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Holiday 1


I woke up a little after five in the morning.

About 30 minutes earlier than usual.

I hurriedly changed my clothes.

It’s not my servant’s uniform.

This was also given to me, but it was my normal clothes.

I left the back gate without going downstairs, relying on the light of the streetlamp to get to the gate leading out of the city.

Allen runs desperately.

“Oh What’s wrong with you, kid This gate isn’t open yet.”

“Yeah, I’ll wait.”

He reaches the gate, the entrance to the city.

The gatekeepers tell him that they can’t open the gate yet.

This is one of the four gates in the city of Grandver.

The Barons and the residents of the city mainly pass through it.

I’ve already checked with the head manservant, Rickel, on how this area works.

He tells me about anything I want to know.

He even tells me things I haven’t heard of.

This gate does not open until six o’clock.

The bell rings at 6:00.

In the Kurena village, the bell rang four times: 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, and 18:00.

In the city of Granvdver, the bell rings six times, at 6:00 and 21:00 as well.

As expected of a city.

(While I wait, let me check once again.)

I take out my Grimoire and check what’s in the Inventory.

-1 dagger

-3 wooden swords

-30 sticks of firewood

-3 ropes

-5 pieces of meat

-2 water bags

-10 stones

-93 Silver coins

-2 Copper coins

-3 E-rank magic stones

I bought food and other things needed for outside activities during my last half day off.

I also checked my summoning cards.

-3 G-rank Insect

-1 E-rank Insect

-10 E-rank Beast

-6 E-rank Birds

-20 E-rank Grass 

I didn’t need 20 E-rank Birds after my fight with Kurena, so I changed them to other cards that I need for hunting.

Thanks to this, I only had 3 E-ranked magic stones left. 

As for the dagger that Dogora gave me.

The butler told me that manservants were not allowed to walk around with weapons.

Only Knights were allowed to do so.

He said that he would not seize the weapon, but that I should not carry them around.

That’s why I usually keep it in my Inventory, including my wooden sword.

(Well, I can’t make a fire without stones and I am taking firewood with me.

Well, if there’s anything I’m missing today, I’ll buy it while I’m out shopping next time.)



A loud bell rang, signaling six o’clock.

“Okay, the gate has opened.

Do you have a pass”


I showed him the coat of arms of the Granvelle family that I kept in my pants pocket.

Sebas had given it to me as soon as I became a manservant.

He strongly advised me to never lose it.

“I’m sorry about this.

Are you from the Granvelle family”


Though it’s a manservant’s coat of arms, it still gives a free pass to all the city gates.

I passed through the large gate attached to the outer wall that protects the city.

“Oh, outside …”

My voice choked for a moment.

I didn’t know whether to breathe in or out, a sight I had dreamed of for eight years.

There was freedom.

I walked out as if I were being sucked in.

I think I heard the voice of a gatekeeper behind me telling me to be careful.

Outside, there was nothing but grassland for over a kilometer, but after that, there were a few trees growing sparsely here and there.

It’s not as thick as a forest or woodland, but the trees seem to be evenly spaced out.

As a result, I couldn’t see the horizon.

This was similar to the area around Kurena Village.

I looked at the coat of arms.

The coat of arms shows a design of three trees.

It seems that rich nature is the symbol of the Baron of Granvelle’s domain.

(Well, I guess I should go for D-ranked magical beasts.

If they are as strong as Albaherons then I should be able to handle them.)

I gathered information from the Adventurer’s Guild.

The closer I got to the White Dragon Mountains, the stronger the monsters lived.

The White Dragon Mountains is a mountain range.

It is said that the mountains stretch on and on endlessly.

If I go west from the city of Grandver, I will reach the White Dragon Mountains.

It would take me about seven days to reach the foot of the White Dragon Mountains on foot.

I couldn’t see the map, so I asked Rickel, the head manservant, who could tell me anything I needed to know.

(If I encounter a high-ranked magical beast or something that looks dangerous, I can just use Pyonta as bait and run back.)

