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Chapter 212 - When she came to, the wolf had already wrapped his tail around her waist and brought her into his arms (1)

The move


Gray Wolf, whose ears had turned pink from being shy just a moment ago felt that a bucket of cold water had been dumped on him.

His handsome face looking paler than before.

Almost losing control of himself, he bit down on his thin lips.

The water droplets resting on top of his eyelashes shuddered.

His heart ached uncontrollably.

Along with that came anxiety and possessiveness that were both growing.

He couldn't help but grabbed tightly onto the animal skin beneath him.

She was married to him.

She was his now.

If they were to move, they must move together.

They had already kissed.

They were an intimate couple now… …

He was her responsibility.

Qiuqiu hasn’t even said a word yet and the wolf with a fragile heart was already filled with self-pity.



Gray Wolf thought viciously to himself, if she wanted to leave him, he would lock her up and force her to be with him day in and day out.

And she would not be allowed to wander more than half a meter distance away from him.

She would be required to kiss him at least 100 times a day, and not just on his cheeks… …

And she had to let him hold her when they went to bed… …

Yuan Jue blushed as he was thinking about all those.

He closed his eyes there were still not used to light and tried to regular both his breathing and his body temperature that had gone up.

He tried his best to scoot some and get ready to “wake up” slowly after his young wife’s return.

– Ruan Qiuqiu, outside the cave, her eyes beamed when she heard that the new cave could be divided up into 4 small caves.

Truth was, she felt that their current cave was a little on the small side.

Their storage room couldn’t hold that much and she also wanted to separate out the kitchen and the bathroom.

And perhaps area for sewing and some additional storage area.

Thinking of that, four small caves were just barely enough.

If she wanted to sleep in a separate compartment as Mr.

Gray Wolf, there wouldn’t be enough room.

Ruan Qiuqiu shook her head and decided to worry about where to sleep at a later date.

She shared some other news with Tianxiu before she said goodbye to the eagle and returned to the cave.

The sky was already half dark while they were chatting.

The sun, which she hadn’t seen in a long while, were barely visible by now.

Ruan Qiuqiu, after closing the door, put up the rod that was used as a makeshift bolt before she started walking slowly toward the “master bedroom” with the dim light that was available to her.

She had expected Mr.

Gray Wolf Tianluo to continue pretend to be unconscious but, when she lifted up the animal skin curtain, she noticed that Yuan Jue seemed to be “awaken”.

– Sitting next to his stone bed, he put his large foot stealthily into a shoe that she had made for him in the past out of animal skin.

His other leg, empty from the knee down, looked pitiful.

“Husband, you are awake” After the last few days, even though the human and the wolf were rarely awake at the same time and still felt a bit awkward around each other, Ruan Qiuqiu, who had now mostly had the wolf’s personality figured out, was already very at ease around him.

“… …” Hearing his young wife calling out to him, Mr.

Gray Wolf paused a little, his voice a little hoarse, and he grunted after a little while.

Ruan Qiuqiu, “……”

After a slight hesitation, Ruan Qiuqiu said to him, “… … why don’t you let me put some medicine on you.”

Yuan Jue lifted his head up slightly and his phoenix eyes looked blurrily over in her direction.

In his eyes were streaks of blurry lights of different brightness.

Those, along with some painful feeling, brought a mist into his eyes.


Gray Wolf didn’t care much about his own injuries.

He had once given up on himself before her arrival and had also, in the past, hated life when he was abandoned and hated repeatedly by others.

But now, all he worried about was the contract that she had made with another fiend.


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