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The potential of skill is unlimited. 

(Isn’t it possible to have a summon hunt for me Can’t I make a summons squad or something)

Currently, I move around and hunt in this large area.

Using Eagles, I find the magical beasts, run towards them, and then defeat them.

I repeat this same process again and again.

The fact that I am able to give instructions to my summones from more than 50 meters away with means that I may be able to hunt with my summons alone.

If I could make my summons act separately, I have a feeling that my hunting efficiency would increase endlessly.

This is because once I summon a Beast, it will remain in its summoned state 30 days in a row.

I will be able to hunt the entire time even when I am working in the mansion.

(First I need to investigate how many summons I can use at once.

Eagles come out.)

Three new Eagles appeared in front of me.

I activate on each of them.

(I am with four Eagles simultaneously and have five different visions but I don’t feel uncomfortable at all.)

Even in my previous life, there were gamers who used multiple activations to control four characters by themselves.

When I was Kenichi, I remembered that I was limited to two characters.

However, the current five views spread out in front of my eyes, but there was no strain on my brain at all.

As a matter of course, I could understand five views at the same time.

(Multiple activation, or parallel thinking Okay, I am out of Eagles, so let’s continue with Tama(s).)

I summon one E-rank Tiger and use on it.

That’s when.

“Boom! That’s it!”

As I was using on the sixth summon, I felt a sharp pain in my head.

The pain was so great that I fell to the ground, clutching my head.

In a panic, I cut off the with the sixth summon.

(Huh It’s gone I thought I was going to die… I had a severe headache when I tried to connect with my sixth summon.

Is five my limit)

After this incident, I found out that I could turn off the at any time.

After four Eagles, I tried on second Tama, the sixth summon in total, and I felt a severe headache.

I had a strong headache, and the pain made it impossible for me to activate .

(Does this mean I can only share with five summons of the same rank)

I’m afraid of the pain, but I really need to find out how many summons I can activate on simultaneously.

Fearfully, I erase a card E-rank Insect Swallowtail and summon a G-rank Insect Pyonta.

(All right.

Activate with Pyonta!)

Pyonta would be my sixth summon if the succeeded, but when I tried it I felt a severe headache.

(Is five really my limit I can only use on five of my summons, regardless of their rank Mmm, why is that)

My level has increased and I can now summon up to 50 summons at once.

However, it would be a shame if I can only use on 5 summons simultaneously.

I need to find out why only five summons.

I don’t have enough information, so I’ll check the status again.

( is like , it doesn’t have a level.

This means that these skills don’t have growth potential, so they’ll stay the same.

No, I don’t understand why I can only use on five summons simultaneously without any reason.

Why five)

(Can I share more if I increase my level I’m Level 31, so doesn’t that mean every 6 levels I can use with one more summon.

And then there’s… hmm Is this because of [Intelligence]

I suddenly had an insight.

I can currently use on five of my summons simultaneously without any problem.

But, when I try to use on the sixth one, I get a severe headache.

It’s all happening in my head.

My [Intelligence] is currently at 1075, including my blessings.

It may be that the number of summons to be shared depends on my [Intelligence].

I think I can verify this without having to raise my level.

(If [Intelligence] is a requirement, I can assume that one summon requires 200 [Intelligence] for .)

Now that I have more slots and can summon D-ranks, I will summon D-rank Birds.

I’m aiming for 1200 [Intelligence].

If I’m right and each summon requires 200 [Intelligence] to use then with 1200 [Intelligence], I should be able to use on the sixth summon simultaneously.

(Okay, I’ll test the D-rank Grass later.

Now that I have 1200 [Intelligence].)

Pyonta was still summoned next to me.

(All right.

Activate with Pyonta.)

I prepare to stop as soon as I get a headache, and prepare myself to minimize the intense pain.

But my fears were unfounded, and I had the lowest ground scrape view I’ve ever had.

“Whoa! I can now use on six summons simultaneously.

depends on [Intelligence]! My guess was right.

200 [Intelligence] per summon.”

I was overjoyed when my guess turned out to be correct.

An hour has passed by since then.

Experiments on have been completed for the most part.

No mana required Every 200 [Intelligence] allows one more slot in I can enter my summon’s consciousness and give it instructions, including special skills.I can’t give instructions to another summon via a summon whom I am instructing using .Sight and sound can be shared (taste was not tested)Summon must be within 50 meters range to initiate can be disabled even from a distance of more than 50 meters.Summons with less than 100 [Intelligence] can’t accept instructions via .A summon connected via can be converted into a card even if it is outside the 50 meters range.The card is automatically stored in the holder if a summon is carded outside the 50 meters range.

(Well, I guess that’s it.

I am instructing them and not controlling them.)

When using , I can give instructions to my summons, but they are only instructions.

I don’t control my summons.

Therefore, there is a time lag before the summon starts moving after receiving my instructions.

The reason why the summon moves close to my idea is because we share the same consciousness to the level of images.

(Also, if I kill a magical beast at a distance of more than 50 meters, I get the experience.)

When organizing a summon squad, I checked to see if I could get experience at a distance of more than 50 meters.

I got experience as usual, so getting experience beyond 50 meters seems to be no problem.

(So, this is how a Summoner uses his [Intelligence].)

I remember taking a magic class last November as my wish for serving Cecil for a whole year.

At the time, I was shocked that I couldn’t use magic, and the S-rank [Intelligence] stat was something akin to cursing for me.

(Both Mages and Grand Mages must have high [Intelligence] since they have to memorize such difficult symbols to cast spells.)

During magic class, I was taught that one had to memorize a geometric, complex and countless number of symbols to invoke magic.

In the games that I had played when I was Kenichi in my previous life, professions that used magic often had high [Intelligence].

I had a vague idea that this was because they could use difficult magic.

I learned that having a high level of [Intelligence] had a proper meaning today.

I have a high level of [Intelligence], so that I can memorize complex symbols, grasp multiple summons views at the same time, and do other things that an ordinary person would never be able to do.

(I think I have done enough experiments on for now.

I’ve got a lot of D-rank magical stones, so I’ll get right to it.)

I feel that will greatly expand my options as a Summoner.

The next step is to verify the D-rank summons.


Translator’s Corner

Last week, something that shouldn’t have happened, happened.

It’s totally our fault.

There was some miscommunication between Totoro and me.

So, I have uploaded last week’s worth of chapters and today’s at once.

We will take some counter-measures so this won’t happen again in the future.


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