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Chapter 143 – What evil had he done to encounter two high-level fiends in one day! (3)

Holding an umbrella made of willow branches, Qing Ruyi gradually headed towards the Fire Wolf Tribe.

His Majesty was currently busy contending with a couple of fiends that didnt agree with him becoming the new fiend king, so he didnt have the time to keep an eye on that delicious food.

It had taken him over 20 years of searching before he had finally found it.

Thats why he had sent her here.

“Qing Ruyi, go to the Fire Wolf Tribe to monitor Yuan Jue.

When the time is right, kill his wife and bring him back to the abyss.

Make sure to bring him back alive.

Havent you been wanting to become a pure-blooded demon and resurrect your human mate When my plan is completed this time, Ill fulfill your wishes.

Come over here, Ill bestow you a new body.”

His words echoed in her memory.

Qing Ruyi touched her youthful and smooth face, but there was a trace of sorrow in her light brown eyes that wouldnt go away.

Over 20 years had passed since she had lost her rationality and become a terribly and hideous monster.

And now, her appearance had finally been restored to the same look as when she had met her mate for the first time.

But, that human teenager that she had met in a cat tribe on the other side of the continent was no longer alive.

He had fed her his blood to keep her alive when she had been lost to her fiend side.

It was her fault that he died.

In the first part of her life, she hadnt known that she was half fiend and that dirty fiend blood was lurking in her body.

By the time she returned to her senses, it was already too late.

The fiend energy had already uncontrollably run out of her body.

Little by little, she had become ugly and the desire to kill grew stronger and stronger.

That person had obviously endured severe pain by being with her, and yet, he would say with a smile that her fiend energy was sweet and happy.

She had already become unbearably ugly by then and could no longer maintain her human form.

Back then, he had acted as if everything was normal.

She had gradually reached the point where she couldnt resist wanting to kill him.

He fed her his blood.

She still ended up losing her rationality and couldnt stop the fiend energy.

Qing Ruyi didnt remember what happened after that.

When she woke up, His Majesty had already brought her back to the abyss.

Instead of eating her, His Majesty attentively nurtured her.

However, her talent was limited.

After cultivating for so long, she had only reached the early stage of level 5.

It was probably because she was the weakest of His Majestys subordinates and wouldnt be able to help him in the abyss, so he had sent her to keep an eye on Yuan Jue.

She had to repay His Majestys benevolence.

No matter what, she had to complete this task.

She knew that His Majesty couldnt bring back the dead even after he had become a fiend king.

At most, he could only create a puppet based on her memory.

But so what As long as she completes this task, she could once again be with him.

This time, she would be a full-blooded demon.

Although she would be wronging Yuan Jue, who was a half-breed like her, she didnt care how much innocent blood stained her hands as long as she could get her Mo back.

Qing Ruyi gently hummed her favorite song from before and slowly made her way to the Fire Wolf Tribe.

She had already waited for over 20 years.

She had ample patience.


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