot water and left it on the table to cool down.

Ruan Qiuqiu stepped forward and touched the wooden bowl.

The water was still warm.

She took a sip.

Her heart and stomach warmed up.

She felt a bit shameful that her eyes got teary.

Counting the time when he had saved her when she had fallen in the snow last night, this was the second time that this rumored twisted Mr.

Gray Wolf had responded to her.

She knew that he couldnt understand why she called him Tianluo the Gray Wolf, but he had understood her when she said that she wanted to add salt to their food.

She was only half-hopeful and half-joking when she said those words.

She just wanted to test how he would respond.

But, he had really responded.

He even responded more than she had asked him for.

Ruan Qiuqiu couldnt resist looking at Mr.

Gray Wolf, who was lying on the stone bed.

Looking at the terrifying scar on his face, which was slightly oozing blood, she felt bad.

Was her husband really as twisted and bloodthirsty as those rumors said

It had been miserable washing the animal skins that had gotten dirty because of him.

She had felt cold and hungry.

But, it was even worse for him.

He was seriously injured.

It must have been so difficult to move around with a stump.

It would have been so awkward and painful for him to break off pieces from the block of salt and do the other things as well.

Ruan Qiuqiu was even more determined to not give up on him.

She picked up a small piece of salt, five meat strips, some tuber powder and put it all into the stone pot that had boiled water.

By the time she turned around again, she discovered that the wolf had already quietly shifted positions when she wasnt paying attention.

His slightly red face had turned deathly pale again.

His actions left Ruan Qiuqiu wanting to laugh, but her heart also ached for him.

She stirred the pot of food.

Her heart felt warm.

Ruan Qiuqiu curved her lips.

Very appreciative, she said, “Tianluo the Gray Wolf, thank you.”

There was a clear smile in her voice.

It seemed that she was quite happy with Tianluo the Gray Wolf.

Yuan Jue twitched his eyelashes.

There was an unpleasantly numb feeling in his heart.

This world didnt have a tribe named Tianluo or a gray wolf named Tianluo.

It was clearly him that had broken the block of salt.

A small piece of salt had been powderized because he was worried that she would suddenly return, so he hadnt controlled his strength.

He was the one that boiled the water.

It wasnt that Tianluo the Gray Wolf.

Yuan Jue kept stroking the sewn hole in the animal skin underneath him with his slender fingertip.

He couldnt clearly put why he felt this way into words, but he felt irritated and aggrieved.

She would only call him Mr.

Food Reserve.


Gray Wolf, who was too confident in his acting abilities, had no idea that his little wife already knew that he was faking his unconsciousness.

He kept thinking about it until an idea popped up.

The thought left his chest feeling tight and as if someone was squeezing his heart; it couldnt be that she likes a gray wolf named Tianluo, right


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