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G Rank

It had been 3 years since the man named Yamada Kenichi got reincarnated as Allen in a different world.

Allen was now 3 years old. 

As he was now 3 years old, he had gotten permission from Theresia to go out if he stayed near the house.

It seems Allen’s birthday was on the 1st of October in this world’s calendar.

This day was made to be the day of the Harvest Festival in the village.

It was on this day that he first found out about this.

He felt like a kid who realized that their birthday is on the same day as Christmas. 

Moreover, the Harvest Festival isn’t like a Bon Festival where the villagers gather and dance at the center of the village.

It seems there’s also a religious establishment here in the village as well called the ‘Church’ and they perform a ritual where the mayor of the village offers the good harvest to the God of Harvest. 

There’s no way the serfs participate in such a ritual.

Allen recalled that Rodan had gone out to hunt even on his first birthday. 

He had acquired quite a lot of knowledge regarding serfs as well during these 3 years.

Sixty percent of their harvest is given to the mayor as tax, who is the representative of the landlord.

The reduction and exemption of taxes measures taken at the start of the village cultivation is also gone already. 

On top of that, he had also heard from Theresia that if the harvest was too low or if they tried to deceive the amount, their class would be reduced to ‘slave’. 

If so, do the remaining forty percent and the fruits of their hunt go to them as food supply Not quite.

They need to exchange them for salt, which is indispensable for living, and other things such as old rags which are used as Allen’s diapers. 

And other than that, there’s also four seasons in this world.

Although the area isn’t one where there’s heavy snowfall, it becomes quite the snowscape in winter.

Therefore, they also need firewood to warm themselves in winter. 

Half of the meat from the hunt is given in exchange for 10kg of firewood. 

Bartering was the main form of exchange in the village.

However, although the amount is very little, even serfs can possess money.

Allen caught a high fever this year in February.

Allen had seen Rodan tear off a few floorboards in the child’s room to take out some coins before heading out.

When he came back, he had Allen drink something, and that was probably medicine for fever. 

He probably took most of the money they had as there were only a few copper and iron coins left there now.

Other than that, there were about 5 small pebbles.

It seems these were magic stones acquired from horned rabbits.

It was the first time Allen saw this world’s money and magic stones. 

It was autumn now, the time of harvest for potatoes.

The married couple were out harvesting. 

Allen was sitting outside in the garden with his back on a tree.

It wasn’t a large tree but it was considerably big.

Although there was a fence in the garden, one could easily peek into the garden and so he was using the tree as a wall while he inspected his summons. 

(It’s done, I think I’ve got the gist of synthesis level 1 and create level 2.)

Allen had acquired ‘synthesis’ level 1 and leveled up ‘create’ to level 2 when he was 1 year and 10 months old. 

His inspections were completed just now because he didn’t have enough max mana.

It seems Allen’s status increases by about 10% on the first day of October.

The restraints on his status get undone 10% each time his age increases.

Now that he was 3 years old, his max mana increased to 6 and he was finally able to finish his inspections. 

First, the results. 

Synthesis Level 1

Consumes 5 manaSynthesizing 2 H rank beasts results in 1 G rank beastSynthesizing 2 H rank insects results in 1 G rank insectSynthesizing 1 H rank beast and 1 H rank insect results in 1 G rank birdHe can’t synthesize G rank summon-able beasts as his level isn’t high enough

Create Level 2

Consumes 5 manaHe can’t create a G rank bird

He has been taking memos of his inspections and has an overall understanding of how it works now. 

He had the G rank bird sit on his shoulder while he confirmed his stats. 

