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Lazarus: A Summoned Myth Chapter 10: Clown

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Lazarus and Leon both turned around and right in front of them was a man with paint on his face wearing a red and white striped shirt with long jeans and big boots wielding a chainsaw. He was abnormal, he kept laughing uncontrollably and slowly walking toward them. Leon had his katana ready, but Lazarus held him back.

"Leon, I need to train let me handle this one." Lazarus said.

"Oh, this one with the crown wants to fight? Hahahahah." said the Clown.

Lazarus readied his sword.

"Oh.. Im so scared! Hahahahaha. Please don hurt me!" the clown said sarcastically.

"Come fight me clown." said Lazarus.

"Please don refer to me as a clown... my name is Irus! And Ill be the one to take over Corbus. Hahahahaha." said Irus.

"That won happen, clown." said Lazarus as he clenched his fists.

Irus leaped and did a front flip towards Lazarus with his chainsaw ready.

"You still want to call me clown!!!!" said Irus.

Irus clashed with Lazarus, the chainsaw was slashing Lazarus blade, and sparks were flying everywhere.


e not a hero! By tonight this whole city will be massacred!" said Irus as he was clashing with Lazarus.

Lazarus then kicked Irus in the pelvis and stunned Irus. Lazarus swung his sword at Irus neck but he was able to dodge the attack. Irus got back up quickly and pulled a balloon out of his pocket it was in the shape of a dagger.

"Are you playing games with me?!" said Lazarus.

"Nope!" said Irus as he thrust this balloon in and out of Lazarus shoulder. Oddly enough it went straight through his shoulder and the wound started to bleed.

"What..." said Lazarus as he held the wound.

"Hahahahaha! Thats one of my best party tricks!" said Irus.

"You scumbag." said Lazarus as he quickly thrust his sword into Irus knee. Irus pulled his leg away but the sword was still able to slash part of his knee and tore up his pants.

"Aw... but these were my favorite pants! Go to hell!" said Irus. He did a big leap into the sky and held his balloon dagger with two hands as he was falling toward Lazarus. Lazarus managed to dodge and Irus tumbled to the ground. Lazarus kicked his head and slashed his face. Irus countered it by slashing Lazarus ankles. Blood poured out quickly and Lazarus backed up.

"It seems we

e equal then! Hahahaha. I don like equal battles. Im outta here! Cya at Corbus Im sure youll hear the screams." said Irus. He then started running up towards Corbus, but he was abnormally fast and Lazarus wasn able to catch up.

"Ha.. ha..." Lazarus was out of breath from attempting to catch up to him.

"I can catch up. What is that speed?" said Lazarus.

"I wouldve helped but I wanted you to practice. You

e all slashed up Ill need to bandage that up." said Leon.

Leon bandaged Lazarus wounds, and they continued to talk.

"He was a tough one but I know I could beat him." said Lazarus.

"I believe so too. He was tough but you put up a good fight." said Leon.

"We need to get to Corbus as soon as possible. That clown was a maniac," said Lazarus.

"As long as you feel alright lets get going." said Leon.

"I feel fine. Lets get going." said Lazarus.

They continued up the road to the city of Corbus. It was still snowing hard. Thats what the climate was like all the time at Corbus as it was made in the middle of a tundra biome. As they entered there were many people commuting to work, or just out and about shopping and eating at the many stores and restaurants around Corbus. Corbus was a high-class city, that had many things most cities around Yanni didn . For example, the skyscrapers that were all over the city. It was something that wasn common at all throughout Yanni and was what Corbus was famous for.

Lazarus and Leon reached the city and looked around for Irus the clown. The city was so big that it was pointless to try. They decided to go to the closest police station possible. It was a brick building with plenty of policemen outside. Many people still didn hear about the demon myth summoning so many were oblivious to what was happening.

"Lets head in, we need to warn somebody." said Lazarus.

They went through the sliding glass doors and talked to the receptionist that was sitting behind bulletproof glass.

"Please let me speak to the commander, its an emergency." said Leon.

