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Xiong Duoduo was speechless at what her older brother Xiong Yuan said.

Our tribe was poor.

In fact, when Xiong Duoduo was very young, he vaguely remembered that the Winter Bear Tribe was not very poor, and even in the surrounding tribes, they were very rich.

At that time, the witch and several elders were still alive.

When he was young, he would not starve every winter, and no one would fall to the point where they did not even have some herbs.

However, after the witch and elder left or died one by one, the Dongxiong tribe gradually lost.

What remained unchanged was the Elders’ thought of not giving up a single bear.

Often, demons from other tribes would say that their Dongxiong tribe was stupid.

Even the strong bears were about to lose their appetite, and they still had to take care of the old, weak and sick.

There were even some who knew that their tribe’s demons were kind, so they deliberately threw some babies with defects into the Winter Bear tribe’s territory.

Even though he warned those bears not to pick up their cubs, but those bears could not remember.

Xiong Duoduo thought angrily, completely forgetting that she was the softest bear in the tribe and the one who picked up the most cubs.

She had no right to say that →

Because they were worried about the injured bears in the tribe, Xiong Duoduo and Xiong Yuan didn’t dare to waste their time.

They did n’ t care about how late it was and turned into demons to rush towards the Winter Bear tribe.


At the same time, outside the Wind Lion Tribe

Lu Ziran, who had been beaten up by Mr.

Big Gray Wolf and crippled by Grandmother Ruyi, finally limped back to the tribe.

Because he was worried that the other lions would find out that he was seriously injured, he endured the pain of his bones cracking and pretended that he was a lion.

Taking advantage of the night sky, he went straight back to the cave where Rou Yue lived with him.

The thick animal skin curtain was lifted, and Rou Yue who was about to fall asleep was startled.

Her voice was timid,” Who”

“……”It’s me.”Lu Ziran nodded and turned to enter the cave, putting down the animal skin curtain.

“Ziran”Ruoyue immediately felt surprised and pleasantly surprised.

She hurriedly sat up from the stone bed covered with thick beast skin and put on a new, second-order purple fox fur coat.

She happily flew into his embrace.

But very quickly, thinking that Lu Ziran was originally going to look for Ruan Qiuqiu, his voice became a little more resentful.” Why did you leave for so many daysRuan Qiuqiu made you go crazyDidn’t you say you wanted to bring a gift back”Where’s the gift Did you give it to that woman”

Lu Ziran had already been seriously injured.

After he returned, not only did he not receive any comfort or warmth from Rou Yue Rao, but he was instead dragged away by her to ask where the gift was.

He immediately held back his anger and pushed her away without any gentleness.

His voice was rarely cold,” Yue Rao, I’m injured.”

Rou Yue Rao was shocked for a moment, as if she had not reacted,”……”Why are you injured”

He was a powerful warrior who was about to break through to the fourth rank.

Ordinary beasts would not be able to harm him.

Lu Ziran’s heart was filled with frustration.

He simply took off his black coat, revealing his bruised upper body and bloodstained calf.

Now that Rou Yue was convinced, she felt uneasy and subconsciously asked,” Then your cultivation hasn’t fallen, right”

If his cultivation dropped, he would no longer be the strongest warrior in the tribe.

What would she do in the future.

Lu Ziran’s expression darkened.

Staring at her beautiful face, he said in a deep voice,” I met a high level demon and fell to the second level.”

Rou Yue’s enchanting face instantly turned pale.

She stared at him in surprise and bewilderment.

After a long pause, she muttered,” Heavens ……”

She looked at the blood on Lu Ziran’s body, a thought flashed through her mind——

It was said that the devil’s devil qi would hurt people.

The devil qi on Zi Ran’s body shouldn’ t hurt her……

Seeing her pale face, Lu Ziran thought she was worried about him.

He sighed and said in a gentle voice,” It doesn’t matter.

The spirit energy in our cave is rich, so it’s very easy for me to cultivate again.

It’s just that I might not be able to hunt like before this winter.

You’ ve worked hard to keep me company.”

Hearing his words, Rou Yuehao felt slightly relieved.

