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Chapter 187 - I believe you

The girl's voice wasn't particularly soft and was amplified by the howling wind.

The hostility in her voice couldn't be ignored, and there was even a bit of hatred in it.

Her words spread clearly through the small valley.

The shifting of the snow on the slopes and rustling sounds from vegetation created a sound like whispering mockery.

It was silent for a while.

Soon after, there were intermittent sobbing and comforting sounds.

Supporting herself with the tree trunk, Ruan Qiuqiu continued to watch Yuan Jue from a distance.

His eyes were widened in a look of not knowing what to do.

He unconsciously bared his fangs as he snarled out a reply in a low voice.

The leader of the group viciously glared at Yuan Jue.

"It's all your fault that Zhuzhu is crying, that her dad is sick.

Thief, you already stole so much food.

Isn't it already enough that you've stuck around our tribe for the past few days"

Once the adult of the group spoke, the younger demons started criticizing and sanctioning Yuan Jue.

"How dare you say it wasn't you.

Zhuzhu's dad fell sick after only two days of being near you.

The shaman said he had come into contact with something dirty.

Isn't it you"

"Ugly mute.

How dare you steal Get out of our tribe!"

Dislike arose easily in children and teenagers and was often rapid and fierce.

Their words were harsh and thorough without any concealment of their loathing.

As their verbal abuse became fiercer, the young pig demons, who didn't dare to approach Yuan Jue, took out rocks and rancid things they had prepared in advance and hurled them at Yuan Jue.

They didn't show mercy and demons were fast.

Ruan Qiuqiu rushed over on her little legs, but there was still a giant tree between them when the first round of rocks and rotten food had been hurled over.

She didn't know why Yuan Jue didn't try to avoid.

His wolf skin outfit, which had been messy, but she could see that he took effort to keep it tidy, instantly became dirty.

His pale skin was also scratched by a sharp stone, and blood oozed out.

Ruan Qiuqiu was behind him.

She could see that he was gripping the wooden stick hard.

His grip on it tightened and loosened as if he was struggling to make a decision.

He straightened his figure and stood there like a stubborn pine tree.

It felt as if her heart had been stabbed.

Seeing those demons taking out stones for a second round, Ruan Qiuqiu didn't care anymore if she could be seen or heard in Yuan Jue's memory world.

Shaking in anger, she hastily shouted, "Stop!"

But, her voice wasn't heard by the pig demons.

By the time Ruan Qiuqiu had reached Yuan Jue, he had already been hit with the second round of stones.

Yuan Jue heard a familiar, but also unfamiliar voice.

Surprise flashed through his beautiful eyes.

Although he hadn't reached level 2, his perception was very keen.

It was rare for a demon to be able to sneak up on him.

He turned to look.

Before he could get a clear look, he heard an anxious voice asking, "Ah, why didn't you duck Doesn't that hurt" He had never had such concern directed at him.

"Don't listen to those pig demons.

Who cares if they don't believe you I believe you."

The dirtiness on him didn't deter her soft hand from reaching out to hold his hand.


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