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What a pitiful human.

What kind of horrible deception was she under that she was willing to marry him and treat him as her husband

Yes, that must be it.

The wolf felt that he had gotten close to the truth.

He figured out why this human was acting so weirdly.

Those wolf demons in his tribe were such excellent liars.

They must have painted a beautiful picture for her.

They must have told her –

“Our former chief, Yuan Jue, is a strong and handsome gray wolf.

Hes just got slightly injured during the beast tide.

His injuries look somewhat serious, but itll be easy for him to recover.

Hes a bit distrustful of others, so you cant show any fear.

As long as you maintain calm and heal him with these herbs, youll be able to walk into his heart.”

“Hes not as bad as they say he is.

Those are just rumors.

Hes actually pretty good.”

“Theres plentiful food and beautiful animal skins in his cave.

He has a very gentle personality.

Hes not the type to kill people without saying a word.

If you marry him, not only would you be repaying your tribe, youll be able to live a life that all humans and demons would envy.”

They must have said stuff like that to her.

This wolf, who had been harmed about others and didnt trust humans or demons anymore, was very good at coming up with delusional theories.

She was pretending.

She definitely didnt know his real condition.

What a hypocritical human.

It must be because his animal form was too big, so it camouflaged his real condition from this human, who had poor eyesight.

She must not have seen that his hind leg ended in a ugly bone stump, his body that was rotting away from the wounds inflicted by the fiends successful scheme – they had ripped his body slash by slash, or his disfigured face, which was horrifying to look at.

And so, she could smile at him because of her ridiculously naive attitude.

Once she clearly saw through everything including those lies told by those ungrateful and traitorous wolf demons, would she still be able to calmly speak to him

It was easier to tell how humans were truly feeling by how their bodies reacted than by the words they used.

Once she knew the truth, she wouldnt call a wolf that had lost everything “husband”.

He would wait.

When she had seen his broken body and showed him a panic and cheated expression, he would kill her then.

He hated all those humans and demons that deceived him.

Why were they so hypocritical Why did they have to hurt him again and again It was so hard to take and he was disgusted by their behavior.

Yuan Jue felt fed up with it all.

He suddenly lifted a front paw and rushed towards Ruan Qiuqiu again.

This time, he lost all of his patience and even rudely pressed Ruan Qiuqiu onto the snow.

In the moment that she fell onto the snow, he deliberately changed into his human form and pretended to weakly fall down on her side.

In the passing, he let his ugly, broken leg that was still dripping blood press on her body.

Yuan Jue, who was in so much pain that he was about to lose consciousness, let out a tendril of demon consciousness.

His expression was a bit menacing as he waited for Ruan Qiuqius expression to change.

According to the normal flow of events, she would first show surprise, then the surprise would turn into disdain, fear, hate, and rejection,

In the end, she would leave him to die on this icy snow.

She would be like all those humans, demons, and fiends that had trampled on him.

However, Ruan Qiuqiu had no clue that the sensitive and suspicious gray wolf was testing her again.

After being thrown to the ground, Ruan Qiuqiu only had one thought.

Sure enough, her wolf husband, who had been secretly nibbling on snow and then tried to put a strong front by changing into a bigger form, still fainted in the end.

That only made sense.

How could he not be affected by his serious injuries

It was only…

Why did this wolf change into his human form when he was about to faint Fortunately, he had partially fallen on top of her.

Translator Rambling: Even though Yuan Jue is so sure that Ruan Qiuqiu doesnt have any good intentions, he keeps giving her chance after chance to run away or to hurt him.

He says hes tired of being betrayed, but I feel that he hasnt hardened his heart.

He still wants to trust someone.

What do you guys think


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