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Yuan Jue was sure that the current situation was only temporary.

This was his second time using the fiend energy, and he almost couldnt control the murderous desire that had crashed down on him like a wave.

Perhaps, he might one day become a gray wolf that only knew how to kill and didnt know how to be gentle.

He knew that he probably couldnt return to his past self, but he didnt regret his choice.

A lot of the fiend energy that he had sent to attack Lu Ziran remained in the lions body.

Although that portion of the fiend energy had left the scope of his control, if Lu Ziran couldnt promptly discharge that fiend energy, it would abolish most of that old lions cultivation.

This was the price that Lu Ziran should pay.

That lion had dared to say that he liked Ruan Qiuqiu so much.

Did he think she needed his worthless affection!

And, he had actually wanted to touch her with his dirty hands.

Damn it.

Yuan Jue narrowed his eyes.

The bloody red color hadnt completely faded from his eyes; the outer corner of his eyes were still red.

He looked terrifying and sinister.

However, the sleeping Ruan Qiuqiu couldnt see his wretched and ugly appearance.


Gray Wolf hesitantly raised his hand.

He couldnt resist touching Ruan Qiuqius long hair that had fallen on his knees.

He carefully stroked her hair.

His state seemed stable, but he looked as if he was shrouded in a bloody shadow.

What was Lu Zirans affection worth Nothing.

That lion only knew how to say nice-sounding words.

His affection was only enough to give her a boar trotter.

That lion said that he would give her a good life, that he would let her eat her full and keep her warm.

It couldnt be that only a fat lion could do those things, but a gray wolf couldnt, right

That damn Lu Ziran had stood in front of his wife and said all sorts of honeyed words to her as if he really liked her.

What did that lion know about liking someone He wasnt even worthy of saying that he liked her.

Damn it! Damn it!

She was his.

She was his little wife.

That lions like for her was nothing.

Clearly, his like for her…

That thought flashed through his mind like a lightning bolt across a sky of dark rainstorm clouds and sliced through the darkness in his heart.

The confusion and irritability that haunted him the past several days was washed away, the tangled mess in his mind unravelled, and the riddle was solved.

He… He likes her.

That was the answer to the question that had left him unable to peacefully sleep.

He had found the source of why he was deeply worried and moody.

It was as if a warm light suddenly appeared in an endless dark night and that swaying soft light illuminated an impetuous monster in the abyss.

The monster was covered in sharp barbs and only knew how to destroy things.

That light came from her.

In his mind, she was smiling and standing at the end of the path with a lantern in her hand.

He was scared that little by little, he would lose memories of her.

He was scared, scared that he would forget those times when she sneakily touched his tail.

And, he was unhappy when he heard her mention gray wolf Tianluo and angry when Lu Ziran wanted to do something to her…

As it turned out, those special feelings he had for her was like.

When did he start liking her He had found out so late.

But, he was no longer a pure-blooded gray wolf.

He was half-demon and half-fiend.

His existence was monstrous.

A bloody light flickered in his eyes.

Yuan Jue felt that his eyes were unbearably dry.

His pointy wolf ears quickly trembled.

A thin layer of liquid accumulated in his blind eyes.

His long eyelashes got wet from that liquid.

That liquid must have condensed because the weather was too cold.

He wasnt crying, really.

Bunches of big droplets dripped down from the corners of his eyes and mixed in with the blood on his face that hasnt dried yet.

A droplet accidentally dropped down onto Ruan Qiuqius face.

Ruan Qiuqiu had been peacefully sleeping on her “pillow” and dreaming of stroking a wolfs fur.

In her dream, she suddenly went from a warm and comfortable bed to the outdoors and a pouring rain started.

Just like the heavy snow she had seen before falling asleep, the rain droplets fell on her face like a waterfall.

The overwhelming rain attacked her already scratched face.

Her eyelashes trembled, but she couldnt overcome her sleepiness.

Her drowsy consciousness repeatedly tried to get past the boundary between waking up and continuing to sleep.

Translator Ramblings: I wonder where Yuan Jue got the information that hell lose his memory if he uses fiend energy.

Is he assuming that because hes only met fiends with animal-level of intelligence Or, has he met other people that are half-demon and half-fiends We havent seen any signs that hes losing his memory.


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