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Because Ruan Qiuqiu feared that there were other fiends out there that wanted to harm the weak gray wolf, she was still worried even after she returned to the cave and didnt notice anything strange.

There wasnt any strong blood smell either.

Her knees felt faintly hot because she had overexerted herself.

Not hearing a response from the wolf in the bedroom, Ruan Qiuqiu couldnt be bothered to care if the wolf needed private space.

She quickly pushed aside the thick animal skin curtain.

“Husband, are you okay…” Ruan Qiuqiu was stunned silent by what she saw.

Yuan Jue was gently leaning against the cold rock wall.

He was using a small, folded up animal skin as a pillow.

His beautiful collarbone and his defined muscles were only partially hidden by his half-open red robes.

There was an obvious blush on his clear face.

His somewhat dry lips were pursed in embarrassment.

The two furry pointy ears were folded down on his black hair.

One ear had a bald patch.

The newly grown silver-gray fur was sparse.

It looked quite pitiful.

And yet, that wolf showed a reserved and aloof expression.

Due to blindness, his eyes were without focus and looked apathetic and dim.

The look had ample aloofness and was without desire.

For the time being, Ruan Qiuqiu couldnt tell if he had secretly done something embarrassing while she was gone.

Still, Yuan Jue didnt look hurt.

It seemed that a fiend hadnt come here to attack him.

Perhaps, she was overthinking things.

She sighed in relief.

Although she was now relieved, the pressure around the wolf, who had a keen sense of smell and had secretly let out his demon consciousness, visibly lowered when he noticed that she was injured.

“… Youre injured.” A husky voice as chilly as winter sounded.

The wolf completely forgot that he worried that Ruan Qiuqiu would be angry because he had something that he felt guilty about.

The worry and self-blame in his voice couldnt be hidden.

She had gotten injured after only being away from him for such a short period of time.

Ruan Qiuqiu didnt think it was a big deal.

She walked into the room, leaned down, picked up the broken wooden bowl, and added firewood to the stone stove before sitting down on the stone bench.

She thought it over and told Mr.

Gray Wolf about her encounter with Qing Ruyi today.

To her surprise, the wolfs expression didnt relax after she finished telling her story.

Instead, his expression looked more awful.

Gloom appeared in his long and narrow eyes.

“Youre injured.”

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…”

She touched her still somewhat painful cheek and the injury.

“Im okay.

Its just a small cut on my face.” There were actually minor bruises and sprains on her arms and legs from when she was evading Qing Ruyis attacks, but they werent serious.

It was just harder for her to move around for a while.

She squeezed her sore arm.

“I dont know about Qing Ruyi and Grandpa Mos past relationship.

I hope what happened today was just an accident.”

When he heard the word accident, Yuan Jues pointy ears drooped down a lot.

He firmly clenched his hands.

Perhaps, this wasnt an accident.

Since he was a wolf pup, he would often be attacked by fiends and beasts.

The fiend energy in his blood hadnt awakened until he had almost died from the beast tides attack.

Until then, he had mistakenly believed that he was just cursed.

But now, he knew that the reason why he was often attacked was because his flesh and blood was a great tonic for fiends.

It was very likely that he was the reason why his wife had gotten injured.

She had gotten injured because she had been in close contact with him for a long time.


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