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If Mr.

Food Reserve remained in his human form, he couldnt just remain with only his unmentionables covered up, right

Fortunately, when he had changed into his human form, a silvery gray animal pelt would appear wrapped around his waist.

Saying it was an animal pelt wasnt quite correct.

It was probably Mr.

Gray Wolfs wolf pelt…

What kind of mystical structure was it Could that wolf pelt be taken off

Ruan Qiuqius train of thought drifted into a strange area….

Now that Mr.

Gray Wolf was a married wolf, did he prefer his demon form or his human form more She remembered that Mr.

Gray Wolf could change the size of his demon form…

As for his human form… Could that wolf pelt be taken off

Ruan Qiuqius consciousness gradually grew fuzzy.

She had thought she would be too worried that a demon or fiend would rush in and kill them, but she was truly too exhausted.

She didnt even pay attention to what she was thinking about on her way to drifting off to sleep.

Her mind only had thoughts of Mr.

Gray Wolfs beautiful gray-blue eyes and whether or not he could take off his wolf pelt in human form.

Just like that, she slowly fell into deep slumber.

It was pitch-black outside the cave.

Giant masses of snowflakes fluttered down from the sky and gradually smudged away the blood stains at the entrance of the cave.

After a while, only a blanket of white snow could be seen.

The heavy snowfall was accompanied by a cold wind.

The snow piled up on the trees that had already lost most of their leaves, and it only took a short time for the snow to paint the world in white.

A middle-aged wolf demon that was less than two meters in length was stealthily approaching the cave on four paws.

Slowly, he got closer to the cave that Ruan Qiuqiu and Yuan Jue lived in.

He halted when he was within 20 meters of Yuan Jues cave.

He had good night vision and could already see the faint light coming from the cave.

The wolf demon carefully sniffed the surrounding area as if he was confirming something.

A moment later, the middle-aged wolf demon seemed to have gotten the answer that he wanted.

A faint green light flashed through his eyes.

He slowly left the cave that Ruan Qiuqiu and Yuan Jue lived in.

Once he got to the edge of the forest, his pace changed to a swift run.

Detouring around the Fire Wolf Tribes residential area, which was densely populated, he continued running until he arrived at a cave that was at the other end of the tribes territory.

This cave was near a cliff, but it was very safe.

The wolf demon changed to his human form by the brightly lit cave.

It was the middle-aged wolf demon that had led the group of wolf demons in bringing Ruan Qiuqiu from the Wind Lion Tribe to Yuan Jues cave.

Standing in front of a curtain that was made of thick animal skins, he called out in a reverent and respectful tone, “Shaman.”

A somewhat old voice came from behind the curtain.

“Lin Xun Come in.”

The middle-aged wolf demon named Lin Xun murmured an acknowledgement, lifted the thick animal skin, and stepped into the cave.

Although it was very dark outside, there were special plants in the shamans cave that gave off light.

These blue plants had the same shape as morning glories.

Lamp covers that were as thin as fish scales covered the plants.

These plants adorn the edge of the tables and gave off a bright, blue light.

The unique blue light brightly illuminated the entire cave.

Underneath this strange lighting, the shamans face, which was covered with painted markings, looked even more unearthly.

The elderly shaman was holding a staff with a wolf head carved at the top.

He was sitting next to a stone stove to keep himself warm when Lin Xun came in.

The shamans wrinkled hand trembled, and his voice tightened when he asked, “How did it go Is that human dead”


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