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At this moment, Ruan Qiuqiu didnt know that someone dangerous was coming towards them from the center of the forest.

She had spent the whole day with Mr.

Gray Wolf, and it was almost time to go to sleep again.

Ruan Qiuqiu still had a headache and blurred vision.

Her fever had slightly improved.

She felt very awkward at the thought they would be sharing a bed soon.

She was sitting on a small stool near the stone stove and using a bone needle to sew.

Yuan Jue was sitting at the stone table with his back straight.

His pitch-black eyelashes were lowered.

She wasnt sure what he was doing.

The bedroom was illuminated by the light of the fire.

The gentle warm light fell on his face and softened the fierce and frightful scars on his face, making her gray wolf look even more handsome.

They had maintained this position for most of the day.

Since Tian Xiu had left this morning, they had maintained this overly polite state with each other.

They had eaten breakfast in silence and sat apart in mutual understanding.

Afterwards, they had broken the silence to suggest for the other party to rest in unison.

Thinking of what Mr.

Gray Wolf had said half a day ago, Ruan Qiuqiu paused in her movements of using the bone needle.

Helplessness flashed through her eyes.

He had said he wasnt tired or in pain.

Did he think she was a little kid that he could easily trick

Still, he was showing a little bit of progress.

Although he still wasnt willing to show excessive fragility in front of her, he wasnt pretending to sleep anymore or putting her to sleep.

He was willing to interact with her now.

Although… he was so reticent that there wasnt much of a difference between him being awake instead of asleep.

Ruan Qiuqiu finished sewing the last stitch, knotted the animal tendon thread, and ripped off the excess thread.

She was done making Yuan Jues new clothing.

The raptor from the Sand Tribe had brought them a lot of stuff.

In addition to the several herbs that they desperately needed, he had also brought a few pieces of animal skins, something that they were also very lacking in.

Tian Xius mate ought to be a very meticulous raptor demon.

She had selected festive red and durable black animal skins as gifts.

The red one was probably because she was thinking that they were newlyweds.

The black animal skin was very big and was very suitable for use as a new blanket.

The red animal skin was suitable for making new clothing for Mr.

Gray Wolf.

That wolf didnt have much clothes.

Other than a set of dirty black clothes and a pitiful motley robe, he only had his wolf skin.

Although she took into consideration that the wolf seemed to deliberately leave his upper body bare when he shifted into his human form every time, she still made him clothing.

Thinking of this, she rubbed the flushed tips of her ears.

This time, she had considered what clothing to make him for a while before settling on making him a robe with the precious animal skin.

Wearing this would be very convenient.

Even if he suddenly shifted into a half-demon form, the robe was roomy enough that his tail wouldnt be uncomfortably binded.

This was a very rational and convenient design.

Of course, this type of clothing was also very easy to make.

It only took her an afternoon to make it.

Ruan Qiuqiu glanced at the wolf that was sitting at the stone table.

He was so still that he resembled a statue.

She slowly got up with the clothes in her arms.

She hesitantly looked at Mr.

Gray Wolf.


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