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The Intention of The Creator



It’s been three days since I’ve been analyzing the E-rank summons.

And on the third day, I finally have something on them.

Allen spent the past three days collecting magical stones, which were necessary for E-rank summons. 

I didn’t know very much about magical stones and magical beasts as I was born to the serfs.

I decided to ask someone who might know about it.

I asked the village mayor’s son, Peromus, about the stones.

Peromus is very knowledgeable, and unlike me, he knows most of the things.

As for the use of the magic stone, he said that it would be used as a power source for the magic tools.

He told me that he had seen a light magic tool in the city where the lord lived.

There are no magic stones in this village, and also there seems to be no demand or use for them at all.

D-rank and C-rank magic stones are usually transported to the lord’s city, but E-rank magic stones are almost always garbage.

They were not even worth a single copper coin.

Maybe that is the reason I could find some of them in my house.

As a result, some people save their magic stones when they catch a horned rabbit, while others throw them away.

Gerda was the latter case.

He threw them away in the yard like garbage.

I was able to pick up several of them in the yard of Kurena’s house.

The magic stones from Allen and Kurena’s house were not enough to create or synthesize all E-rank summons.

So Allen called out to a serf who came to fetch water in the morning and finally got all the stones he needed.

The magic stones were of little value to the serf.

And the serf was the same person who had helped him dismantle Albaheron.

He was willing to give them to Allen.

Allen was in the thick green bushes of a cultivated field because he wanted to test something. 

Although the summoned beast is bigger than the bushes and can be seen from the outside, he is still willing to summon them.

His mind is filled with more serious thoughts that it doesn’t matter.

(Is this the intention of the Creator)

As I moved to touch the summoned beast in front of me, I understood something.

A game usually has a creator’s intention.

“This is how I want this talent to be developed.”

“I want it to be used in this way in a battle.” 

There is always such an intention.

For example, a Swordsman’s status is high in attack power and strength, so a Creator would want him to be a shield that protects everyone else.

There are those who dare to play against the intentions of the Creators.

It’s called “Neta Play”.

For example, when you’re a wizard but you use a mace, as your main weapon which you’re not very good at.

Depending on whether you are playing as intended or against it, it is easy to see which of them will make you stronger.

It is essential for gamers to understand the intentions of the Creators.

If this were a normal game, I could look it up on a strategy site.

But this is a different world.

I guess I have to figure it out for myself.

I’ve been trying to figure out what a Summoner does in this world for the past seven years.

It’s my talent (Occupation).

What kind of fighting style can I use against my enemies I’ve been thinking about how to fight in a way that would allow me to understand the intent of the Creator and demonstrate my power even better.

It’s not just about making summons fight.

I understood this when I saw the special skills of the H and F rank summons.

But that wasn’t all.

I finally understood the creator’s intentions by getting the E rank summons together.

Or, at least, I was getting closer to understanding it.

I was astounded to learn the intentions of the Creator God.

It was an E-rank summon.

It’s a butterfly insect.

[Species] Insect

[Rank] E

[Name] Swallowtail

[Strength] 25

[Mana] 0

[Attack Power] 20

[Endurance] 50

[Agility] 50

[Intelligence] 24

[Luck] 28

    [Blessings] Endurance 10, Agility 10

[Special Skill] Scales

Now for next, beast.

It looks like a Sabertooth Tiger.

[Class] Beast

[Rank] E

[Name] Tama

[Strength] 50

[Mana] 0

[Attack Power] 50

[Endurance] 20

[Agility] 35

[Intelligence] 28

[Luck] 21

    [Blessings] Strength 10, Attack Power 10

[Special Skill] Scratch

E-rank Bird that looks like an Eagle.

