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Chapter 168 – Is that why you and Grandpa Mo split up (2)

After thinking about it, Ruan Qiuqiu answered, “Do you mean half-demons like Little Mao”

Qing Ruyi shook her head and slowly said, “No, half-demons arent unusual.

The children of demons and humans will be a full demon, a full human, or half-demon and half-human.

Half-demons wont suffer too much discrimination.

Other than not being able to fully transform into a human form or demon form, they inherited the intelligence of humans and the attack power of demons.

They had a lifespan of two to three hundred years.

Although half-demons are special, their lives wont be too rough.”

Even at their slow pace, they arrived at the spot to pick wild vegetables without noticing.

Ruan Qiuqiu saw Qing Ruyi stopped and guessed, “Grandma Ruyi, is a half-fiend and half-human what you mean by special existence”

To her surprise, Qing Ruyi laughed.

Was she amused by her guess

Qing Ruyis laughter was abrupt.

She was clearly smiling, but her laughter was full of disappointment.

Was she laughing at Ruan Qiuqiu or at herself

Ruan Qiuqiu waited for a long time.

Qing Ruyi finally turned to look at her.

Her expression was gentle as she said, “Silly child, Its not possible for ordinary humans and fiends to have a child together.”

Ruan Qiuqiu froze in surprise and heard her whispering, “Of course… Its also impossible for a half-demon and half-fiend to have a child with a human.”

Ruan Qiuqiu was sensitive and noticed the implication of Grandma Ruyis answer.

Her chest suddenly felt tight, and she furrowed her brow.

She felt somewhat surprised and also as if that was to be expected.

It felt as if a sudden clap of thunder resounded in her head.

By the time she returned to her senses, she had already blurted out, “Half-demon and half-fiend”

She clenched the spear in her hand.

For an inexplicable reason, her heart ached.

Even her legs seemed to lose the motivation to take another step.

Her heart had been enveloped in haze because Yuan Jue was unable to get rid of the fiend energy in his body.

But now, she had an answer.

The arrival of the answer was quick and came without warning like ice and snow falling in summer.

It smashed a hole in her heart.

Qing Ruyi put away her smile.

Seeing the solemn Ruan Qiuqiu, her gaze flickered.

It was as if she was seeing herself back then.

“You guessed it”

She looked at Ruan Qiuqius frozen expression before leaning down and digging the snow with the stone axe.

As she looked for edible vegetables, she quietly verified Ruan Qiuqius guess, “Yes, your gray wolf husband and I are both half-demon and half-fiend.”

Her guess had been confirmed.

For a time, Ruan Qiuqiu was at a loss for words.

She blankly stood in the snow.

She didnt know how to react.


Gray Wolfs various abnormalities over the recent past period had hinted at his unusualness…

She had seen the obvious teeth marks on his severed leg, the sudden appearance of fiend energy in his body, he had the strength to almost kill Lu Ziran despite being heavily injured himself, his special physique that attracted monsters, and a “curse” that had others regarding him as a freak….

All of these things hinted that he wasnt an ordinary wolf demon.

It was just… Ruan Qiuqiu kept thinking he would get better, so she had subconsciously ignored Mr.

Gray Wolfs abnormalities.

Seeing her stunned and surprised expression, Qing Ruyi felt bad for her.

As she dug out a wild vegetable with the stone axe, she tried her best to keep her voice calm as she said, “Most half-demons and half-fiends wont survive to adulthood.

Even if they had been able to live as demons until then, theyll suffer pain and torment when their fiend part gradually awakens.

Theyll lose their minds bit by bit.

In the end, theyll become terrifying monsters.”


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