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The tip of Ruan Qiuqiu’s nose hit Mr.

Big Wolf’s rather hard shoulder.

She felt the tip of her nose turn sour, and the corners of her eyes were filled with physiological tears.



Her waist was tightly wrapped by his big tail, and she couldn’t react——



She was… Was he held in the arms of Mr.

Big Bad Wolf



His eyes were hazy.

After Ruan Qiuqiu responded, he was at a loss.



Her forehead was pressed against his shoulder, and her red robe was fluffy.

It made her forehead and heart itch.

She didn’t know if her arms should be pressed against his thighs and back, or if they were still stiffly hanging.

She subconsciously said his name in a panic.



“… “Abyss, Abyss Technique”



After discovering that a certain wolf was still trembling, Ruan Qiuqiu bit her lower lip and slowly asked,” What’s wrong with you”



She only felt that the wolf’s tail, which was wrapped around her waist, had become even stronger, but it did not make her feel very painful.


Big Bad Wolf seemed to be trying his best to restrain something, and his tail was almost curled up.



The crying wolf’s tears didn’t seem to stop.

They flowed down to the side of her neck.

It was ice cold, making Yuan Qiuqiu subconsciously shrink back.



She wanted to look up at the expression of the Abyss Arts, but just as she moved, her shoulder was gently stroked.



A wolf’s big palm lightly pressed against her shoulder, and its hoarse voice carried emotions that Yuan Qiuqiu did not understand.

It came from a place not far from her ear, and it was like a strong wine that had just been opened, instantly making her ears red.



“… “Be good, don’t move.”



Ruan Qiuqiu: “……”



A certain wolf’s voice clearly carried a cry that seemed to have been thrown at it, but her hands and feet were a little weak.

It was as if she had lost all her strength and could not raise her head again.



The tip of her nose brushed past Mr.

Big Bad Wolf’s clothes and didn’t move.

Her heart started beating faster and faster.



Her train of thought was a little erratic.

His tears began to fall from her neck and slid across her collarbone, causing Ruan Qiuqiu to tremble.



However, the Abyss Art could no longer control itself.

His other hand touched her back and hugged her tighter.



Ruan Qiuqiu was forced to bury her face in his arms and was about to lose her breath.



She knew that Mr.

Little Wolf was a little crybaby.

She did not expect that after so many years, Mr.

Big Wolf would also…



Her face was very red, and she felt that her posture was especially awkward.

Her arms were a little uncomfortable, and the heat she breathed sprayed onto the Abyss Technique, causing the wolf to tremble a few times.



Ruan Qiuqiu’s face turned red as she called out to him in a muffled voice.




Big Bad Wolf seemed to have realized what he had just done.

He gradually recovered from his turbulent emotions and his bloodshot eyes were filled with a layer of mist.



He gently let go of the little madame in his arms and slowly loosened his big tail.



His large palm trembled slightly, trying to make his voice sound gentle.



He said softly,” I’m sorry.”



However, his voice was as heavy as a thousand jin, and it hurt like he was dying.



Ruan Qiuqiu returned to her normal sitting position and took a small breath.

When she heard his apology, she felt a strange pain in her heart.



She tried her best to cover up the feeling of depression in her heart for some unknown reason.

She tried her best to lift her head, wanting to say “it’s alright” lightly.

However, when she looked up at the expression on her face, she forgot her words.



His expression looked so sad that tears kept flowing out of his eyes.



“……”I’m sorry.”Mr.

Big Wolf’s thin lips moved slightly.

His eyes were red and his long, pitch-black hair had somehow become a little messy.



He stretched out his palm and lightly grabbed Ruan Qiuqiu’s wrist bit by bit.

He pursed his lips and used his thick fingers to rub the inconspicuous mark on her wrist.



Only then did Ruan Qiuqiu realize that Mr.

Big Wolf wasn’t apologizing just for hugging her.



The sense of loss in her heart gradually disappeared.

It was the first time that Yuan Qiuqiu felt so embarrassed, but her cheeks started to heat up uncontrollably.



“……” Felt a tingling sensation on her wrist.

Ruan Qiuqiu trembled as if she was trying to justify her sensitivity.

She whispered,” It’s fine.

The wolf has n’ t answered me yet.

Can you see something with your eyes”



She smiled.

Just as she was about to wipe away the tears for Mr.

Big Wolf, she heard his hoarse voice say,” Madam…””Are you tired”



She had already faced so many things alone when he had fallen into the demonic state and was unconscious.



He had almost been injured by Qing Ruyi.



His little wife knew that the demon only wanted his heart, but she still did not leave him.



He didn’t give up on him like the countless humans and demons in his life.



She must be very tired, very tired.




Big Wolf’s eyes were still red.

It was rare for him to not hide it.

He tried his best to bend his eyes, but the corners of his lips continued to fall, making his entire wolf look especially fierce.



Ruan Qiuqiu didn’t expect him to suddenly say this.

She was stunned for two seconds and subconsciously shook her head.



She wanted to say that she wasn’t tired, but seeing his expression, she did n’ t know why her heart started to ache and her eyes started to blur.

Later on, her voice became choked up and she couldn’t say a word.



She thought she was strong and would never give up no matter what predicament she faced.



However, from the day when the Wind Lion Tribe used it as a tool to change the salt stone, the situation was much more serious than she had expected.

Those people were anxious and uneasy.


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