«Name» Allen

«Age» 3

«Occupation» Summoner

«Level» 1

«Strength» 12 (40) 26

«Mana» 1 (20)

«Offense» 3 (10) 26

«Stamina» 3 (10) 6

«Agility» 7 (25) 10

«Knowledge» 9 (30) 4

«Luck» 7 (25)

«Skill» Summon , Create , Synthesis , Extension , Delete

«EXP» 0/1000

Skill Level

«Summon» 2

«Create» 2

«Synthesis» 1

Skill EXP

«Create» 4701/10000

«Synthesis» 20/1000

Create-able beasts

«Insect» GH

«Beast» GH

« Bird » G


«Insect» G – 2 cards, H – 2 cards

«Beast» G – 12 cards, H – 2 cards

« Bird » G – 2 cards

(Hmm, I wonder what I should do… I confirmed that the skill experience gained is the same as mana consumed…)

He looked at his remaining mana. 

(Since the skill experience increases with the consumed mana, getting to ‘Create’ level 3 with ‘Create’ level 1 would be much more efficient than ‘Create’ level 2 or ‘Synthesis’ level 1.

It’s a waste to have mana leftover, after all.)

Allen’s maximum mana is 6 currently.

Create level 1 consumes 2 mana while both create level 2 and synthesis level 1 consume 5.

Create level 1 is an option if he wants to efficiently convert consumed mana to skill experience. 

(This should be good enough for leveling up skills.

Now then…)

“Hey, Allen.”

Allen called out to the bird on his shoulder.

And thought of the special skill in his head. 

“Yes, me, Allen.”

The G rank bird replied in Allen’s voice. 

(I see, the summon-able beasts get quite convenient from G rank, huh)

The following are the statuses of the 3 new summon-able beasts. 

The status of the G rank insect which has the shape of a frog:

«Type» Insect

«Rank» G

«Name» Pyonta

«Strength» 7

«Mana» 0

«Offense» 6

«Stamina» 10

«Agility» 10

«Knowledge» 7

«Luck» 8

«Divine protection» Stamina 2, Agility 2

«Special ability» Provocation

The status of the G rank beast which has the shape of a mole:

«Type» Beast

«Rank» G

«Name» Mogusuke

«Strength» 10

«Mana» 0

«Offense» 10

«Stamina» 6

«Agility» 5

«Knowledge» 7

«Luck» 6

«Divine protection» Stamina 2, Offense 2

«Special ability» Digging holes

The status of the G rank bird which has the shape of a parakeet:

«Type» Bird

«Rank» G

«Name» Chappy

«Strength» 7

«Mana» 0

«Offense» 5

«Stamina» 6

«Agility» 10

«Knowledge» 10

«Luck» 8

«Divine protection» Agility 2, Knowledge 2

«Special ability» Voice imitation

As before, the statuses were very low and like H ranked ones, they mostly didn’t listen to him either.

However, what caught Allen’s attention was the special ability. 

The G rank bird can replicate Allen’s voice.

In reality, parakeets can be taught to say stuff but it wouldn’t really be accurate.

This is complete replication.

However, it seems he couldn’t make it say long words or have it remember multiple voices. 

Moving on, about the mole which has its head out of a hole right now, in front of Allen.

This mole was about the same size as a small-breed dog and could easily dig holes with a diameter of 30 centimeter and a depth of 1 meter. 

(This one can probably make pitfalls really easily, huh)

These summon-able beasts, which can keep performing their special abilities without needing mana.

Although he couldn’t make them listen to him, he could make them perform their special ability, i.e., make a hole in an area of choice. 

And lastly, about the G rank insect which was beside Allen right now.

It was about as big as an American bullfrog, so quite big. 


“Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.”

Receiving the command to use its special ability, the frog which was green turned its body to red and yellow and kept jumping irregularly while letting out its cry. 

While observing these G rank summoned beasts, he thought — it seems that the objective of a summoner isn’t just to summon strong beasts. 

For example, this G rank frog can use provocation to attract the attention of a magical beast to itself from Allen.

The G rank mole can possibly make a big pitfall trap if it worked hard.

He understood that it was crucial for him to learn the special characteristics of the summon-able beasts. 




(Mm I guess it’s about time.)

A bell resounded far in the distance.

It was to inform everyone in the village that it was now 3 o’clock. 

Allen gripped the wooden sword which was lying on the ground.


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