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Ruan Qiuqiu nodded, and then shook her head.


I met two bear demons in the forest.

They went to the Fire Wolf Tribe to trade for herbs.

They werent able to get any herbs.

I have a mutated water ability.

Maybe I can trade with them.

Theres not enough food and salt at home.

The animal skins need to be replaced too.

We need more spiritual energy stones too…”

Her voice was soft.

Her every word was planning for their future.

It was like a warm current that softened his cold and hard heart.

“Its not far.

Go northwest from here, over two mountains, and youll be there.”

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…” How was that not far That would take her a day or two to get there, plus another day or two to come back.


Gray Wolf, who had exhausted his demon consciousness, could no longer see Ruan Qiuqius reaction.

He waited several seconds but didnt get a verbal response from her.

He gently clenched his big hand and mustered up his courage to say, “If you want to go, wait until the day after tomorrow.

Ill take you there.”

His meridians were mostly healed.

He wasnt able to regrow his leg or recover his vision, and he hadnt figured out a way to make his demon core and fiend core coexist yet, but she was very light.

He could carry her.

There were many dangers in the forest.

She wouldnt have to worry if he was with her.


Gray Wolf was somewhat shy.

He didnt know about other wolves, but he was a very principled wolf and never let anyone sit on his back.

A demon asking a human if she wanted to ride on his back was once an ancient signal of courtship.

And so, Mr.

Gray Wolf, who had heard about these random courtship customs from who knows where, was very nervous as he waited to hear Ruan Qiuqius response.

He had no idea that his wife didnt know or understand these courtship customs.

And so, Ruan Qiuqiu immediately shook her head.

This wolf still needed to properly recuperate.

“… No need.

Its fine if I dont go.”

She had worked so hard in his healing process and truly didnt want to see him hurt.

Although she wanted to trade with the Winter Bear Tribe, her wolf was the most important thing.


Ruan Qiuqiu looked at the wolf.

His expression was gloomy again.

Thinking of his wolf pup form that she had seen on their first meeting, she decided to have fun playing with his furry tail after he went to sleep.

It had been so long since she just laid in bed and simply enjoyed that soft and furry tactile sensation.

And the wolf, who had been rejected in his first courtship overture, decided in dismay that after she fell asleep, he would secretly hug her and touch her smooth face like a silly wolf.

He really wanted to see her with his eyes and kiss her.

He didnt forget about that female fiend that attacked her.

He was very vengeful and would remember any demon or fiend that harmed her.

Just wait, he would get revenge for her.

The human and wolf were both waiting for the other party to fall asleep to take advantage of the other party.

It was easy for them to feel shy when getting along, but they did their best to accommodate each other.

It was difficult to wait for the night to come.

After they had finished cultivating, which was the last thing to do for the day, it was time for bed.

As Ruan Qiuqiu looked at Mr.

Gray Wolfs flexible and shaking ears, her hands were very itchy.

She seemed very calm.

After double checking that the door was blocked with pieces of wood so normal beasts wouldnt be able to come in, she returned to the bedroom.

Looking at Mr.

Gray Wolf with his black eyebrows, she hesitated.

She saw that wolf slightly raising his eyes and seemingly casually asked, “Going to sleep”


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