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The Big Bad Wolf was surprised that not only did Ruan Qiuqiu not panic when he placed his claws on her shoulder, she even asked if the wedding outfit looked bad.

It didnt look good.

Of course, it didnt look good.

She should take a look at herself and see how she cut an extremely sorry figure.

Her black hair flew up from a gust of the wind.

He could now see the wedding outfit was very old from the exposed lining.

Not only was it damaged, it wasnt thick enough to keep her warm.

He could see that her exposed skin was already red from the cold and that her feet, which were wrapped up in old animal skins, looked as if it was going through the stages of frostbite.

She was clearly trembling from the cold, and yet, she endured and smiled at him.

His demon consciousness circled around Ruan Qiuqiu.

The evil wolfs numb heart inexplicably started to get twitchy.


Why wasnt she scared of him

Why wasnt she running away

Why was she smiling at him He was a monster that everyone had spurned.

The Big Bad Wolf couldnt figure it out.

He could only make a low growl again and again.

He slowly moved his sharp front paw, which exposed Ruan Qiuqius fragile neck to a burst of cold wind.

However, once he got closer to her, his excellent nose quickly recognized the stuff that was in the animal skin bag behind Ruan Qiuqiu.

There was old dried meat that he would usually never eat, a few pieces of animal skin, and also… dried herbs that were specially used to treat demons.

It had almost been covered up by the stench of blood and rot coming from him.

Why had she brought herbs that could only be used by demons

That itchy feeling in his heart grew more intense.

It was like a fire that was bubbling over and destroying his calm.

By the time the gray wolf returned to his senses, he had already put down his front paw.

His giant wolf head was slightly tilted, and his previously handsome face looked even more sinister.

Ruan Qiuqiu had no idea that she had come so close to death.

She just wanted to go inside her husbands cave to hide from the wind.

The sun was almost about to set, and she almost couldnt feel her limbs anymore because of the cold.


Her gaze fell on the gray wolfs left hind leg.

Ruan Qiuqiu furrowed her brow.

Did the gray wolf not feel anything He had so many wounds that were almost rotting.

Didnt that hurt

If he didnt treat these injuries, his wounds wouldnt recover.

Ruan Qiuqiu hesitated for a moment before lifting her head.

She did her best to look up and meet the wolfs gray-blue eyes that looked even more beautiful than sapphires in the pale golden sunlight.

She started to suggest, “It didnt snow today, and the sunlight is pretty nice too, but it still feels a bit cold outside…”

As Ruan Qiuqiu babbled, she suddenly realized that this wolf might not be able to see the sun.

Perhaps, everything in his world was in darkness.

And so, she immediately changed the topic.

“I mean… It doesnt matter if its sunny or not.

Umm… Its getting dark… err late.

Can we…”

Hearing Ruan Qiuqius voice that was trembling because of the cold, the wolf felt all jumbled up.

He could of course understand her meaning.

Its cold outside and its getting dark, but so what

What Was she planning on not leaving here and moving into his cave

How could she think he would allow her to enter his territory

Did he look too friendly

Or… Was she really going to treat him as her husband

That thought suddenly flashed through his mind, and the wolfs heart clenched.

He felt agitated, but the thought was also ridiculous enough to make him laugh.


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