The provocation technique of G-rank summon puts the magical beast into an angry state.

Allen thinks that he can use it to escape back if something bad happens.

He starts running.

Time is of the essence.

He hurries to get about 10 kilometers away from the city.

(This is a good place to start.

Before I hunt the magical beasts, I should first verify my summons.)

So, I summoned one E-rank Bird.

It was a large eagle with a wingspan of over 2m.

(Come here.)


The summon bird that landed on the ground makes a single sound and walks over to Allen.

(It listens to me.

Is this because it’s intelligent)

(Go around in a circle.)

The E-rank bird, which had an Intelligence of 50, has 150 now after Strengthening.

At Allen’s direction, it begins to slowly go around in a circle.

The summons, which hadn’t listened to me for a long time, can now listen to me.

I was very happy. 

But Allen proceeded to analyze why it was listening to him.

(Hmmm, so I can give instructions if it has an intelligence of 150.

It has gone around in circles.

I didn’t teach him any words.)

(Walk about a meter to the right.)

The Bird walked about a meter to the right.

(Great, it already knows the meaning of my words.

This is helpful.

Now let’s try it with another summon.)

Allen summons another beast

I even found out that it can understand the meaning of the words.

I’ll see how it differs from the other summonses.


This time a 1.2 meter tall, 2 meter long Sabertooth Tiger appeared in front of Allen.

(Tama, come here, come here.)

 The E-rank Beast started lounging on the grass.

It looks very comfortable doing so.

(Hmmm… Tama, who has an Intelligence of 28, can’t follow orders.

This means that it’s not the summon’s rank, but it’s intelligence that determines whether it can understand me or not.)

The verification of Intelligence was over.

I’m done verifying intelligence.

There are some things that can’t be checked without battle.

Let’s search for magical beasts first. 

(Eagle, look for magical beasts using Eagle’s Eye.)

I instructed my summoned to use it’s special skill Eagle’s Eye to search for magical beasts.


Allen waits there without moving.

The sun had already risen quite a bit in the sky during the verification process.

Eagle didn’t come back even after fifteen minutes had passed.

(After all, the encounter rate in this world is too bad.)

When I was Kenichi, the game setting had something called an encounter rate.

The encounter rate is the probability of encountering an enemy when moving.

It was quite common to walk out of a city and encounter an enemy within a minute.

There doesn’t seem to be that many magical beasts in this world.

It’s been more than an hour since I left the city of Grandver, I haven’t encountered a single magical beast yet.

(This is not very effective.

This is precious time for leveling up.)

I summoned five more E-rank Birds and gave them the same instructions.

They make a single sound and fly away .

(Okay, this should speed up the detection of magical beasts.

I should equip my dagger.

Oops, I nearly dropped the coat of arms.) 

I took the dagger out of storage and put it on my waistband.


In less than a minute, one of the summons returned.

It drops down from the sky and lands on a branch of a nearby tree.

It seems to be saying, “This way.”

(Is there a magical beast at the end of the tree where he stopped)

My communication with the summoned beast is at a minimum, but I pull out my dagger and proceed to walk.

I walked about 100 meters.

300 meters

500 meters

(How far away)

Three more E-rank Birds were flying in the sky above me indicating that they had found something.

(It doesn’t do me any good if I don’t know how far my enemies are from me.

I have to think of something.)

Many ideas for improvement went through my head.

As I was thinking about how to instruct the E-rank Birds, a figure appeared in front of me.

It was about a head taller than Allen, who was starting to exceed 120 centimeters in height.

(Hmm Is it a magical beast)

 “Gya Gya Gya!”

A 150cm tall green skinned magical beast with a waist minnow appeared.

(Is this a goblin)

The green creature comes out in light.

The green-skinned goblin and Allen stare at each other.

“Gugga Gugga.”

“Gugga Gugga!”

“Gugga Gugga Gugga”

“Gugga Gugga Gugga!”

One after one five goblins appeared in front of Allen.


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