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“This Mithril sword is very sharp!”

Today is Allen’s day off.

He shouted with joy, a long way from the city of Grandver.

The other day, I received 20 Gold coins as a reward for keeping Madegarsh away from the city and for saving the mother and son in the carriage.

I added five Gold coins from my savings to this and bought a Mithril sword for 25 Gold coins.

The sword is not that long, as I am only nine years old.

I asked for the length of the sword to be adjusted somewhere between a shortsword and a dagger.

Therefore, I was able to buy the sword at a price little lower than the 30 Gold coins that is the market price for a short sword.

(Hmmm… the armor was pretty hard.

I could only scratch it before, but couldn’t penetrate it.

But, I can cut through the armor pretty easily now.)

While testing out the Mithril sword on the Armored Ant, I checked the difference between it and the dagger that Dogora had given him that cost 50 silver coins.

(Now I can collect the magic stone.)

I can now collect the magic stone that I was unable to because I couldn’t penetrate the armor of the Armored Ant.

Allen was currently on top of a three meter tall Armored Ant.

(It’s as big as ever.)

Looking at Armored Ants, I remember the question that I have been thinking about since I was six years old.

The two-meter-long Albaheron, which was so large one would think it was a Pterosaur, was, despite its appearance, a D-rank magical beast, a low rank.

After that, the question continued to increase in number.

The Great Boar, which was three meters in height, could heavily injure Rodan in a single blow.

One has to know that Rodan at that time had been hunting Great Boars for years and had a high level.

When I arrived in the city of Grandver, the question once again increased.

The muscular, rabid goblin is a D-rank magical beast.

The Armored Ant, which is three meters tall and will not be hurt by half-hearted attacks, is a C-rank magical beast.

The Orcs are also 2.5 meters tall and have weapons.

And the B-rank magical beast, Madegarsh, was a beast that Knights and adventurers alike were reluctant to face.

If one could defeat it, he or she would be rewarded 200 Gold coins.

(I don’t know how to put it into words, and I’ve only seen magical beasts here in this world, but they are a bit stronger than I had expected.)

I get the feeling that I am forcing myself to say something that I cannot put into words.


There was something I really needed to verify today.

After having been chased by Madegarsh, I’ve realized something.)

I have some things I need to verify, so I’m thinking of reducing my quota for today.

After being chased for three days and three nights by Madegarsh, I discovered something that I want to verify.

Allen looked up at the sky.

A number of E-rank Eagles were flying above him as he turned.

I’ve been telling them to let us know if they find any magical beasts or adventurers, but I’ve also instructed them to tell me as soon as they find Madegarsh.

This is because I don’t know where Madegarsh has gone after I lost it at the foot of the White Dragon.

There is a possibility that it will attack me again when I am hunting.

Raven told me that it is a magical beast that appears only on the field and highways.

When I heard this, I felt like it was a normal boss that suddenly appears in a game where there are only weak enemies and defeated players that are not strong enough yet for further quests.

Regular bosses in the games I played in my previous life are bosses that are scattered around the field, unrelated to events or storylines.

Even if you defeat them, they appear again.

They are enemies born from the playfulness of the creation staff, suddenly appearing where there are only weak enemies and defeating players who have not yet fully grown.

Allen looked at the Eagles flying above him.

(Eagles, two of you come down, one go away for five minutes, then come back here.)

Two Eagles descended to the ground.

Allen grabbed one of the two Eagles back to his card, and the other Eagle obeyed Allen’s instructions and flew away from Allen’s sight to somewhere else.

Allen began his experiment.

(Eagle, keep an eye on this.)

In front of that Eagle, which has not been put back on the card, Allen takes out a jute sack from his Inventory and shows that there is nothing in the sack.

He then takes one Mormo nut out of his Inventory and puts it in the jute sack.

A jute sack was placed on the ground, and in front of the jute sack, Mormo nut, dried meat, and dried potato were placed.

(Come on, Eagle, can you guess which one is in the jute sack Pick one with your beak.)

Then, the Eagle, who was watching Allen put the Mormo nut in the jute sack, easily selected the Mormo nut.

(Okay, you got it.

Eagle, come on out.

Guess which one’s in this jute sack.

Don’t guess.

If you don’t know, don’t pick.)

Allen re-summoned the Eagle which he had retracted to the card before putting the Mormo nut in the jute sack and made that Eagle pick among the Mormo nut, dried meat, and dried potato.

Then, the re-summoned Eagle, which didn’t not see the Mormo nut being put into the jute sack, still easily chose the Mormo nut with his beak.

(You can still tell)

The results of the verification are so far in line with Allen’s expectations.

In the meantime, the Eagle, who had been sent away for five minutes, returned to Allen’s side.

(Come down.)

The Eagle descended and stood in front of Allen on the ground.

Allen had that Eagle guess what was in the jute sack as well.

(Guess which one of these three is in the sack.

If you don’t know, shake your head.)

Then the Eagle, who had gone far away, shook his head.

He didn’t know what was placed in the sack.

(All right.

Now, .)

Allen used one magic stone to Create and summon another Eagle.

He increased its Intelligence by Strengthening it so that it can understand speech, and made it guess what was in the jute sack in the same way.

Then, the Eagle easily selected the Mormo nut.

(A newly created summon knows too Then…)

Allen summoned  F-rank Bird and strengthened it to increase its [Intelligence[ and make it guess what’s in the sack as well.

It shook its head, unlike the newly created E-rank Bird, it didn’t seem to know what was in the sack.

(I knew it.

There was a point to being chased by Madegarsh, wasn’t there)

Allen had no time to sleep and was being pursued.

In doing so, he used the special skill [Eagle Eyes] of the E-rank Eagles to capture the location of the Madegarsh to escape carefully.

The Madegarsh was intelligent, and it began to close in on the Eagles as it returned to Allen.

Madegarsh, the tag demon, was obsessively focused on finding Allen at all costs.

So, as a painstaking measure, Allen decided not to call the Eagles back even if it found the Madegarsh.

He created a new Eagle to confirm the location of the Madegarsh, and noticed that it took off without hesitation, as if it knew the location.

The game of tag with his lives brought great discoveries other than Gold coins in return.

Surprised, Allen began to wonder how the summons’ knowledge and information was connected to this.

He felt the need to verify how they were connected.

(Now, let’s organize the result of the experiment.)

Summons who knew what was inside the sack:

Eagle which became a card.Newly created E-rank Eagle

Summons who didn’t know what was inside the sack:

The Eagle that had not been turned into a cardNewly created F-rank Bird summoner

(Is this how it’s supposed to be)

Advanced Consideration

All information experienced by a summon is synchronized and updated when a new summon is created.Information is synchronized and updated only for the same summon species.

Like E-rank Birds information is only synchronized to only other E-rank Birds and now other summons

(This would be much more convenient if there was no 50 meter rule.)

50-meter rule

-Summons can be summoned or carded only within a range of 50 meters from Allen.

-Instructions for special skills can only be given within a range of 50 meters of Allen.

(Summons are always growing, aren’t they They are beings that walk with the Summoner, storing all of the information and continuing to grow.)

Summons are self-aware, and their knowledge is constantly being updated.

As long as there is a Summoner, it turns out to be a summon that can transcend even death and grow.


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