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Chapter 154 – Grandma is going hunting.

Youre all too skinny! (1)

Little Yu squeezed the bone stick he was holding.

Standing in front of Grandpa Mo and Ruan Qiuqiu, he loudly said to Qing Ruyi, “Ms.

Fiend, dont think you can call my grandpa Big Brother just because youre pretty.

You wanted to hit Big Sister Qiuqiu just now.

I wont forgive you.”

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…” Although she was very moved by what Little Yu said, now was obviously not the time to provoke that fiend!

Qing Ruyi was also stunned, but she quickly recovered and seemed amused by him.

Her falling tears dried up and her eyes curved.

She was clearly a powerful fiend, but joy and excitement had muddled her brain.

She smiled at Ruan Qiuqiu, who had grown wary of her again.

The willow branches rose up behind Qing Ruyi again, but this time, there was no killing intent.

“Youre Ruan Qiuqiu, right Sorry about what happened just now.” A willow branch stretched out to touch Ruan Qiuqius injured cheek at a faster speed than earlier.

It was so fast that Ruan Qiuqiu didnt even have time to evade.

However, this time, the willow branch didnt carry fiend energy.

It was as gentle as being touched by a floating catkin.

Ruan Qiuqiu felt a slight tingling sensation on her cheek.

By the time the willow branch was retracted back to Qing Ruyi, the wound on Ruan Qiuqius face was mostly healed.

Ruan Qiuqiu watched as the willow branch left her cheek and looked at the other one that Qing Ruyi had left extended.

That willow branch was tightly wrapped around Grandpa Mos hand.

Qing Ruyi gently rubbed his hand with the willow branch in nostalgia.

She didnt care at all about the traces that time had left on him.

She seemed to have forgotten that her favorite thing about him when they were teenagers was his slender hands.

Qing Ruyi smiled at everyone and said with a loving gaze, “Let me introduce myself.

Im Qing Ruyi.

From today on, Ill be your grandma.”

She didnt show any concern over Mo Buguis stunned look or Mo Mao and Mo Bohe, who had rushed over here to help their family.

They were holding a bone knife and a stone knife.

She had heard them approaching earlier in her dazed state.

She just retracted her willow branch.

Her eyes flashed the signature red of an excited fiend.

She looked quite terrifying.

“Big Brother Mo, wait for me.

All of you, wait for me.

Grandma is going hunting.

Youre all too skinny!”

Qing Ruyi left towards the forest.

She was moving faster than before.

She was like a gust of wind.

It didnt take long for her figure to disappear.

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…”

She stood in place and observed Grandpa Mo, who was gradually unable to control his emotions.

He looked at three pairs of big eyes that were brimming with curiosity.

For a while, she was left feeling baffled.

And so, she decided to join Little Bohe and the others.

Three pairs of curious eyes turned into four pairs of eyes that stared at Mo Bugui.

Mo Bugui: “…”

Grandpa Mos eyes were very red.

His wrinkled hands were stuck on his sides.

For a long time, he couldnt say a single word.

He only lowered his head and wryly laughed.


For 23 years, he had held on, waited, and looked for her.

He had already given up hope, but fate plays with people.

He met her again when his life was about to come to an end.

He had already seen that the end of his life was approaching, but she was still young and beautiful.

She no longer had fangs and didnt need his old and weak body.

Sensing Grandpa Mos unusual gloom, Ruan Qiuqiu sighed.

She was able to faintly perceive that Grandpa Mo and Qing Ruyis relationship was complicated, so she stopped looking at him with a gaze of wanting to know the truth.

She wouldnt compel him to tell a secret that he didnt want to share.

She brought the somewhat damaged backpack over.

“Little Yu, Little Bohe, come here.” Ruan Qiuqiu called out to the two younger children and met the gaze of the half-demon teenager.

She smiled at him.

“Im Ruan Qiuqiu.

Are you Little Yu and Little Bohes older brother”

Mo Mao nodded.

The 15 year old looked a few years younger than his age.

He politely called out, “Big Sister Qiuqiu.”

Ruan Qiuqiu curved her lips and stuffed the heaviest item in the backpack, the fresh bison meat, into Mo Maos arms.

Then, she took out the container with prepared salt and the small wooden cup with healing water and gave them to Little Yu and Little Bohe, respectively

Fortunately, Qing Ruyi and her hadnt fought for long.

The items in the backpack had shifted around a bit, but none of it had been damaged.


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