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“Dont ask even if you already know.” Mo Longs tone was not good.

He turned around and did not look at Leanne anymore.

“Dont be so cold to me.” Leanne leaned on him again.

“I came downstairs because I was thirsty too.

Theres no other reason.”

It was fine if she did not explain, but once she explained, it seemed like she was trying to cover up the truth.

Mo Long ignored her and focused on waiting for the water in the pot to boil.

After the kettle boiled, Mo Long poured half a cup of hot water and turned to go upstairs.

“You really dont know how to be considerate of a girl.” Leanne pursed her lips and pretended to be wronged.

“My name is Leanne, whats yours”

Mo Long still didnt answer.

He walked past Leanne and prepared to go back.

This was the second time Leanne was ignored by someone, and it was the same person.

This made her unhappy.

Even though Mo Long was a handsome man in her eyes, Leanne was still very angry.

So she blocked Mo Longs way and said in an unfriendly tone, “Im asking you a question, cant you hear me”

Mo Long stopped and looked up at Leanne.

His eyes were very cold.

He did not become gentle just because Leanne was a girl.

After all, no normal girl would covet someone elses fiancé.

“Miss Leanne, my fiancée is still waiting for me in the room.”

When Leanne heard her fiancée, the corner of her mouth twitched a few times.

“Jiang Yu… is your fiancée”

“Yes.” Mo Long had originally planned to do so.

As long as he revealed Jiang Yus identity, no matter how thick-skinned Leanne was, she should not continue to pester him.

Although it was not impossible to use forceful methods, Mo Long did not want to make things difficult for Jiang Yu.

However, Mo Long still underestimated Leannes thick-skinned face.

Not only did Leannes face not show any shame, she was even more excited.

She deliberately leaned closer to Mo Long and said with a smile, “Its just an engagement.

Youre not married.

Whats the big deal”

It was just a fiancée, not a legal couple!

Mo Long took a few steps back, and the expression on his face gradually turned gloomy.

“Have some self-respect.”

It seemed that Leanne didnt hear him.

She kept getting closer to Mo Long until a voice came from behind her.

“What are you doing”

Mo Long looked over and saw Jiang Yu standing on the stairs, looking in his direction in surprise.

Lians eyes turned, and she immediately pretended to twist her ankle and pounced on Mo Long.

Mo Long was not paying attention, and the cup in his hand was knocked over, spilling hot water onto his hand.

“Hiss.” Mo Long frowned because of the heat.

“Aiya! Are you okay!” Leanne quickly checked Mo Longs injuries, and she looked very worried.

Seeing this, Jiang Yu also hurried downstairs, walked to Mo Longs side, and pushed Leanne away.

“Whats wrong Did you burn yourself”

“Its nothing serious,” Mo Long comforted her, afraid that Jiang Yu would be worried about this.

“How is it nothing” Jiang Yu glared at him, grabbed his hand and placed it under the tap, rinsing it with cold water.

Leanne was ignored again, and her expression was as ugly as if she had eaten a fly.

“Hey, cant you two see me”

Jiang Yu pretended not to hear her.

After washing Mo Longs wound, he brought him upstairs to apply medicine.

He had forgotten that he had gone downstairs because he was thirsty.

Leanne was left behind by the two of them.

She felt unhappy.

However, she had another plan in mind.

She made up her mind to snatch Mo Long.

Jiang Yu brought Mo Long back to the house and found the medicine box.

The medicine inside was quite comprehensive.

Jiang Yu took out the ointment to treat the burn and applied it on Mo Longs wound.

“How could you be so careless” Jiang Yu complained while applying the ointment.

“It took so long to get a glass of water downstairs.

I thought you were lost.”

Mo Long explained helplessly, “The water was too cold.

I was afraid that your stomach would hurt after drinking it, so I wanted to get you a glass of hot water.”

“Its not winter.

Its okay to drink some cold water,” Jiang Yu mumbled.

“Im fine now.

I was scalded by the hot water.”

“This small injury will heal very quickly,” Mo Long said with a smile.

“Shut up.

Dont talk anymore,” Jiang Yu said fiercely.

“If youre so careless in the future, I wont care about you anymore.”

“That wont do.” Mo Longs expression immediately turned serious.

Seeing this, Jiang Yu couldnt help but laugh out loud.

Seeing that she didnt ask about Leanne, Mo Long actually felt a little disappointed.

Jiang Yu noticed the change in his mood and asked in puzzlement, “Whats wrong You look unhappy.”

“Why dont you ask whats wrong with Leanne” Mo Long thought and asked his own thoughts.

Jiang Yu was baffled.

“Why would I ask her Im not familiar with her.”

“Got it.” Mo Long was still in a low mood.

Jiang Yu was even more baffled.

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