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Merle used the Vulcan Cannon to strike a surprise attack on the Demon General Lycaoron.

"Hmm, so that's the power output of a Vulcan Cannon with nearly 30000 Attack.

It feels romantic in a way."

"Hey, don't just stare like that.

We need to run, the temple is collapsing!"

Many columns had already given out, and the gorgeous temple was starting to cave in.

Allen seemed entranced by the scene, but snapped back to reality hearing Cecile and they all ran outside the collapsing temple.

The party climbed on Bird B and escaped the temple, just as the ceiling crumbled and the walls and columns fell like dominoes.

"Wait, didn't Priest Nicolai say this temple had centuries of history"

Kiel was dumbfounded looking at the ruins of the temple.

"Can't get anywhere without a little sacrifice.

Defeating the Demon General is more important."

Allen seemed to prefer pinning it all as the Demon General's fault, not their own.


Merus was silent, recalling everything he had seen Allen do in the past.

"Either way, it seems that Lycaoron dude is still alive."

(We can't leave any witnesses alive.)

Allen checked his Grimoire and saw there was no entry logged for defeating a Demon General.

They really needed to finish him off, and soon enough a portion of the fallen ceiling was punched away and the bloodied body of Lycaoron emerged.

He had large burn wounds on the right side of his body, showing that even a Demon General could not stand against that attack without taking damage.

Though he also had a more Agility focused build, so maybe his Endurance was lower than other Demon Generals.

(Having 30000 Attack isn't really common anyway.)

It was different from Merle's Tam-Tam punching him directly.

Only the Vulcan Cannons, which used up 1000 mana with each shot, had that power.

'D-damn you!! The altar!! You destroyed Master Gushara's altar! I'll kill you! I'll tear you to pieces! I hope you're ready for the afterlife!!'

He was more angered about the altar being destroyed, than being hit by a surprise attack that left him in such a state.

The streak of blue light was also vanishing.

Lycaoron's body began growing in size, his appearance turning more ferocious.

His anger on full display, Lycaoron was transforming.

(I see, so that altar gathered up some sort of power and channeled it away.)

Hearing the Demon General Lycaoron call it Gushara's altar, his analysis managed to reach further.

The altar was an item used by the Demon King's Army which picked up some sort of energy when people turned into Pagan Worshippers.

Before today, Merus had asked Lycaoron about it many times, but never gotten a reply.

That was why Allen paid extreme attention to Lycaoron's reaction to seeing the altar break in front of him.

Though it would have been even better if Merle's attack with Tam-Tam's Vulcan Cannons killed him.

That reaction was also the reason why he had Merus attack the altar first.

Lycaoron's face had already looked vicious before, but now it looked even more.

His face seemed to get more angled, and his claws and fangs grew longer.

Allen watched that transformation feeling like it was too cliche.

In the end, his body became almost twice as big.

"He looks pretty angry."

Cicile said, while also thinking that every time Allen fought someone the enemy got angry.

Then Cecile and the rest of the backline climbed on a Bird B Allen summoned and flew up above.

The range for healing magic and offensive magic was quite large, so it was better if they remained safe in the air while attacking and healing.

On top of that they were no longer inside the temple, so there was no need to force themselves to remain on the ground.

"Alright then, let's finish this once and for all.

Kurena, use your Extra Skill."


Allen watched as Kurena's body was enveloped by an aura that looked like heat haze, and turned to look at Merus next.

Merus retreated back, and disappeared from sight.

The fight against the transformed Lycaoron standing atop the destroyed roof was about to start.


Kurena's stats had all increased by 3000, but since Lycaoron had transformed, the gap in power remained the same.

Lycaoron flipped Kurena with her greatsword as she tried to attack him, throwing her behind him.

"Try to buy some time.

Kurena, Dogora, focus on protecting the rear guard."

Allen warned Kurena and Dogora, who was raring to go, to not push themselves too much. 

Lycaoron had transformed, becoming even stronger than earlier, so they had to maintain a tight formation.

'Oh, you seem to have an actual strategy this time.

But surprise attacks like that won't help you anymore.'

After transforming, Lycaoron seemed to have healed most of the damage he had taken earlier.

There was no wasted energy in his movements, and he was alert to his surroundings.

On top of that, he stuck close enough to Allen's party, in case another long range attack came from the Vulcan Cannon.

Bird F's Awakened Skill [Transmission] had a one day cooldown, so Allen had already summoned a new one.

