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Chapter 180 - "Aowuwu~" (Don't mess around.

I'm on guard.) (3)

Ruan Qiuqiu had planned on telling Yuan Jue everything after she returned to the cave, including Grandma Ruyi and Grandpa Mo's relationship, Grandma Ruyi's master, and her plans to go to the Winter Bear Tribe with Grandma Ruyi's help.

She hadn't expected that Yuan Jue would suddenly appear here.

She didn't know how to clarify everything in a short period of time, so she chose to give a high-level explanation.

By the time she was done explaining, her eyes had somewhat adapted to the darkness, and she could vaguely make out that Mr.

Gray Wolf was unsteadily standing in front of her.

He seemed to have calmed down and was no longer growling.

He slowly put down his blood-stained hand.

He slightly turned his body and slowly turned his face towards her.

His glowing red pupils were especially noticeable in the dark night and looked quite scary.

Yuan Jue slightly raised his hand.

He looked straight ahead.

His expressionless scarred face looked even more terrifying at night.

And yet, Ruan Qiuqiu strangely knew what the wolf wanted to ask.

With the help of her spiritual energy, she took two steps forward and stood by his side.

She smiled.

"I'm okay."

The wolf's imposing aura stopped being so cold, and the fiend energy was gradually curbed.

The cold winter wind blew over his hand.

He had wanted to touch her face with his fingertips, but when he got closer, he changed his mind and only lightly touched her hair with the back of his hand before dropping his hand down to his side.

In his consciousness, he thought he had only said, "En."

However, in reality, Mr.

Gray Wolf had shaken his ears and let out a soft "aowu."

Ruan Qiuqiu: "..."

Even though she knew that Mr.

Gray Wolf's current condition wasn't good, and she didn't waste time feeling embarrassed, her face still flushed as she nervously held his arm.

The wolf broke free "Aowu…" (Dirty.)

Ruan Qiuqiu once again supported him by the arm.

"Does it hurt"

The wolf broke free, but this time he used less strength.

"Aowuwu…" (Doesn't hurt.)

Ruan Qiuqiu simply moved to his other side to support him.

Distressed, she asked, "Is this side better"

The wolf: "..."

As a powerful gray wolf, he didn't need to quibble with his weak human wife.

Since Ruan Qiuqiu insisted on clinging to him, then he could only reluctantly agree.

He couldn't sense anything dangerous in their surroundings, and he thought that the monster had fled after being beaten by him.

It wasn't that he couldn't stand steady.

He was just tired, just a little bit.

Since Qiuqiu was supporting him, he closed his eyes to rest for a few seconds.

Just rest for a few seconds.

Her shoulder suddenly felt heavy.

The wolf, who was much heavier than her, was pressing down on her shoulder.

His long hair, which was wet with blood and melted snow, slid down and swept across Ruan Qiuqiu's cheek.

The sensation was very itchy.

"Husband" Ruan Qiuqiu softly called out, "Are you still awake"

The cool night breeze blew by.

There was only the sound of Yuan Jue's heavy breathing by her ears.

After an unknown time had passed, there was a low groan in response to her address.


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