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Chapter 114 – [Offering] up that spiritual energy to him like a child showing filial piety (3)

Yuan Jue refused to admit that the waterfall rain in his little wifes dream was made by him.

Feeling both wronged and inferior, he tightly pressed his lips together.

He kept wiping away the bloody liquid that fell onto her face.

Baring his blood-stained fangs as he spoke in a voice so low and hoarse that it was terrifying, “… Am I ugly” He softly asked that question under the slowly darkening snowy sky.

Because of the fiend energy, there were dense cracks all over his face and the color of his tail wasnt as beautiful as before.

He could feel physical signs that hinted that his outer appearance was going to change.

His forehead and back were numb and sore.

Perhaps, he would grow malevolent-looking horns and scales in the future and look like other fiends.

And yet, his crippled leg didnt change at all.

It didnt look as if it would regrow.

He must be very ugly.

Even he thought he was ugly.

He watched Ruan Qiuqiu sleeping deeply and only shook his eyelashes when he heard her sleeping murmurs.

He felt helpless, but was also unwilling to give up.

He asked, “Am I scary”

Those words were transformed into the sound of a wolf pup cutely howling and acting spoiled to get attention in Ruan Qiuqius dream.

In fact, a certain wolf, who had realized his special feelings for his little wife, was undoubtedly acting like a baby to get attention.

While using a gentle hypnosis technique to keep her from seeing him, he secretly asked her if he was ugly.

And, without any trace of politeness, he was hitting her face with a shower of warm tears.

Fortunately, Ruan Qiuqiu was dreaming and what she saw was a pitiful, wolf pup.

She fluttered her eyelashes and turned her head.

She subconsciously rubbed her cheek against Mr.

Gray Wolfs leg.

She didnt notice that the wolf immediately became inert and he tensed his muscles.

She was just stretching her hands out towards the wolf pup in her dream.

The wolf pups big tail.

“… cute.”

Ah, the wolf pups furry tail was too cute.

Forcibly ignoring that Ruan Qiuqiu was grasping the snow on the ground, Yuan Jue flushed red.

He felt that the part of his leg that she was using as a pillow was so hot.

He stopped continuing to “rain”.

Enduring the pain that racked through his body, he carefully pinched Ruan Qiuqius clothes with two fingers.

He did his best to not touch her.

Although his little wife had gotten a bit dirty from being outside, she smelled much better than him.

Then, he stretched out his other hand and held her waist with two fingers of that hand too.

In this strange posture, he carried soft little wife back to the cave.

He was a genuine gentleman wolf.

He couldnt take advantage of her.

The sky had gotten overcast.

A ray of sunlight that hadnt appeared in a long time only shone through for a moment before it was pushed aside by the dark, stormy clouds.

As the wind blew through the trees that had lost most of their leaves, it made a rustling sound.

Lu Ziran sprinted 15 to 16 kilometers without stopping.

Noticing that his cultivation had stopped dropping, he finally stopped.

Looking wretched, he collapsed onto the ground.

He discovered that his cultivation had already fallen to the middle of level 2.

He had fallen two levels! Not only that, the fiend energy in his body from that invisible high-level fiend hadnt completely disappeared!

Lu Ziran was both scared and regretful.

He was scared that the invisible high-level fiend wont let him off, and he was regretting why he insisted on going to the Fire Wolf Tribe.

In the midst of feeling extremely fearful and regretful, he only felt a smidget of guilt for Ruan Qiuqiu.

It had been difficult for him to discover that the woman was different from the others.

He had originally wanted to bring Ruan Qiuqiu back and raise her for a winter.

When the beast tide came, he would let her die for him.

But now, in order to draw that invisible high-level fiend away from him, she had prematurely died.

It can be considered a worthy death.

For the time being, he couldnt come to the Fire Wolf Tribe again.

He could wait to get his revenge.

When his strength improves or if he finds a backer, hell definitely come back to get revenge for his lost cultivation!

Lu Ziran was a flexible person.

It only took him half a second to grieve over Ruan Qiuqius death before he gritted his teeth and resumed his journey back.

He wanted to return back to the Wind Lion Tribe, which had been a safe place in his memory, as soon as possible.


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