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Chapter 199 - She would move forward fearlessly.


She touched his forehead.

He was no longer running a fever.

Ruan Qiuqiu checked on big Mr.

Grey Wolf’s condition again and noticed that his internal injuries had healed a lot and, after the fiend energy was connected to the spiritual energy, his pain had been much alleviated and would not cough and vomit blood and hanging in by a thread all the time.

Ruan Qiuqiu let out a deep sigh of relief.

It was only when she removed her hand from his forehead that she finally noticed – –

Did she sleep next to big Mr.

Gray Wolf the night before

She had pinned on the stone bed by that wolf with his forehead touching hers.

It stood to reason that she and big Mr.

Grey Wolf should be sleeping in separate beds.

But now, her hand was held by Yuan Jue’s and she was so close to him that she could almost feel his hot breath.

They, were laying under the same blanket!

Once she had noticed that, Ruan Qiuqiu’s face turned beet red instantly and she thought to herself with a guilty conscience – –

Was it because she was hugging young Mr.

Grey Wolf in the memory world so her body moved itself over to big Mr.

Grey Wolf

Ruan Qiuqiu pulled her hand that was stroking the wolf’s tail back and carefully leaned into big Mr.

Gray Wolf before she, mimicking young Mr.

Grey Wolf, and kissed him gently on his long lash.

It was as though she was making it up to that cute little wolf cub.

Ruan Qiuqiu’s lip accidentally brushed upon big Mr.

Gray Wolf’s moist eyelid.

She felt even more embarrassed.

Slowly and carefully, she pulled her hand back and scooted slowly toward the outer edge, trying to get up.

-- His demon consciousness captured everything that Qiuqiu had done to him and, hearing her heart-ached soft voice, the wolf, who had woken up way before his little wife, his heart was about to leap out of him.

He felt hot and his eyes reddened oh so little.

He had woken up way before Ruan Qiuqiu and clearly remembered everything that had happened in his dream.

He remembered how she had defended him; how she had decided to return to the cave with the wolf cub with nothing to offer without any hesitation.

He remembered she did not object to him calling her his wife and how she had taught him to speak.

He also remembered how she had rubbed the fur on his belly and also the gentle kiss just now.

He had done so much to her that had crossed the line but she never objected to any of them.

Did that mean Qiuqiu, in truth, have some feelings for him

The thought of the possibility made big Mr.

Gray Wolf’s ears rang, as though many tiny fireworks were going off next to him.

As Qiuqiu had entered into his dream inadvertently, he had already made it through the worst time.

The demon blood inside of him had began to be quelled and the demon core had stopped collapsing.

Even his eyesight was slowly coming back.

Nevertheless, he didn’t have enough mystical stones right now and it would be a little while before he could regain his abilities.

Naturally, it would be a while before he eyes could get used to bright lights again.

Unfortunately, the real him might have retained his tail, but he had lost his handsome face and his left leg.

He was, after all, flawed.

Yuan Jue felt his heart ached and his long eyelashes fluttered slowly.

Buried deep within his painful memories, Zhuzhu’s father, who had attacked young Mr.

Grey Wolf in the memory world, did in fact attack him in real life.

Those pig demons who had thrown stones at him came up with an evil idea.

They injured Zhuzhu and told Zhuzhu’s father that it was Yuan Jue who did it.

His anger crushed whatever little kindness he had toward the wolf cub whom he had given some water to but had almost killed his daughter.

Yuan Jue lightly lifted his big palm that was just holding his little wife’s hand and tightened his lips slowly.

It was fine.

The fractured bones had already healed.

It didn’t matter that he had been banished and abandoned so many times.

He had since fought back after he was grown up and, now, he had finally found what was most precious to him.

He only needed to experience the feeling of losing it once in his dream.

He would never let go of her again.


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