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Qing Ruyi was stunned for a while.

However, she didnt care what he said.

She accepted it with a good temper.

She saw that he didnt want her to approach him, so she stood in place and didnt dare to make a move.

She looked nothing like the aggressive level 5 fiend that had attacked Ruan Qiuqiu earlier.

Qing Ruyi cautiously asked, “Big Brother Bugui, are you mad”

“Sorry, its all my fault.

I wasnt good.” Qing Ruyi explained in a flustered manner.

“I lost my mind back then.

I couldnt find you once I woke up and regained my senses.

They all said you were gone… Our lantern of fate also went out, so I…” thought you left me.

“Little girl, you must be joking.

Im not your Big Brother Mo.” Grandpa Mo turned around.

His fists were trembling a bit.

Looking Ruan Qiuqiu in the eye, Grandpa Mo took a deep breath, patted her shoulder, and said, “Qiuqiu, take Little Yu with you.

It wont take long.

Grandpa will catch up to you guys.”

Ruan Qiuqiu: “…” Even if there wasnt a fiend in a strange state of mind, even if there was no danger, she wouldnt take Little Yu and leave Grandpa Mo behind.

Moreover, she felt as if Grandpa Mo was running away from something.

Although Ruan Qiuqiu hadnt known Grandpa Mo for long, she always got useful information every time they met.

“A fiend will appear if you call his name”, “Fiend energy can be sweet too.” Plus, seeing that Grandpa Mo had become younger and then theres fiend.

Ruan Qiuqiu was basically sure that not only did Grandpa Mo and this pretty, powerful fiend know each other, they had once been deeply in love with each other.

“Mo Bugui!”

After hearing her Big Brother Mo referring to himself as Grandpa again, Qing Ruyi couldnt endure it anymore.

It was as if she suddenly realized the meaning of his words.

She jolted back to her sense from the joy of finding someone she had lost and took note that her Big Brother Mo was now a grandpa.

Qing Ruyis voice was full of anger, unwillingness, and grievance.

She was so upset that she almost couldnt keep standing.

“… You married someone … You even have grandchildren”

Qing Ruyis voice trembled.

Her heart shattered.

She sunk her nails into her palms.

“Its only been 23 years…”

Grandpa Mo looked down.

His silver-black bangs covered his eyes and crows feet.

Even though his voice was so sad that even a bystander could tell, he still kept to his story.

“Im not that person.

Im old, and my name isnt Mo Bugui.”

Qing Ruyi took a deep breath.

Her eyes were red.

“Then whats your name”

Mo Bugui lightly sighed.

“Mo Gui.

Its gui in turtle.”

(T/N: Grandpa Mos first name is 不歸 bugui which translates to no return.)

“Big Brother Mo, are you telling a joke But this joke isnt funny at all.” Qing Ruyis heart throbbed with pain, but she did her best to keep smiling.

She curved her eyes and seemed to muster a lifetimes worth of courage to ask, “… What about your wife”

The mood was getting increasingly strange.

Seeing that Grandpa Mo was going to go on with the pretense, Ruan Qiuqiu was about to die of anxiety.

She wanted to explain for Grandpa Mo, but she was worried that if she interfered, it would make the situation wose.

Fortunately, there was someone present that was worse at keeping quiet than her, Little Yu.

“Grandpa, how can you be dishonest” Mo Yu tugged on Grandpa Mos sleeve.

This was the first time Ruan Qiuqiu saw him angry.

He enunciated, “You dont have a wife.”

“Didnt you say we were picked up Grandpa, didnt you say that people have to be honest You also said that you cant forget about a grandma named Ruyi.”

Mo Bugui: “…”


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