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The Departure


Allen became a servant of Baron Granvelle.It was almost evening, but he was told that he would not have to serve this evening.

Allen was said to leave for the capital tomorrow at noon.

When Rodan returned home, he told Theresia that Allen had become a servant at Granvelle.

Theresia said she was happy for him but her tone of speech was rather sad.

Then in the morning, I went out to fetch water.

I couldn’t sleep much.

The eyes of the serfs who had come to fetch water were kind.

They were the same serfs I had met many times over the past eight years.

As a reward from the lord, twenty of the serfs who had been hunting boar, along with their wives and children, were to be promoted to commoners.

This news spread through the village overnight.

A number of serfs have already decided to become commoners.

“Oh! Allen.

I heard you’re going to work for the Lord’s family.

I’m so happy for you!”

“Thank you very much.”

The serfs who were fetching water congratulated me.

I went home and filled the jar with water, while my brother Mash was still upset.

He says that he will miss me.

I wanted to be there for Mash’s appraisal ceremony next year, if I could.

I had breakfast and started getting ready.

I  put my wooden sword on my waist too.

“Here, take this with you.”

“As I said last night, it’s fine.”

He refused the small purse that Rodan offered him.

Inside were quite a few silver coins.

It’s over three hundred pieces of silver that I earned from defeating Albaherons.

I said that my father should keep it in case something happens to anyone in the family,  as I think I will be paid by the Lord.

“Just take it!”

“All right.”

Rodan’s tone became rough, but Allen had no choice but to divide them into small bags and take only 100.

I didn’t have that much to take with me, so I was ready to go.

Everything fit into a small purse.

“Oh! You’re still here.”

Gerda arrived just as I was about to leave.

Next to him were Michilda, Kurena and Lily.

They had planned to show up on their way to the residential area, but they seemed to have come all the way to see me off.

Kurena looked very sad.

“Are you sure you’re leaving”

“Yeah, take care of yourself, Kurena.”


Kurena had heard from Gerda that Allen was leaving the village.

She was too upset to respond to Allen’s words.

She was holding a wooden sword in her hand as usual.

“Okay, let’s play knights.”

“What Play knight.”



(Okay, okay.

I want you to have the last laugh.)

Kurena suddenly felt better when she heard that they were going to play knights.

However, the yard was unusable because twenty Albaherons were being processed.

It would be done outside in the yard, with two families watching.

Grasping the wooden sword, I received the words that I had been hearing for over five years.

“My name is Knight Kurena! Let’s go to the battlefield!” When I heard it again, I felt passionate.

“I am Allen, the servant of Baron Granvelle.

Master Swordsman Kurena, come at me.”

Kurena makes a face like, “What” The name I used is different from usual.

Her name is different from usual as well.

Because I called her Master Swordsman, not a Knight.

Rodan had risked his life to hunt Boars for the past 13 years.

As a reward, Allen was placed in the service of a noble family.

Allen took the name of the heavy title his father had risked his life to win.

“What’s up Aren’t you coming” Allen asks.

 “I’m coming,” replied Kurena.

The game of knights begans.

It’s the same game that Allen and Kurena’s parents have been watching for years.

A wooden sword was being wielded with great force.

It’s not the speed an eight-year-old should have.

“Playing knights for a farewell”

“Yes, it’s nice, isn’t it”

Rodan asked, to which Gerda replied that this was just like Allen and Kurena playing for the last time.

However, the family watching the game immediately felt uncomfortable.

They had only ever seen Allen being pushed by Kurena.

Kurena must be the stronger knight by far.

But today, Allen was completely overpowering Kurena.


“What’s the matter, Master Swordsman, is this your limit!” Allen said.

When challenged, Kurena’s strength increases.

However, she was the one dodging and she was slowly getting pushed back by Allen.

Kurena was on the defensive.

Yesterday, when Allen decided to leave everyone, he chose to part with Kurena after one last knight game.

And he was determined to win the knight game today.

”What Why”

Kurena was puzzled.

She was pushed by Allen, who had never won before a single time against her.

It’s not his usual move.

It’s a speed she hasn’t seen in the past five years.

Allen and Kurena’s parents were also watching in disbelief.

Allen was currently using 20 E-ranks Birds for his blessings.

Birds blessing boosts his agility, so he became explosively fast.

