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“Thank you, Senior Leanne.” Jiang Yu was unhappy, so she simply turned her face away and stopped looking at Leanne.

Anyway, she was going back with Mo Long after a few days, so it was better not to make things unpleasant with Leanne.

“Youre welcome.

How long will you be staying here” Leanne pretended to ask casually.

“About a week,” Jiang Yu answered.

In fact, Zaka initially hoped that Jiang Yu could stay in the studio for a longer period of time, so that she could get to know the people in the studio better.

But with Leanne around, and the way she looked at Mo Long was not simple.

“Leaving so soon” Leanne was a little reluctant, but she was reluctant to leave Mo Long, not Jiang Yu.

“Yes, Im sorry.

Ive only been here for a short time, and I have to go back.” Jiang Yu was very determined to leave.

Mo Longs back was facing Leanne, so he didnt see her eyes.

But Leannes eyes were burning, as if they were going to burn through Mo Longs back.

Even if Mo Long couldnt see, he could feel that there was a burning gaze staring at him.

He frowned but didnt turn around, so he naturally didnt look at Leanne.

Leanne looked for a while and knew that Mo Long wouldnt turn around to look at her, so she could only tactfully restrain herself.

She went upstairs to her room and did not say another word throughout the whole process.

Seeing that Leanne had gone back, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

After a few simple words, some people left, while others stayed here.

“Lets go back.” Jiang Yu felt uncomfortable all over, so she wanted Mo Long to hurry upstairs.

Mo Long heard and took Jiang Yu upstairs.

Jiang Yu let out a sigh of relief and lay down on the bed with a frown.

“I dont like Leanne.” Jiang Yu didnt hide her attitude towards Leanne.

“Because the way she looks at you is not pure.”

Mo Long paused and leaned over to hold Jiang Yu down.

He smiled and asked, “Yu-er, are you jealous”

“Yes, whats the matter” Jiang Yu admitted generously.

Mo Long did not expect Jiang Yu to admit it so directly.

For a moment, he did not know how to answer.

“We will stay here for a week.

Once the time is up, we will leave.”J iang Yu pursed her lips.

“I dont want to see Leanne at all.”

Actually, Leanne was not the only woman who liked Mo Long.

Just Li Yue alone.

Although she was now in prison for her crimes, when she was in her prime, everyone said that she was the one who was most worthy of Mo Long.

But even then, Jiang Yu didnt feel any resentment towards Li Yue because of this matter.

On the contrary, it was the first time she saw Leanne today.

Just because she looked at Mo Long with a burning gaze and didnt avoid it, Jiang Yu felt a little disgusted with her.

“If you dont like it, well leave tomorrow.” Mo Long whispered into Jiang Yus ear, and his warm breath blew into her ear.

“No, we cant make things difficult for Zaka.” Jiang Yu sighed.

“She recommended me to come here.

If I leave so soon, theyll gossip about me.

Its fine to say that I dont care, but I cant implicate Zaka.”

Seeing that Jiang Yu was still thinking about others at this time, Mo Longs eyes were filled with heartache.

“Then we will leave immediately after a week.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yu curled up in Mo Longs arms with satisfaction.

After putting down her worries, time flew by and soon, it was night time.

After dinner, Jiang Yu and Mo Long returned to the bedroom to rest.

At midnight, Jiang Yu woke up because she was thirsty.

She wanted to go downstairs to get a glass of water, but she didnt expect Mo Long to wake up because of her small movements.

“Im thirsty.

I want to drink water,” Jiang Yu explained in a low voice.

“Lie down.

Ill get you some water.” Mo Long didnt give Jiang Yu a chance to refuse.

He got up and went downstairs to get some water.

After Mo Long went downstairs, he walked to the kitchen under the moonlight outside the window.

He found that there was cold water in the kettle.

He was afraid that Jiang Yu would have a stomach ache if she drank it, so he boiled another kettle of hot water.

While he waited, Mo Long looked at the moonlight outside the window.

He recalled what the women said during the day — about marriage.

As he was thinking, someone suddenly put his arm around Mo Longs waist from behind.

It was an unfamiliar aura, not Jiang Yus.

Mo Long quickly broke away from that persons embrace.

He turned around and looked over coldly.

He saw Leanne standing there in her sexy pajamas.

There was a hint of charm in her eyes.

“Thirsty So you got up to get some water to drink” Leanne looked at the kettle behind Mo Long, her eyes curved into a crescent moon.

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