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Chapter 204 - Grandma discovered a hidden barrier in the mountain behind the Winter Bear tribe.

Guess what she found inside (3)

She took a look at the eagle who was dragging the cart in a frenzy and said regretfully, “Okay, get some rest then, Wolf.

I will probably be back late today.”

Having said that, Ruan Qiuqiu withdrew her spiritual energy and they were disconnected from each other.


Gray Wolf, “… …”

With the now unresponsive pearl in his hand, it took him a few seconds to figure out what was going on and he finally realized that the noises in the background that he had omitted purposefully was the eagle’s voice.

The wolf’s face darkened way after the fact.

He squeezed out two words from between his teeth, “… … Tian! Xiu!”


The eagle had no idea that he had inadvertently interrupted the confession of “Grey Wolf Tianluo” nor that he had ended the precious conversation time between the grey wolf who had yet to recover and didn’t want to burden his little wife.

Flying back and forth for a long, long time, the eagle who had been pulling the cart around expressed that things had been tough.

The two brothers Xiong Duoduo and Xiong Yuan had yet to return to the Bear Tribe and he had also found out that Xiong Xiaohua was not the only bear in the tribe that had been injured.

Never mind about the 10 or uninjured humans that were staying at the Bear Tribe, there was a total of 56 bears, most of those were injured or old bears, and then there were some 20 or so odd children under the age of 10 from various tribes.

The entire tribe resembled a big intratribal orphanage.

Xiong Duoduo, who was gone, was the strongest one among the uninjured member of the Winter Bear Tribe.

The eagle wasn’t even sure where to begin.

He had only learned about the brutal truth about Winter Bear Tribe after he had gotten there.

The herbs that he brought with him wasn’t enough at all so he had to go looking for more all night long.

He was lucky enough to found 3 ~ 4 plants but that was merely a drop in a bucket, all things considered.

Not to mention that Xiong Gungun and the other children had latched onto him.

Even Xiong Xiaohua, who had regained consciousness briefly, said to have as though those were her final words, “Please take care of the children before Duoduo and Yuan can get back.”

And that was how, Tianxiu, the childless eagle, had turned into an old father.

But complaining wasn’t going to do him much good now.

He had come to help out of a moment of weakness.

Luckily, he ran into Grandma Ruyi, who came investigating, shortly thereafter.

The latter smiled and said to him that she was willing to spare him some herbs for now if Tianxiu was willing to do some physical labor for her.

As much as Tianxiu felt that Grandma Ruyi’s fiend energy was a little bit peculiar, but her herbs were good and Xiong Xiaohua and Xiong Xiongtau were on their last legs.

As such, Tianxiu agreed to her proposition.

Grandma Ruyi did not lie.

She still had leftovers of herbs from Mo Mao that Ruan Qiuqiu and Xiao Yu had collected from the cliff.

Grandma Ruyi subsequently went to talk to the old tribal leader of Winter Bear Tribe and, with his blessing, located a case.

And that was the reason why Tianxiu was right now helping Grandma Ruyi and her family move.

Ruan Qiuqiu, who had been pulled to a corner and listened to everything that Grandma Ruyi had dumped on her, was a little stupefied.

“Didn’t you say last time that you wanted to take a look at the situation over at Winter Bear Tribe first before you decide on whether you will be moving or not, Grandma Ruyi”

Qing Ruyi blinked at Ruan Qiuqiu, “Grandma found a hidden barrier in the mountain behind the Winter Bear Tribe.

Take a wild guess what is hidden inside of it”


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