[Name] Allen

[Age] 8

[Talent] Summoner

[Level 7

[Strength] 152 (190)

[Mana] 208 (260) 200

[Attack Power] 75 (94)

[Endurance] 75 (94)

[Agility] 144 (181) 200

[Intelligence] 216 (270) 200

[Luck] 144 (181) 200

[Skills] Summoning〈4〉, Create〈4〉, Synthesis〈4〉, Strengthening〈4〉, Grimoire Expansion〈3〉, Inventory, Delete, Swordsmanship〈3〉, Throwing〈3

[Experience] 0 / 7,000

Skill Level

[Summoning] 4

[Create] 4

[Synthesis] 4

[Strengthen] 4

Skill experience

[Create] 47,946 / 1,000,000

[Synthesis] 47,900/1,000,000

[Strengthening] 47,640 / 1,000,000

Summons that can be obtained

[Insect] EFGH

【Beast】 EFGH

[Birds] EFG

[Grass] EF

[Stone] E




Birds] E20

[Grass] E20


Allen’s agility was already rated A.

So, he was quite fast.

Now that he was Level 6 and had blessings of 20 E-rank Birds, his agility has exceeded 300.

Kurena, who hadn’t leveled up, couldn’t handle it.

She quickly lost and Allen’s wooden sword stopped at Kurena’s throat.

”I lost.”

”Hmmm, I guess it’s a draw for the Magic Swordsman Kurena.”

(I’ve used most of the magic stones, but that’s okay.)


It was a complete defeat for Kurena.

Allen and Kurena’s parents saw it as a win for Allen.

“It’s a draw, that’s for sure.”

“A draw”

She scratched her head and looked at her as if to say, “A draw

“Yes, a draw.

It’s a draw, Master Kurena.

We have to wait until the next battle to find out who really won.”


“The game has not been finished yet.

So, we will have to wait until the next time we meet, Kurena.”

“Yes, and I’ll be the winner! Allen!”

With both hands on the wooden sword, Kurena answered with a smile.

I wanted to see that face.

Allen knew that.

When she turns 12, she will go to the Academy of the Kingdom, and after that she will serve the Royal Family.

Her status and place of residence will be different.

We might not be able to meet again.

In fact, it’s more likely that we won’t see each other again.

Even so, Allen wanted to end this knightly game without having a clear winner.

He used most of the magic stones he had saved up for that purpose.

The game of knights was over, and I said goodbye to everyone as I was leaving.

Theresia hugged me.

She tells me to be well.

I feel like crying.

But I can’t cry.

I went over to Mash, who was crying.

”Mash, you have to be strong and protect Muras!”

”Yes, yes.”

I hugged him tightly and said goodbye. 

I and Rodan went to the village gate.

There was no conversation, but I was okay with that.

When we arrived at the residential area, I saw a familiar face in the square.

It was the potato-faced Dogora.

Next to him was Peromus.

He rushed over to me with something in his hand.

“Hey Allen”

“Here, take this.”

He bluntly held out something that looked like a stick.

“Hmm What Are you sure”

Dogora, the son of an arms dealer, handed me a dagger.

I’ve seen this dagger somewhere before.

(This is the dagger for which I checked the price two years ago.

It cost 50 silver coins.

I couldn’t buy it after all.)

I decided to spend the money I earned for my family.

It was a dagger that I had wanted, but had never been able to buy.

Dogora must have remembered the story his father had told him.

“Thank you, I’ll keep it.”

“It’s my gift to you.

See you later!”

Although they had known each other for only two years, he was undoubtedly Allen’s friend.

He put the dagger next to Allen’s wooden sword and walked on.

The villagers called out to him, “Take care.” Apparently, the news of him leaving the village to serve the Baron family had spread to the residential area as well. 

“This is the village where you were born.”

“Yes, father.”

Rodan, who had been quiet for a long time, spoke to Allen when they were almost at the gate.

“You will not stop being a servant.

You will do your duty well.

Until then, I won’t need to hear from you.”

He told me not to force him to contact me and not to let go of the good fortune of being able to serve the Baron.

“Yes, I’ll do my best.”

With that, I parted ways with Rodan in front of the gate.

Allen was told it was time to leave and to get on the carriage.

He got in and gazed out the window of the carriage and looked at the village where he was born and raised for eight years.

As the carriage slowly began to move forward, the village became smaller and smaller.

Rodan was no longer in his sight.

The village was moving away.

The tears he had been holding back finally spilled over.

In this way, Allen left the Kurena village and began to live in the capital of Granvelle territory, Grandver.

For eight years he had been a serf, but now he was a commoner and a servant of the Baron Granvelle.




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