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Xiong Duoduo scratched his head.

Lowering his head, he lamented, “I heard those ungrateful wolf demons abandoned him at the edge of the forest…”

He said with guilt, “Since unlucky things happen to people that get close to him, we didnt dare to look for him.”

Supersingly, the big raptor demon softened his expression upon hearing those words.

His tone was still cold, but his attitude was much better.

“Thank you for telling me.”

“Youre going to look for him Whats your relationship with that crippled wolf” Thinking of how he had lost part of his cultivation because of going there to look for Ruan Qiuqiu and that she had left him solely because of that crippled wolf, Lu Ziran was choked with resentment.

Thus, his tone was excessively bad when he voiced those questions.

Extremely annoyed, the big raptor demon revealed his strength as an early level 3 demon without hesitation and spat, “None of your business.”

If it was before, Lu Ziran wouldnt have been scared of the raptor demon.

Now that he had become weak, he could only silently endure.

The formerly heaven-defying lion reluctantly lowered his head, but he didnt forget to slander Yuan Jue.

“Brother Raptor, excuse me.

Its just that the woman I like was forced to marry him.

He tormented her to death.

I was seriously injured by him, so I couldnt collect her body for burial.

Im heartbroken.

Thats why my tone was a bit bad.”

“Shut your godd*mn mouth.

Keep your mouth clean.” It was rare for the big raptor demon to lose his temper.

And yet, he vaguely felt that the lion demon might be saying the truth.

He had very little contact with that wolf.

Strictly speaking, they werent friends.

It was just that when he was a child, he frequently dreamed that he was a fish, which made him interested in learning how to swim.

There was one time when he was practising swimming in the winter and almost got frozen.

By chance, a young wolf passed by, fished him out, and tossed him onto the snow.

Although he was too dazed to remember being saved, he heard that he almost died and that it was because of Yuan Jue and his bad luck aura.

They said it was because the Fire Wolf Tribes chief had approached him and thats why he fell into the lake and almost froze.

Later on, he went to see that wolf to thank him.

Yuan Jue had been a teenager at that time.

His handsome face was half-covered by precious pitch-black mink fur and he was seated high above on a throne made of the level 3 warming stones.

He was lazily propping up his chin in his hand.

Raising his long and indifferent eyebrows, he coldy told him to scram and stay away.

That hateful wolf had lifted him up and tossed him out of the cave using spiritual energy.

He miserably fell far away and at the feet of his crush, a female raptor demon that came on this trip with him!

At that time, he was very angry.

Back then, he was a teenager too.

Now that he had matured into an adult, he still felt a bit annoyed when he thought about that time.

However, that had happened so long ago, and he wasnt that angry about it anymore.

When he heard that the wolf was crippled and abandoned, he flew over here in a rush from a long distance.

He brought with him a few good things.

At the very least, that wolf had saved him once.

He wanted to repay his kindness from back then.

But now, the big raptor demon felt a bit uncomfortable after hearing Lu Zirans words.

He glared at Lu Ziran.

This lion was asking for a beating.

The big raptor demon sneered, took out an ordinary medicinal herb from his animal skin bag, and stuffed it into Xiong Duoduos hand.

“Treat this as a reward.”

“Dont listen to this deceitful smooth-talking lion.

For all we know, he might try to trick you, a pair of simple-minded bears.” The big raptor demon didnt want to stay here any longer.

Ignoring Lu Zirans unhappy expression, he shifted into his raptor form.

Opening his large red wings, the big raptor demon flew against the icy rain and towards the Fire Wolf Tribe.

His bulging animal skin bag was sheltered from the rain under the span of his wings.

Around the same time, Ruan Qiuqiu had finally dragged Yuan Jue to the stone bed and laid him down.

The fish soup had been kept warm in the stone pot.

She decided to eat her full and rest for a bit before helping the wolf clean up.

As Ruan Qiuqiu heard the bubbling sounds from the simmering soup in the stone pot and smelled the delicious smells coming from it, she looked at the wolf and seriously thought with red ears; so her husbands name is Yuan Jue.


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