She forced a smile and said the first words of comfort tonight,” Ziran, take good care of your injuries.

We don’t lack food.”

As long as she indicated that she needed it, there would be many demons who would send food to her door.

She had never been worried about not being full.

“Mm.”Lu Ziran’s mood was a little better as well.

He had been so tired that he couldn’ t hold on any longer, so he laid on the stone bed.” I’ ll sleep for a while.”

After he finished speaking, he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Naturally, he did not see Rou Yue’s perplexed and somewhat disdainful expression——

In the past, Zi Ran had never been so unyielding and cold, nor had he not cleaned himself up a bit.

His wounds were still bleeding, how could he sit on her bed and dirty the soft mattress that the lion demons had given her……

His body smelled so bad that she did not want to stay in this cave.

Could it be that she had to treat his wound and bandage his wound

She had been held in the hands of humans and demons since she was young.

She had never done such a dirty thing.

Even if it was for the sake of love, wasn’t it too much for her

The more Rou Yueyue thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt.

Thinking that she couldn’t distinguish the herbs, even if she wanted to help Ziran deal with them, she couldn’ t help but put on her clothes.

She pinched her nose and lay down in the corner of the stone bed to avoid unnecessary physical contact with Lu Ziran.



At the same time, the frightened Sand Eagle was holding a wooden tube of hot water and herbs, spreading its wings and flying towards the Winter Bear tribe.

Grandpa Mo’s family, who had arrived in the Winter Bear tribe three or four hours before him, had already moved their home.

The energy sphere at the back of the mountain was a little far from the plains where most of the bear demons lived.

However, this distance was not too far for Mo Cat, who had recovered more than half, and Xiao Mo Yu, who liked to run around.

“Let’s send the fish soup to the tribe leader.”Qing Ruyi lit the burning wood in the cave and casually pulled out a piece of wood to pass to Mo Cat as a lighting tool.” Do you remember where to go”

“I remember.”Mo Mao glanced at Grandma Ruyi, who had grown younger after Grandpa Mo’s appearance.

She was at a loss for two seconds, but she still did n’ t say that’Grandfather and Grandma are actually parents’.

Mo Mao held his brother’s hand,”……”Grandma, do you only bring these fish soup to eat”

Qing Ruyi smiled.” That’s enough.

Do n’ t let them drink too much, or they’ll wet the bed tonight.”

Mo Mao “……”

“Go quickly.”Qing Ruyi urged,” Bring along Little Mint too.

I want to enjoy the two-person world with your grandfather.”

Mo Mao “…………”

He was speechless for a moment, but he still picked up the little mint that was filling the food.

The three half-year-old children carried herbs, fish soup and other things out of the house.

The cave slowly quieted down.

Qing Ruyi caught a glimpse of Mo Buhui, who was tidying up in the corner.

Her lips curved.” Brother Mo, we can live together in the future.”

The middle-aged man looked at her helplessly.

He thought to himself, Ever since we met, hasn’t she been living with him

During this period of time, Ruyi had been feeding him all kinds of food.

Every day, she sent spiritual power to his body at regular intervals.

Although it allowed him to regain his clarity, his rapidly aging body also returned to its normal state.

However, everyone knew that this was just an illusion.

At most half a year, he would still die because his life was exhausted.

Before, he didn’t want to drag Qing Ruyi down, but when she told him everything, he knew that his beloved wife might not be able to survive this winter.

It was precisely because of this that he did not refuse Qing Ruyi’s closeness.

“Is this considered a wedding”Qing Ruyi mumbled, her eyes filled with anticipation as she laid the stone bed.


Mo Mao pulled his younger brother with his left hand and his sister with his right.

He carried the heaviest fish soup on his back and used his good night vision to walk on the path.

They were within the range of the Winter Bear tribe now.

There would be a few uninjured bears patrolling at the edge of the tribe at night.

The safety factor was several levels higher than that of the Flame Wolf tribe.

Therefore, even if there were three children, Grandma Ruyi was very relieved to let them out.

Mo Yu held a torch in her hand and gave an introduction to the younger sister who hadn’t seen the clan leader.” The clan leader’s grandfather is a giant panda.”