From outside the city, Tam-Tam kept the sights of the Vulcan Cannon fixed on Lycaoron.

Though the way things were going, it would be hard to fire a second round.

But Allen's strategy did not require more assistance from the Vulcan Cannon.

'I've brought them.

I hope they are enough.'

Merus used Bird A's Special Skill Nest Transfer to return.

"Woah what happened to this place"

(So look, all of this was the Demon General's handiwork.

You won't forgive him, yeah)

"Somehow the Ten Heroic Beasts look less impressive this time, is it just me"


Lycaoron looked slightly taken aback seeing the beastmen Merus had brought with him.

Merus had practically forced the Musician Lepe and the Astrologer Temi to come with him from Rosenheim, even though they were already busy in another mission there, and placed them together with Cecile.

'Are you sure two will be enough I thought there were ten.'

"It'll be fine.

Lepe, Temi, sorry to ask like this, but we need your support."

"Sigh, I guess we did agree to this.

Though somehow I was envisioning something completely different, I feel like that always happens around you."

The Musician Lepe sounded hesitant, but he still offered to help with his music.

He had lived his entire life in the Albahar Beast Kingdom, so at first he thought common sense was different in other places of the world.

But as he interacted with Helmios, the dwarves, and the elves in Rosenheim, he had concluded that Allen was the odd one out.

Temi matched his rhythm and supported the party as well.

That helped Kurena move more swiftly, but it was still not enough to match up to Lycaoron.

"Sophie, you're next.

We need the Spirit King's blessing."

Allen continued giving out orders.

He had been planning everything for that fight until the night before.


Well, good luck with everything.'

Obeying Sophie's plea, the Spirit King Rosen appeared, shaking his hips as he cast the [Spirit King's Blessing].

The party had three buffs stacked now, with Lepe's, Temi's, and the Spirit King's.

"Kurena, get his legs!"

"Got it.

Yahh! Supreme Sword!!"


(Ohh! It's just like with Razel, our attacks are finally getting through.)

Kurena's [Limit Break] Extra Skill was still active, and she used [Supreme Sword] at the same time, striking a powerful hit on Lycaoron's thigh.

The greatsword cut halfway through his thigh, and it was clear Lycaoron was in deep pain as his face contorted through his transformation.

"Your turn, Merus."

'I know.'

Merus went in with a kick packing all his strength.


'What about my legs Ghuh, what are you doing!'

Merus also had increased stats now.

He used his newly gained strength to kick the other leg from the one Kurena had cut, breaking the bone.

Having both legs attacked that way, Lycaoron finally realized that was part of Allen's strategy.

"Cecile, are you ready"

"I'm ready."

Cecile answered aboard the Bird B summon, which began to rise higher into the air.

Allen took a low stance, his body covered by a haze.

And he darted like that towards Lycaoron.

'Hahah!! You really think magic will do anything if I can't use my legs So foolish!!'

A plan to take out his legs, limiting his incredible mobility, and hitting him with magic.

Lycaoron assumed they were using a simple strategy like that.

Not wanting to take any more damage than this, he clenched his fist and tried punching Allen who was running towards him at full speed.

Allen dodged at the last second.

The timing was so close that the blow was not fully dodged, Lycaoron's fist tearing through Allen's side and drawing blood, but Allen did not pay attention and continued getting closer.

And placed his palm on the Demon General's stomach.

'What are you doing Why are you-' Lycaoron began to ask.

Before he could finish, his view changed entirely.

Looking around, he realized he was outside the city now.

"Look up! And goodbye!!"

While Lycaoron was busy trying to comprehend what happened, Allen attacked his stomach again.

And then Allen vanished.

'Ghuh! Wh-what!'

Allen's attack barely did any damage, but it was enough for Lycaoron to understand his situation better.

Both his legs were broken, he was outside the city, and a flaming giant rock was falling towards him.

Cecile had used her Extra Skill [Small Meteorite] at the time and place Allen had told her.

The falling rock was more than a hundred meters wide, which would not be too hard for him to dodge, was it not for his broken legs.

Lycaoron braced his arms, a last effort to stop it.

'Ghooohhhhh! I won't let...something like this end me! Alleeeen, don't think this is the enddd!!'

His hands and arms burned as he caught the meteorite, his gigantic body pushed into the ground.

But that was not enough to kill the rock's momentum.

Slowly his body got crushed beneath it.

A moment before his demise, amidst his anger, there was a momentary smile, but Allen was not able to see that.



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