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Prince Zew and the Ten Heroic Beasts were about to conduct a war council together with the elven army.

But Dogora's angry shouts could still be heard in front of the Elven Queen.

"Allen, what do you mean Dogora won't go with us"

Dogora was glaring at Allen, and Kurena still could not understand Allen's decision.

"Do you still remember Temi's fortune The Holy Land is to the southeast of the dungeon we were at."

"Yeah, so what"

(So he's aware of that.)

Hearing his response, Allen realized Dogora was aware of the cause for his worries.

"Wait, are you saying Dogora will die if he comes with us to the Holy Land"

Kiel also realized.

Allen simply nodded.

Allen had asked Astrologer Temi to see if Dogora would ever be able to use his Extra Skill.

She had said he could, if he went southeast.

But she also had a bad fortune to tell.

'If he seeks that power, he's likely to perish.

That's the trial awaiting him.'

Allen had been wondering what kind of trial could Dogora's life in peril since then.

It was going to happen to the southeast of the S rank dungeon, leading Allen to believe something would happen during the next month, when they would take the Talent changing quest to the Academy City in Latash Kingdom.

(I had thought the Demon King might attack during the Talent changing quest, but I was wrong.

Such an event would be far too important to count as a small scale interruption anyway.)

Either way, he knew they would eventually go southeast, Dogora would attempt to activate his Extra Skill, and get in danger.

When he asked whether Dogora would be the only one in danger, the fortune said it would extend to the entire group..

Regardless, going southeast meant danger.

The fortune also implied it would be quite risky.

Mostly for Dogora, but also the rest of the group.

So far, he had thought the Demon King's Army would move in during the opening of the Talent changing dungeon.

He thought they would come to disrupt an event like that.

But Allen's guess was incorrect.

The Demon King's Army had used the Divine Artifact, causing a far more effective disruption of the event.

"But you all are going to be in danger too.

Why should I be the only one staying behind"

Dogora continued complaining about being left aside.

Astrologer Temi remained silent, merely listening to Dogora.

She had read his fortune, and she wanted to see his ultimate decision.

"But you're the one who might die if you go."

Allen knew Dogora would not listen no matter how many times he repeated that answer, but he kept trying to convince him.

(There really is no reason to activate your Extra Skill when the safety margins are this thin, just let it go.)

Allen always took the safest route.

He would compare what path was more dangerous and which safer, focusing on results alone.

He wanted to get stronger, yes, but always avoiding death at all costs.

His friends' safety was always in his mind, back in the Academy Dungeons, and in Rosenheim's war.

That also applied to the S rank Dungeon.

He had considered the timing of his friends' Talent change, and calculated the best moment to challenge the boss on the lowest floor.

The reason why he had gathered the four parties was also the same, to avoid the deaths of his friends.

Kiel could only resuscitate once.

Maybe two times, if he asked the Spirit King for his blessing.

It was for his friends' sake that he focused on taking down Iron Golems after defeating the Dungeon's Boss too.

He had also thought of multiple ways his party alone could take down the Dungeon Boss Gordino.

But he kept them all to himself precisely because it would be too dangerous.

Everytime he had done something risky or bold himself, it was only to put his friends away from danger.

He had never done anything without having a backup plan.

Allen always pushed himself, making sure he could deal even with the smallest of risks.

"Why should I care about that"

Dogora's mind was set.


"I'm not your slave, don't try to decide my future! I'll decide what's important myself! I'm going to save the Holy Land with my friends.

That's my choice!!"

While Allen kept trying to get him to stay, Dogora's emotions welled up and he screamed loudly.


Everyone else had their breaths taken away.

Not just Allen, but Prince Zew and the others, they all thought the same.

It had not been a long time since the Prince had said something similar to Allen.

(I guess he's growing up too.

I'm not the only one progressing.)

Dogora had used Prince Zew's harsh words, conveying his own emotions through them.

But Allen did not feel like Dogora was just a child imitating someone else.

Dogora had stood alongside the Hero Helmios, who was revered throughout the entire world, and Baukis' Admiral Galara.

He had interacted with those renowned heroes multiple times, in the S rank Dungeon, and in Rosenheim, imprinting the lifestyle and philosophy of a hero into his own mind.

But the one who had the strongest influence was probably the Master Swordsman Doberg.