“He’s very gentle, and his fur is very soft.

He likes to turn into a demon and let his cubs crawl around him.”Little Fish said.

“Wow.”Little Mint looked forward to it.” I’m already a big girl.

Can I play with the Clan Leader’s grandfather”

Mo Mao “……”

He wanted to correct Little Mint’s explanation.

After all, his sister was only five years old this year.

Why was she considered a big girl

However, before Mo Mao could say anything, the small fish on the side said,” Mint, you are a human cub.

I wonder if the Clan Leader will let you play.”

As Little Fishy said that, she looked eager.” I also want to climb a panda ……”

Mo Mao “…” Forget it, he should discuss with the Clan Leader later and let him play with his younger brothers and sisters.

The three siblings quickly arrived at their destination——

In front of a huge cave.

Mo Mao politely knocked on the animal skin curtain.” Patriarch, I’m Mo Mao.

Grandma asked us to bring fish soup.”

There was a creaking sound and a “whirring” sound coming from the cave.

Soon, a snake cub about the size of a mint lifted the animal skin curtain.

Although he looked like a human, there were many green scales on his face.

He was obviously a half-demon like Mo Cat.

When the little boy saw the white and clean Mo Baohe, an inferiority complex flashed across his eyes, and his vertical pupils carried a hint of hostility.

Other tribes would only laugh at him for being ugly.

However, Little Mint did not notice this.

She smiled at the little snake boy in front of her and handed him the wooden tube with fish soup.” Fish soup, I’ll give it to you.”

Seeing her bright smile, a gloomy feeling flashed through her heart.

She didn’t reach out to take the wooden tube.

She just pressed her lips together and raised her hand to block her face as she ran to the side.

Little Mint “……”

She wasn’t stunned for two seconds when she heard a voice,” Wow, fish soup!”

Xiong Kun took the fish soup from her hand and smiled happily.” Thank you!”What’s your name Why did n’ t I see you before My name is Xiong Kun Kun.

I’m four and a half years old.”You look so cute.

I’m so happy to meet you.”

“My name is Mo Bohe.

Well, you’re also very cute.”Little Mint smiled with bright eyes.

This was the first time she had spoken with a child who was not too young.

She was a little excited.

The two of them chatted happily, and their voices quickly attracted more cubs in the cave.

In the blink of an eye, there were more cubs beside Little Mint, completely surrounding her.

She Qin clenched her hands and stood in the corner without saying anything.

Little Fish soon found a child of his age to play with.

He looked around the cave and saw that only Mo Cat was still idle.

He chatted with Grandpa Panda who had struggled to get up from the ground for a while.

After learning that the demons around his age were helping to take care of the sick bear, he did not plan to stay in the cave.

She grabbed her brother’s collar and took him out to help.

Only the little mint was left in the cave to help the cubs prepare soup.

Xiong Kun Kun was the first to get the fish soup from his new friend, but before he could drink it, he felt a terrifying gaze staring at Xiong Kun’s back.

He suddenly turned his head and met She Qin’s threatening golden pupils.

The bear was rolling “……”

Xiong Kun Kun wanted to cry again.

Every time, his panda could not beat She Qin, and it was hard for him to beat him.

Xiong Guanyun could only hand over the bowl of fish soup she had just received from Little Bohe.

She Qin didn’t want him to do what he wanted, but when he met Xiong Gun Gun’s confused gaze, he could only take the bowl of fish soup.

“Forget it, you’re one year older than me, I want to let you go.”Xiong Kun lost his prestige and didn’ t want to lose face, so he could only pretend to be generous and say,” Then I’ ll be the last to drink.

Mint, I’ ll help you.”

She Qin “…………” He looked at the bowl of fish soup in his hand, and then at the rolling bear standing beside Xiao Bo He, he felt wronged for the first time.


—— Finally, in an inexplicable awkward atmosphere, the man and the wolf who had finished their dinner, also decided to take turns to clean up and rest after they moved tomorrow.

