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Chapter 132 – This stupid wolf, what was he doing now instead of resting (2)

Yuan Jue forced himself to calm down, hobbled his way over to the stone stove, and frantically added firewood to the stove.

The temperature in the cave quickly rose, but the wolf wasnt satisfied.

He looked at the thick bison skin that Ruan Qiuqiu had folded and placed in the corner.

She had been planning to use that to replace their bedroom curtain in a few days.

Ruan Qiuqiu was feeling awful right now.

She was disturbed by the spate of noises.

There was the unceasing sound of wood being chopped outside, and there was also intermittent noise in the bedroom along with the sound of boiling water.

Her head felt even worse with all the background noise.

And yet, she didnt have the energy to do anything.

She couldnt lift her hand or voice her request for silence.

She could only passively endure.

After an indeterminate time had passed, the noise died down.

Since she had married over here, there was always a draft in the bedroom, but that draft was gone now.

The bedroom had grown warmer, but Ruan Qiuqiu still felt very cold.

She hazily opened her eyes.

It took her a great deal of effort to turn her head.

She got a glimpse of a figure with bloody hands and a thick animal skin that looked like it was violently embedded into the stone wall.

This stupid wolf, what was he doing now instead of resting

Ruan Qiuqiu felt emotionally uncomfortable and wanted to cry.

Her eyelids felt as if they weighed a thousand catties.

She could only sadly close her eyes.

The “stupid wolf” had used up all of his demon power and even used a bit of fiend energy to chop most of the hardwood he had bought back and fashion them into a door at the entrance of the cave.

He had also remodeled the curtain in the bedroom.

Once this was all done, the temperature was noticeably higher.

Yuan Jue pursed his lips and wiped the blood from his hands using a dirty animal skin.

There hadnt been time to wash the animal skins.

He extracted fiend energy and used it to heal the injuries on his hands, then he picked up the bowl of hot water that had cooled down and a wooden spoon, walked over the stone bed, and used his dwindling demon consciousness to look at his wife.

His long eyelashes slightly dropped.

Yuan Jue took a sip of water to test the temperature before bringing the spoonful of water to Ruan Qiuqius lips.

Although Ruan Qiuqiu was very weak, she was very thirsty and cooperatively drank the water.

After she had drank a bowl of water and her expression seemed better, Yuan Jue reluctantly unfurrowed his brow.

He stared at Ruan Qiuqius lips that were glistening with water and then glanced at the wooden spoon that looked rather small in his hand.

His pitch-black brows loosened and then furrowed again.

His eyelashes trembled over his beautiful eyes.

His heart and the tips of his ears felt hot.

He… he didnt do it on purpose.

That was an indirect kiss.

His pointed ears shook and turned pink.

Yuan Jue pursed his lips as a blush rose up on his cheeks.

He picked up the wooden stick by his side and hobbled over to ladle out another bowl of warm water.

Before giving the water to Ruan Qiuqiu, he sneakily and deliberately tested the temperature of the water for an ulterior reason with a fake cool expression.

Her body had gradually reached its limit.

Although the room was warm enough, Ruan Qiuqiu still shivered from feeling cold and sweating.

The outer corners of his eyes reddened.

Yuan Jue scanned Ruan Qiuqius body with his demon energy to try to figure why she was unwell, but he didnt find any fiend energy or internal injuries.

When she deliriously mumbled that she was cold again, Yuan Jue slowly clenched his fist.

His worried expression was dark and gloomy.

He knew that humans huddled together when they were sleeping to keep warm.

Sharing his body heat would be enough to warm her, but if he slept under the same animal skin blanket as her while she was unaware….

Yuan Jue, who didnt know that he was gray wolf Tianluo, sweated out of nervousness.

Steam was about to come out of his head.

As his gaze fell on his ugly severed limb, his eyes slightly narrowed, and he unclenched his fists.

Would she cry if she woke up tomorrow and discovered that she was touching such an ugly stump Would it cast a shadow in her heart

Shifting to his wolf form wasnt a good option either.

His wolf fur was coarse and her skin was soft.

His fur would prick her skin.

Yuan Jue didnt know what to do.

He lay down on the bed before his demon consciousness disappeared, and he instinctively held Ruan Qiuqius hand.


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