Allen recalled Dogora speaking to Doberg many times in their base, even if he was usually rather silent.

That was probably because he too wanted to be a hero.

Ever since he left his small hometown, he had continued trying to learn what made one a hero.

Prince Zew's words had impacted him greatly, giving him the last push he needed to decide how he wanted to live his life.

He would never abandon his friends, letting them go somewhere dangerous while he stayed behind on a safe shore, he would face any challenge alongside them.

He shouted with conviction, he would gain his Extra Skill, and save the Holy Land.

"...Dogora, there's nothing more important to me than my friends' lives.

And if I see you're in danger, too much danger...

then I'll just send you flying back to our hometown.

That might mean the end of our adventure together, do you still want to come knowing that"

Allen declared that he would send Dogora something safe if anything happened, even if it meant trampling over his feelings..

Such was his conviction, he was willing to cut ties with Dogora if that kept him alive.

This was probably the first time Allen and Dogora spoke heart to heart like that.

"That's fine.

Let's go."

After a deep breath, Dogora gave his answer.

"I'm terribly sorry for this disturbance.

We don't have much time left, so may we depart right away"

Allen changed his focus from Dogora to the Queen, and asked that.

"Ah, yes you may.

I could prepare a Magic Ship if you wait just a bit more though"

Seeing how eager they were to depart, she offered a Magic Ship.

"Thank you, but there's no need for it.

The battle is nearing, so we can't justify using a valuable Magic Ship so willfully."

Magic Ships had many issues during war times.

Even more so if it was a high speed one like the Queen was thinking of getting ready for Allen.

"Eh Are you sure"

"Please watch, we already have a ride.

Merle, if you could."

In response, Merle took a Stone Card and stuck it in the magic board.

Everyone watched as the magic board floated into the air, and Merle shouted.

"Come Tam-Tam! Eagle Mode!"

At the same time, she struck the pose Allen had thought of.

Her pose like a flapping eagle was called the 'Wild Eagle Pose,' and she used it whenever she called Tam-Tam in Eagle Mode.

She was obsessed with cool poses, and she very much liked that one.


It was still a bit before noon.

The ceiling had been blown wide open during the fight against the Demon General Razel, so daylight had been illuminating that place, but everything was shrouded in shadows in an instant.

Something enormous had appeared above the temple.

They heard elves screaming outside.

The elven generals hurried to appease them, telling there was nothing to worry about.

This was Merle's (Flight) Mobility Stone Card Golem. 

Mobility Stone Cards usually took the space of five regular Stone Cards.

There were many types, for land, sea, or air travel.

The (Flight) Mobility Stone Card made the Golem able to fly.

With Dungeon Master Digragni's reward, she had become able to use twenty Stone Cards in total, when using both sides.

So now even a giant Golem a hundred meters in size could be made to fly.

It looked larger than a jumbo-jet in the sky, and had the appearance of a streamlined mono-plane vehicle.

Merle was sucked into Tam-Tam Mode Eagle's crystal.

Right after that a large opening appeared on the underside of the giant Golem, inviting the party to enter.

"Alright, the boarding entrance is open.

Let's go, everyone! We're taking our leave, Your Majesty.

We might contact you again through Okiyo if we ever need anything."

Allen's party began boarding on Tam-Tam Mode Eagle.


Allen used Bird A's Flight blessing to float into the air, and summoned Bird B to carry his friends into Tam-Tam.

Just in case he also told the Queen he would tell her if they needed help with anything later.

The Elven Queen was still recovering from the shock, so replying took a lot of her mental capacity.

Allen entered the Tam-Tam Mode Eagle and headed to the control room.

"Alright, do you know where the Holy Land is"

"Of course.

I'm also using a Map Stone Card."

Further inside was a room like a cockpit.

That was where Merle controlled Tam-Tam.

Merle sat while holding a black magic device in front of her, that let her control where they would go.

As she turned it, Tam-Tam made a big turn in the air, and faced south.

The magic device projected a map of the world, as well as Tam-Tam's location, like a GPS tracker.

"Well, no time to waste.

Let's go there!"

"Yeah! Let's go!!"

With Merle's exclamation, Tam-Tam accelerated greatly.

It was far faster than even the speediest Magic Ships.

Quickly leaving the temple behind, Allen's party soared towards the Holy Land.


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