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Ruan Qiuqiu didn’t bother to study the two blood-colored marks on her wrist that looked like sharp wolf ears.

She quickly got up and put on her clothes.

Only then did she realize that in the entire “master bedroom “, aside from the wedding bed that she had just been lying on and the animal skin blanket that was covering her body, there was only a wooden basin that was filled with hot water and a sheet of animal skin curtain that blocked the wind.

Most of the items had been tidied up by Mr.

Snail Grey Wolf.

They were tied to the side with dried-up vines.

The entire “master bedroom” seemed even more spacious than when she first married him.

The items tied up by the vines included stone benches, stone tables, spare wooden barrels, some scattered furniture, animal skin clothes, spare animal skin, and so on.

Ruan Qiuqiu’s mood was rather strange.

She didn’t even know that there were so many things at home.

Ruan Qiuqiu patted her red face——

Grandma Ruyi and Tian Xiu had come to help, so it was probably noon the next day.

She had actually fainted from being bitten last night.

It was simply too embarrassing.

These things should have been tidied up by Yuan Jue.

His injuries were not completely healed yet, and it was not convenient for him to move around.

But even so, he did not wake her up.

The bottom of Ruan Qiuqui’s heart was both soft and astringent.

Her hands and feet were sore as she picked up the animal skin towel that Mr.

Wolf had prepared and planned to clean herself up first.

As soon as she dipped her hand into the wooden basin, she heard the sand sculpture outside continue to speak, unaware of the looming danger.” Coo, wow!”( Why don’t you go in and help your wife get dressed Should we go in and move things then)

Ruan Qiuqiu: “……”

She took a deep breath and crazily knocked on the head of the eagle sand sculpture in her heart.

However, she couldn’t help but think about the wolf’s current expression and why he didn’t refute.

If his behavior mainly stemmed from his sense of responsibility, wouldn’t he have had clearly explained by this time

Ruan Qiuqiu blinked and waited for a while before she heard Yuan Jue say,” It’s still early.”

It was still early, so he let her sleep a little longer.

(Sand sculpture) Tian Xiu: “……”

Tian Xiu really wanted to sneer at the cold and aloof Big Bad Wolf.

Still early It’s almost noon now, and I’m waiting for the goods to be moved to the Winter Bear Tribe.

It’s probably going to be late at night when we finish.

The weather is not bad now, and it’s only snowing.

What if there’s a blizzard later

However, the big grey wolf, whose eyes were covered with white wool, gently pointed at the edge of the wheelchair.

He didn’t care about Tian Xiu’s worry at all.

To be precise, no matter if it was the unpredictable weather in winter, the semi-devil and semi-demon Wolf Life encountered for the first time, or the gradually shifting time, he couldn’t take it to heart as compared to letting her sleep for a while longer.

The eagle opened his beak with a dumb expression, obviously wanting to say more.

Qing Ruyi patted the eagle on the shoulder and gestured for him to sit down on the wicker carriage to rest.” You rushed back overnight last night and flew over with me after not sleeping long.

Aren’t you tired from talking”

Tian Xiu “……”

What she said made sense, and so he was stunned into silence.

He knew that it was already rare for the Yuan Jue to be able to talk to him and not beat him away.

With that in mind, Tian Xiu closed his beak and the two-meter-tall eagle lay on the wooden carriage.


The willow carriage let out a mournful howl of being unable to bear the burden, but it still managed to withstand the weight of the sand sculpture.

Qing Ruyi looked at Yuan Jue sitting at the entrance of the cave and a look of inquiry flashed across her face.

She could not help but ask curiously,” You really were with Qiuqiu last night…”


I’m…truly, very sorry.

I was drowning in a pile of assignments, had to pass the driving license test, move to the dorm, complete my internship report, etc etc.  But I still feel guilty for not updating for nearly a month QAQ.

The updates will resume now that my workload is no longer as heavy as before.

I’ll make sure to let you know once my exams are near in the future.

I once again apologize for the wait.



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