[Species] Bird

[Rank] E

[Name] Eagle

[Strength] 23

[Mana] 0

[Attack power] 22

[Endurance] 24

[Agility] 50

[Intelligence] 50

[Luck] 27

    [Blessings] Agility 10, Intelligence 10

[Special Skill] Eagle’s Eye

E-rank Grass (Shape: Bean)

[Class] Grass

[Rank] E

[Name] Mametaro

[Strength] 21

[Mana] 50

[Attack power] 20

[Endurance] 22

[Agility] 20

[Intelligence] 13

[Luck] 50

     [Blessings] Mana 10, Luck 10

     [Special Skill] Grass of Life

E-rank Stone (Shape of an Earthen Wall) {The previous [-]}

[Class] Stone

[Rank] E

[Name] Kabeo

[Strength] 50

[Mana] 20

[Attack power] 33

[Endurance] 50

[Agility] 20

[Intelligence] 23

[Luck] 28

    [Blessings] Strength 10, Endurance 10

[Special Skill] Hardening

I was so shocked that my mind simply went blank.

I came back to my senses and hurriedly put the rank-E summons back on the card.

I pay attention to the special skills of each summons in the Grimoire.

(I guess it’s safe to assume that each of them has their own distinct role.)

The role of each summons in the Grimoire is as follows.



– Suck and

– Scales

It’s obvious that insects have a defensive effect on the enemy, as they make the enemy angry and reduce attack power by sucking.

The name of the scales also suggests that they bring about effects such as illusion, paralysis, and sleep to the enemy.





This is the only offense-oriented class.

They use their high strength and attack power to attack their enemies.

The beast will be the main one to defeat the magical beast.


-Voice imitation 


-Eagle eye

It can imitate the voice of others.

It can also change the content of speech.

It will be useful for infiltrating enemy territory.

With transmission, you can transport information to people far away.

Eagle’s eye is probably an enemy spotting skill.

It is mainly used for spying and information gathering.



– Grass of Life.

It is the class that mainly heals.

The grass of life is expected to restore physical strength.

I expect that more recovery techniques will be added in the future.



It seems that you can avoid enemy attacks behind stone summons.

It is a defensive class that mainly focuses on defense.

I am still in the process of testing the E rank special ability, but the special ability by class makes it even easier to predict.

(A Summoner can do everything from attacking, defending, debuffing (making other players weak), healing, and searching for enemies with the help of his summons.

Will the future classes allow me to do what I can’t do now like buffs)

A Summoner is a single person.

I can attack like a Swordsman.

I can heal like a Healer.

I can also scout like a Thief.

And for the talents I can’t do now, new summon classes will probably be able to in the future.

This is how the Creator wants the Summoner to be.

That’s how Allen understood it.

He opened the Grimoire and turned to the Inventory page.

It is connected to another space and can hold any amount of firewood.

Something changed in the Inventory skill of Grimoire.

Now the storage was not limited. 

I can now store any amount of things in my Inventory as long as it can pass through the entrance.

(I’ll need a lot of magic stones from now on.)

The following are the number of magic stones required for each type of summoned creature.

Insect 1

Beast 1

Birds 3

Grass 5

Stone 9

It seems that summons from later class require more magic stones.

If I want to fill all 40 holders with Stone summons, I’ll need 360 magical stones.

(I can’t carry around dozens or hundreds of magical stones, which is why the Inventory skill was released.

The size of the magic stones will also get bigger and bigger in the future.)

The higher the rank of the magic stone, the larger it will be, and the more of them I have to carry around.

An E-rank magic stone is about the size of a pinky nail.

A D-rank magic stone is about the size of a thumb.

A C-rank magic stone is about the size of a table-tennis ball.

He sees the image of himself, a master Summoner.

The strongest summons surround Allen in countless numbers.

They are an army of warriors that can fight any enemy under any circumstances.

The summoned beasts will do everything for him.

The Summoner is surrounded by summoned beasts that are marching forward, defeating all the enemies.

The summoner is surrounded by summoned beasts that are marching towards him. 

“Is this the real power of a Summoner who was rated higher than the Demon King”

I couldn’t help but say it out loud.

Allen understood a little more about the intentions of the Creator, of the God.


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