"Whats the emergency? The commander is very busy-"

"Theres a killer in the city, something bad will happen really soon." Leon interrupted.

"Well... okay, Ill try to call him over." said the receptionist as she dialed a number.

"Hello commander Alpine, I have a man who says that theres a killer roaming the city. Can you please get down here to talk to him?" said the receptionist.

She then hung up the phone.

"Hell be right with you." she said.

"Thank you so much." Leon said.

Down the stairs quickly came a man, he was dressed in tight purple jeans and a leather jacket. He approached Leon and Lazarus and said

"Are you the men who claimed theres a killer around town?"

"You are Commander Alpine?" said Leon.

"Yes, you can just call me Alpine. I know Im not dressed like a typical commander, but I believe that fashion is something that makes me feel free. So I dress like this." said Alpine.

"Uhh.... Okay? Anyway there is a killer that has just entered the city I need you to call squads to patrol all around the city." said Leon.

"And how do you know about this killer?" said Alpine.

"Just, please. Trust me on this call. He is wearing a striped shirt and jeans and wearing face paint you can miss him." said Leon.

"Ah... alright, well Ill just you on this one. If you make me look like a fool you owe me a designer leather jacket." said Alpine.

"Uh. Sure." said Leon.

Alpine pulled out his radio and called all units.

"I need all units, I repeat I need all units to patrol each section of the city. Section A, Section B, and Section C. There is a killer on the run. Hes wearing face paint, a striped shirt, and jeans. I need all units to patrol each section." said Alpine.

"Thank you. You won regret this." said Leon.

"Do you even know whats happening in Yanni?" burst out Lazarus.

"Huh?" said Alpine.

"King Alexander, his new invention? You don know?" said Lazarus.

"Oh man, what is that guy up to now? Hes done enough to this city." said Alpine.

"There was a ritual, it summoned many demons that are now trying to take over different parts of Yanni. There needs to be an evacuation of people." said Lazarus.

"Hold on. What now?" said Alpine.

"You heard me correct, there are demons roaming Yanni now. They have magic powers beyond imagination. You need to evacuate these poor people." said Lazarus.

"But how am I going to evacuate a city of a hundred thousand people? I don even understand whats going on?" said Alpine.

"You need to at least warn them, there needs to be something that raises awareness. These demons were summoned with only vengeance in mind. They are soulless, and just want to kill. Some look like humans, others look like creatures from space." said Lazarus.

"I....I-I need to warn the mayor. He can make an announcement on the loud speaker!" Alpine said as he hurried outside running towards the mayors office across the street.

"While he does that, we need to actively search for that clown." said Leon.

Leon and Lazarus then exited the police station and ran up and down blocks in an attempt to find anything.

"This is impossible." said Lazarus.

"Well find him. Stop worrying." said Leon.

In just a moment a swarm of police officers started to surround a building that was right behind him.

"Did they find him?!" said Lazarus.

"Lets check it out, hurry." said Leon.

"The suspect is in the building. I repeat the suspect is in the building!" an officer shouted.

"Put your hands in the air!" said another officer.

"Get out the building!" another said.

Then with his hands up the clown, Irus stepped out of the building.

"Okay.. Okay! You got me." Irus said sarcastically.

"Everyone stand back hes dangerous!" said Leon.

But it was too late. Irus threw a handful of confetti into the air. It landed all over the officers.

"Happy Birthday!" said Irus.

Then all at once, the confetti exploded blowing all of the officers back and to the ground.

"It was too late!" said Lazarus.

"Hahahahaha! So we meet again." said Irus.

"Screw you!" said Lazarus.

"Well, thats not very nice. Lets play a game maybe that will change your mood." said Irus.

"Lazarus, remember to breathe. An opponent who has an emotional advantage over you will always have a lead." said Leon.


e right Leon, thank you." said Lazarus.

Lazarus then closed his eyes and put his hands together. He muttered something under his breath. He started pouring out a green aura out of his body. It was illuminating him. He then opened his eyes and they were both glowing bright green.

"Im ready!" smiled Lazarus.

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