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Orc Nest (2)


“I saw the flames going up, so I came over, and what the hell is this”

The Knight Commander, with a beard and countless scars on his face and arms, appeared before me.

Despite his questions, the Knight Commander pulled his sword from his waist and slowly walked past me.

(Knight Commander, he was supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Did he come running by any chance)

The Knight Commander seemed to have seen the flames rising in the Orc nest, or heard about it from his men, and came in a hurry.

“I was thinking of taking down this Orc nest.”

Since he asked, I answered honestly.

With over a hundred Orc corpses spread out in front of me, it was easy to see what I was doing.

I also got up and put my summons away, implying that the Knight Commander should not target the summons.

I thought about leaving at least a Bron for protection, but even that seemed unnecessary when I saw the Knight Commander strolling unperturbed in front of the Orcs.

(He saw my summons.)

My summons were completely seen by the Knight Commander due to the timing.

The Orc King thinks that a new hand has appeared, and his attention turns to the Knight Commander.

“I will defeat the Orc King.

The others are yours, Vice- Commander Reivland.”

“Yes! Knight Commander.”

(Oh, I didn’t know the Vice-Commander was here too.)

The Vice-Commander appeared with a spear behind me and also walked past me.

Perhaps annoyed by the Knight Commander’s overly relaxed attitude, the Orc King swung his halberd down with all his might.


The Orc King, who might be four meters tall, took a swing with all his might.

The halberd only was probably more than 2 meters long, but the Knight Commander easily caught it with one hand.

Then, the Knight Commander flicked the halberd with a sword not even half the size of the halberd.

It seems that the halberd alone was not enough to absorb the power, as the Orc King with his 4 meter tall body was momentarily lifted into the air.

Perhaps the blow had gotten to his head, but the Orc King swung the halberd with such force that my eyes could not keep up.

The fierce battle between the Knight Commander and the Orc King began.

With the sparking battle between the Knight Commander and the Orc King behind him, the Vice Commander shouldered his spear and advanced on the still surviving Orc group.

Not a trace of fear could be read from his expression.

The few magic-using Orcs who were still watching activated their magic.

About three fireballs were generated in the sky above.


The outline of the Vice commander who murmured this refracted like a shimmer.

He thrusted his spear at the Orc at the very front of the group with such speed that it disappeared from sight for a moment.

A sort of shockwave shot out from the spearhead, opening a large circular hole in the bellies of five or six Orcs.

The bleeding seemed to be delayed for a moment due to the excessive speed of the attack.

There was one magic-using Orc at the very back who was the priority target.

One of the fireballs seems to have lost its mana and dispersed.

However, the remaining two fireballs were closing in on the Vice Commander.


With a single swing, he sliced through two fireballs, causing them to lose their shape and disperse.

The magic did not penetrate the Vice Commander, and the Orcs, who seemed to have been frightened for a moment, attacked at once.

The Vice Commander, who had been walking slowly until now, started to run towards the Orcs as if in response.

The Vice Commander sliced through the Orcs like butter in all directions.

The battle between the Knight Commander and the Orc King seemed to be settled.

The Knight Commander’s sword, which he swung from above, cut the Orc King in half vertically, without regard for the halberd that caught it or the sturdy armor.

It seems that the Orc King was no match for the Knight Commander.

Within a few minutes, the Knight Commander and the Vice Commander had put away the remnants of the Orcs and the Orc King.

(He’s so strong.

As expected of the strongest man in the territory.

The Vice Commander was really strong too, wasn’t he)

Raven told me that those who knew the Knight Commander called him Zenov the War Demon.

The Knight Commander and Vice Commander are overwhelmingly strong.

I had heard about the strength of the Vice Commander from Mihai, but I believed that his words were just words.

It was hard for me to believe that the Vice Commander who had been beaten to a pulp by Kurena is strong.

(Maybe he lost because he didn’t use his special skill  Well, Master Swordsmen are not the only ones with special skills after all.)

As I was analyzing the battle situation, the Knight Commander came up to me.

“The Knights will arrive later in the evening.

We’ll have it done by then.”

They didn’t ask why I was here.

The Knight Commander, Vice Commander, and I gathered over 200 Orcs in the center of the Nest.

I didn’t want to show my summons, so I carried the Orcs by myself.

It looks like we will be cremating them like the Goblins.

“Commander, I want half the magic stones.”

“Hmm Well, yeah, I don’t mind.”

Since I was the one who killed more than half of them, I demanded my share of the magic stones.

I quickly collected the magic stones from the Orcs I had gathered.

The Knight Commander was looking at me wanting to say something.

He looked as if he had finally seen what he wanted to see.

I also wanted the B-rank magic stone, but the Knight Commander put a stop to that, so I didn’t seek it out.

Then we collected building materials in one place.

The Orc Nest needs to be burned because the Orcs might use it again if it was still here.

It seems that my decision to go around burning the Goblin Nest was the right one.

They also said that the bereaved families might ask for their belongings, so if they find a body in an Orc Nest or Goblin Nest, they just need to consolidate it in one place.

As the three settled in one part of the nest, the Knights arrived.

The Knights also seem to have arrived ahead of the normal schedule.

(I have to get back before the sun goes down.)

I check the position of the sun.

The sun has gone down by quite a bit.

This place is quite far from the city, and if I stay any longer, I won’t be able to return to the city by the end of the day.

When I said I would go back to town, the Knight Commander told me to stay at the encampment because he would tell the Baron later.

If the Knight Commander says so, I have no choice but to stay at the Knight’s encampment.

The Orc Nest stunk, so the Knights began to set up camp and prepare dinner a short distance from the Nest.

I was watching from above with my Eagle, and it looked like a hundred or so Knights were present.

It looks like this many Knights are needed to clean up the Orc nest.

To be honest, I think the Knight Commander alone could do it, but I’m sure each one has their own role to play.

It seems that power alone does not determine the number of people required in a mission.

The Knights proceeded to prepare the encampment as if they were accustomed to it.

“Allen, we’re gonna eat over here.”


As I stood in the corner watching, the Knight Commander asked me to join him for dinner.

I sat by the fire and gobbled up the wild bird thighs he gave me.

“You attacked Goblin Nests too, didn’t you”

“Yes, I did.”

The Knight Commander frowned.

“As the head of the Order, I would like to know what the situation is, are there any Goblin Nests ahead”

“Maybe not, since I’ve destroyed about 52 Goblin Nests.”

(I don’t know about any new nests that have been established recently, but I doubt there are any more Goblin nests at the foot of the White Dragon Mountains.)

I have searched and eliminated all the Goblin Nests I could find via Eagle and .

Hearing this, the Knight Commander frowned even more and made a difficult face.

“It is as I’ve heard, or more than I’ve heard.”

I started to buzz and say something.

“What Have you heard of it What have you heard”

In response to Allen’s question, the Knight Commander began to speak.

It was something that Allen had been doing for a long time.


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