Because a certain wolf insisted on taking a bath, Qiu Qiu, who was embarrassed to help him take a bath, laid on the bed first.

She was a little nervous.

After all, she had agreed to the Abyss Art.

She wanted him to bite her again.

Since Mr.

Big Bad Wolf would not make unreasonable requests, Ruan Qiuqiu pondered deeply——

The first time she moved the oath on her wrist, what was the second time she wanted to do

There was no second oath on her.

She wouldn’t, she just wanted to bite her.

Ruan Qiuqiu could vaguely hear the indistinct sound of water, and her heart became more and more nervous.

She shook her head, took a few deep breaths, forced herself to enter a cultivation state——

Originally, she had accidentally obtained the Spirit Gathering Pearl, so she had been consciously cultivating the entire time.

However, many things had happened tonight, causing her heart to become a little chaotic.

The location of their cave was not very good.

Although the spirit energy was much more abundant than in the apocalypse, it should be very rare compared to other places.

Ruan Qiuqiu’s advancement was also very slow.

Now that he had the Spirit Gathering Pearl, Ruan Qiuqiu’s speed was much faster.

Unknowingly, the distracting thoughts in her mind gradually disappeared.

By the time Mr.

Big Gray Wolf sat in the “wheelchair” that his wife had specially entrusted Qing Ruyi to make and returned to the wedding room with his long wet hair, Ruan Qiuqiu had already completely entered the cultivation state.

The water elements around her were very lively, suffused with a light blue light, surrounding her surroundings, and entering her body as she breathed.

He accidentally entered this peaceful space, but the light blue elements floating in the air did not repel him like other water spirit powers.

Ruan Qiuqiu noticed that a certain wolf had returned.

Her current feeling was very mysterious.

She was clearly cultivating with her eyes closed, but she could vaguely sense the existence of Mr.

Big Gray Wolf through the light blue dots floating around her.

Although she “saw” him, she could “see” where his body was still wet.

Ruan Qiuqiu curled her lips and mobilized two strands of water-type spiritual power.

She gently raised her finger, and one of the two strands of spiritual power attached itself to his front and the thread covering his eyes.

There was also a strand of his long black hair.

The Abyss Arts only felt his hair and clothes quickly dry up.

He could not help but bend his lips and reveal a faint smile.


Big Gray Wolf hesitated for a moment and reached out his hand.

He grabbed a few of the mutated water elements that he didn’t have time to return.

A wisp of extremely light black flame emerged from his fingertip and slowly wrapped around the few elements.

His little madame’s cultivation method was generally correct, but if he could find a shorter circulation method, he could save a lot of time and energy.

The pure demonic energy in his body could help guide her and not hurt her.

As a result, when Ruan Qiuqiu recalled the elements, she felt her fingertips go numb.

Like a weak electric current flowing rapidly, it instantly spread to her limbs and bones.

The strange feeling that she had just been bitten by him surfaced again.

Ruan Qiuqiu didn’t expect that her waist would go limp and she would fall on the animal skin quilt with extreme shame.

Mister Big Bad Wolf “……”

He realized what had happened, and a thin blush appeared on his handsome face.

His slender fingers tapped on the side of the chair, and his voice was filled with an extremely restrained possessiveness.

He asked hoarsely,” Itches”

Ruan Qiuqiu “…………”

She didn’t know how to answer him, but her mood, which had calmed down with great difficulty, was once again stirred.

This time, her cheeks and ears were completely red, so she simply followed this posture and closed her eyes to pretend to sleep.

However, she also understood that as long as Mr.

Gray Wolf’s demonic energy or demonic energy entered her body, she would not be able to bear it.

Ruan Qiuqiu’s feeling of being scalded gradually dissipated.

She was a little worried when she discovered that after a short cycle, the elements that were stained with the demonic power of a certain wolf had produced ten times more water-elemental spiritual power than ordinary water elements.

Could this be a cultivation buff

Although this was good news, but……

Why was it that every time she sent her spirit power into the wolf’s body, she didn’t see any reaction from him

However, she had only endured a little of Mister Gray Wolf’s demonic power and her hands and feet had already become weak.

If there was too much, then she……


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