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The reasons why Ruan Qiuqiu wanted to do her best to save the gray wolf were complicated.

It wasnt just because they were married and he would be able to provide her a safe place to live as long as he was alive.

She was more influenced by a sympathy that she couldnt put into words and also… an explicable hope.

She hoped that he wouldnt be as twisted and terrible as rumored and that her life would be like his injuries, slowly getting better.

That way, she wouldnt be so lonely in this ancient fantasy world with humans, demons, and fiends.

After all, the only person that she had a relationship with in this world was this gray wolf.

If he died…

Ruan Qiuqiu took a deep breath.

She didnt want to imagine the lonely and difficult life that awaited her.

It was too scary.

She shook her head and forced herself to calm down.

She stretched out her fingertips that had gone numb from the cold and tried to feel for the water element in the surrounding air.

After slowly guiding the ability in her body, she was able to condense a droplet of healing water with great difficulty.

Enduring the sharp pain in her head, she leaned over Mr.

Gray Wolf on the stone bed, gently gripped his chin, and fed him the drop of water with her other trembling hand.

In order to not be wasteful, Ruan Qiuqiu ignored propriety and gently wiped his pale lips after feeding him the drop of water.

Although the gray wolfs demon nature lowered his body temperature for self-preservation, a little bit of warmth remained on his lips.

The sensation of touching his soft and surprisingly warm lips felt wonderful.

Ruan Qiuqiu couldnt resist touching his lips again before abruptly returning to her senses and hastily pulling back her fingers that were about to be frozen into carrot-like fingers.

She weakly pressed her head as she felt stabs of pain.

Fortunately, the rumored fierce and perverted Big Bad Wolf was unconscious.

Otherwise, how would she be able to explain her actions It looked like she was taking advantage of him and not treating him with respect.

But, as it turned out, thats how a male human … No, a male demons lips felt like…

The tips of Ruan Qiuqius ears felt somewhat hot.

She composed herself, spent most of her energy to condense another drop of water, and fed the Mr.

Gray Wolf the droplet.

This time, she didnt dare to touch his lips.

She just observed the wolfs complexion while enduring the weak feeling that followed exhausting her ability.

The effect of the healing water should be obvious.

She wouldnt be able to stop worrying until she saw that he had regained some vitality.

The sky had grown darker, and the light coming around the corner of the cave had gotten a lot weaker too.

Ruan Qiuqiu opened her eyes wide to search for any hint of improvement in Mr.

Gray Wolfs complexion.

In fact, he was very handsome….

Was his dark eyebrows scrunched up because of pain There were fierce-looking creases nestled between his furrowed brows.

His eyes were long and narrow.

His thick and dense eyelashes didnt curl up that much and looked like two small lightly trembling fans.


Gray wolf had unhealthy dark circles under his eyes.

Looking down, she could see his straight nose and those slightly warm, but deathly pale lips pressed together.

He was the most peerlessly handsome wolf demon that she had ever seen.

But, that was only true if she ignored that atrocious scar that went from his left forehead to underneath his right eyelid.

Although that long and deep scar didnt hurt the gray wolfs eyes, it ruined his exquisite and handsome face.

That wound hadnt fully healed, and she could faintly see the parts of the bloody flesh that hadnt scabbed over.

It made him look strange and absurd.

He really was a very pitiful wolf demon.

He was disfigured, crippled, blind, and abandoned by his tribe when he was nearing death.


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